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Fast Friday Business Tips: Week 4 – Intro to SEO

The internet is a big place. There are over one billion websites across the world wide web, and with Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines now the norm when it comes to searching for a service, where you show up in those results is more significant than ever.

Business owner, meet Search Engine Optimization, the organic alternative to paid search. There are plenty of paid advertising options available, but SEO has a unique effect on the way Google recognizes your business. Fitting your website and the content being posted to it for SEO purposes can boost your trust rating with Google and even move you up the list of results returned by a search.

How Does It Work?

Google doesn’t exactly share that info with us, and for good reason. If search engines were to explain the algorithms behind the way they rank search results, every website would be made to meet that standard. This means, inevitably, another formula would need to be created to sort through the enormous pool of domains and content floating thru cyberspace.

So, no, we don’t know exactly what Google is looking for, but there’s plenty of things you can do that help Google recognize your page as helpful.

What we do know is keywords, internal linking and backlinks on other trusted websites assist Google and other search engines in categorizing what stuff is important and what’s irrelevant. The goal is to make your business, in Google’s eyes, one of the most relative pages to keywords commonly searched by your target audience.

So, for example, if you’re a plumbing business in Phoenix, AZ, one keyword you might want to target is “cheap plumber in phoenix az.” Working that into the content on your website, along with a few other related keywords, will show Google you are a helpful page for the topic and prompt them to move you up the results page for that search (the higher, the better). Building on these trust factors gives Google a reason to move your site up the results page for relative searches.

SEO vs Paid Search

Improving your trust rating with proper SEO is the best way to improve your search results organically. Organically relevant pages are displayed below companies shelling out cash for “paid search,” but can be equally or more effective. Many people will skip right over the paid search results because of the “ad” tag accompanying each of them. Another advantage of boosting your page this way as opposed to paid search is longevity. While you will drop out of the paid results section as soon as you cancel your payments, building trust the natural way with Google will last much longer and is much harder to tarnish.

Whether you’re a plumber in Phoenix or a company specializing in online business loans, SEO gives your business the opportunity to rise in Google’s rankings and hopefully generate more traffic to your site.

This is just an introduction to SEO and we will discuss methods to help your online presence more in depth in future posts. Thanks for checking out our Fast Friday Business Tips!

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