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There’s a big “Help Wanted” sign hanging outside a factory.

Skilled Labor Shortage Problems? Here Are 8 Strategies for Tackling Them

Today’s skilled labor shortage leaves many employers without enough workers. If you face this issue, here are 8 things you can do.

A giant hand reaches out to pick dollar bills that are leaves on a tree whose trunk reads “401(k).”

How Does a 401(k) Loan Work (and Benefit Your Employees)?

How does a 401(k) loan work? We’ll explain 401(k) borrowing and repayment rules as well as benefits for employees and employers.

A small business owner with graying hair sits at the counter of her shop. She’s dreaming about sitting in a lounge chair at the beach, reading a book.

What Are the Retirement Options for Self-Employed Business Owners?

If you work for yourself, how do you save for retirement? Here are retirement options for self-employed entrepreneurs and sole proprietors.

An employee is dressed professionally and works at the office. He sits across from his work-at-home self, who is dressed in sweatpants and a T-shirt.

The Hybrid Workplace: Is Your Business Prepared for the Future?

The hybrid workplace is becoming the new normal for many businesses in the wake of the pandemic. Is your company ready for this change?

A compass points north to “Purpose” up in the sky.

A Meaningful Job: 8 Keys to Finding Purpose in Work

Finding purpose in work promotes employee motivation, productivity and retention. Here are 8 ways to make work more meaningful.

Grow your business with the perfect loan get approved
Grow your business with funding from Fast Capital 360
Four employees jump for joy.

Measuring Employee Satisfaction: How to Do It (and How It Helps)

Measuring employee satisfaction can help you identify problems early. Discover 9 tactics you can use to gauge worker satisfaction.

A hand holds a form that reads “Job Application.”

New Employee Forms: Which Ones Are Essential?

A checklist of new employee forms helps optimize your onboarding process. Here’s a list of which forms you need and where to get them.

Two people at the top of a summit hold a rope and help pull up a new hire to join them.

Onboarding New Employees: Forge an Effective Program in 6 Steps

Onboarding new employees is critical to success, but many small companies don’t take a strategic approach. Improve outcomes with these 6 steps.

A tablet screen shows the profiles of several employees.

The 10 Best HR Software for Small Business

Automate your HR department using the best HR software for small businesses. Which 10 made the cut? Check out our list to find out.

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