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Human Resources

An employee working remotely from home sits at her desk. She’s wearing bunny slippers.

Key HR Statistics to Help You Build Your Best Team

Human resources statistics provide valuable insights for recruiters. Here are some HR statistics highlighting today’s top trends.

A person wearing a cape strikes a heroic pose on the words “Employee Accountability.”

6 Ways to Encourage Employee Accountability

Fostering employee accountability means taking steps to retain, engage and challenge your staff. Learn how to hold them accountable without taking away their autonomy.

An employer interviews a job candidate who appears on her computer screen.

Remote Hiring: Consider These 10 Best Practices

Remote hiring is becoming the new normal as more businesses go virtual. Here are 10 tips to help you hire the perfect remote staff.

An instructor pops out of a computer screen and points to the words “Employee Training.”

8 Steps to Successful Remote Training for Your Employees

Remote training has grown increasingly important as more businesses go virtual. Here’s an 8-step approach to train virtual workers.

A pair of scissors severs a paper doll from a chain of paper dolls.

Laying Off Employees: How to Handle It Properly

Laying off employees is one of the hardest decisions an employer has to make. Here’s how to go about it the right way.

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An unhappy worker sits at her desk. There is a storm cloud above her.

Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace: 6 Ways to Support Your Staff

Are high-stress levels harming your staff? Help employees cope by taking these steps to support mental health in the workplace.

Three hands hoist up score cards (a 9 and two 8s).

How to Hire Employees: Draw Top Talent With This 10-Step Guide

With COVID shaking up staffs, knowing how to hire employees can be a critical survival skill. Here’s how to do it right in 10 steps.

Hands from members of the team are all in.

Looking to Improve Your Company Culture? Here Are 10 Ways to Do That

Knowing how to improve company culture can improve teamwork and customer relations. Here are 10 tips to boost company culture.

In a crowd of men, a woman stands out from the others.

12 Effective Employee Recruitment Strategies to Draw Top Talent

Effective employee recruitment strategies improve worker productivity and retention. Learn 12 of the best ways to recruit employees.

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