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What regulations apply to your company as a restaurant owner will be different than if you’re operating a technology startup.

6 Government Regulations Small Business Owners Should Know

Following business regulations protects your customers, employees and helps you avoid a lawsuit. Here are the rules you should know.

Good Standing Image

What Is a Certificate of Good Standing and Why It Matters

A “certificate of good standing” proves your business is operating in accordance with state law. Here’s why you need one.

DuPont analysis text graphic

DuPont Analysis: What It Tells You About Your Company’s Profitability

We’ll explain the DuPont analysis, how it benefits your business and how you can use it to improve your performance or attract investors.

A small business shop stands as the backdrop for a bar chart line showing an upward trend.

Small Business Statistics: 9 Key Trends in 2021

Small business statistics highlight trends that impact your company. Here’s a look at 9 key sets of numbers shaping business in 2021.

Silhouettes of men and women in an array of rainbow colors represent diversity in this concept illustration.

Common Ethical Issues In Business and What You Need to Know

Here’s a list of ethical issues in business that can impact companies of all sizes. This is what you should know to face them head-on.

Apply to multiple lenders with just one application Learn More

4 Types of SBA Small Business Certifications

SBA certifications can help your business compete in the marketplace with more established companies. Here are 4 certifications to consider.

A pencil rests on a 1040 tax document, which is on top of a business taxes workbook. The words “deductions for taxes” are circled in pencil.

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Deductions and Tax Write-Offs

Taxes may not be your favorite subject, but learning about small business tax deductions could keep more capital in your business. Learn how by diving into 27 of the most common small business write-offs.

Various trademark symbols rain down.

What Does It Cost to Trademark a Logo or Name?

How much will it cost to trademark a logo or brand name? We’ll break down the costs for both obtaining and maintaining a trademark.

A blueprint of a patent badge.

How Much Does a Patent Cost? We Break Down the Charges for You

How much does a patent cost? Here we’ll break down your fees and provide some cost estimates.