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The exterior of a credit union building.

Best Credit Unions for Small Business

Becoming a member of a credit union has many advantages over opening a bank account. Here are the 6 best credit unions for your small business.

A woman reviews books as she works on her laptop at her table. Learn how to register your freelance business as an LLC. 

How to Set Up an LLC as a Freelancer

Should you set up an LLC as a freelancer? Learn what a limited liability company and why it might benefit your business to register as one.

A person sits at a desk and reviews credit cards as they work on a laptop. Are cash back rewards from credit cards taxable?

Are Cash Back Rewards From Credit Cards Taxable?

Are cash-back rewards from credit cards taxable? Generally no, but there are exceptions depending on the type of reward and the IRS.

A hero helping a small business owner avoid payroll mistakes. 

The 7 Most Common Payroll Mistakes

Payroll errors can cost you fines and even legal penalties. Prevent these problems by learning how to avoid payroll mistakes.

A red keyboard key reads "Legal Advice." Is LegalZoom right for your small business?

LegalZoom Reviews, Pricing and Alternatives

Is LegalZoom right for your small business? We’ll go over the online legal service’s reviews, pricing and competitors.

Apply to multiple lenders with just one application Learn More
What’s needed to open a business bank account?

What Do I Need to Open a Business Bank Account?

Here are the steps to open a business bank account. We’ll take you through the requirements and documents you’ll need to create your account.

Woman creating a handmade bracelet to sell on an Etsy competitor site. 

6 Etsy Alternatives Sellers Should Consider

Etsy is the go-to source for artisan sellers. But it’s not the only marketplace out there. Here are 6 alternatives you should consider.

A man works on an online business course. Educate yourself with courses for small business owners.

10 Best Online Courses for Small Business Owners

Want to become a better entrepreneur? Take one of these online courses for business owners to learn how to start and grow a successful small business.

One hand is passing a baton to another hand amid a blue background

13 Essential Business Management Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Hone

Don’t miss these essential management skills to help grow your small business, boost productivity, decrease turnover and more.

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