Business Management

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A woman sits at a table and works on her laptop, possibly calculating EBITDA.

Use This Simple Formula to Calculate EBITDA for Your Small Business

Here’s how to calculate EBITDA, giving you a picture of your business’s health and helping you make financial decisions for its future.

The word “Costs” cut in half by scissors.

12 Cost-Saving Initiatives to Trim Your Business Budget

Cost-saving initiatives can help offset rising expenses or falling profits. Here are 12 tips for trimming your company’s expenses.

Definition spelled out for pronunciation in the dictionary.

Business Finance Terms and Definitions

Every successful business owner needs to know these basic business finance terms and definitions. Read on to become a business finance expert.

Entrepreneur leads a meeting to streamline small business operations.

7 Easy Ways to Streamline Your Small Business Operations

If your business operations feel like they’re getting stuck in the mud, you need to start making some changes. In this article, we walk you through some of the easiest ways you can start optimizing your workplace productivity, so you can get focused on what matters most—your bottom line.

Woman making business schedule on a whiteboard.

What Should Be Included in a Business Debt Schedule

We’ll review what is a business debt schedule, why you need it for your business and how to make a debt schedule of your own.

Apply to multiple lenders with just one application Learn More
A magnifying glass hovers over numbers on a balance sheet. Learn the relationship between assets, liabilities and equity.

Assets, Liabilities, Equity and the Balance Sheet Equation

The formula Assets = Liability + Equity is known as the balance-sheet equation. It is crucial to understand the relationship between the three — and why the equation must balance.

Office workers wearing Santa hats are having a casual meeting while seated at a table

6 Tips for Creating a Rock Solid Holiday Inventory Plan

Here are some tips for your holiday inventory preparation plan, helping you cover your needs without overspending.

A couple works on their small business budget.

Small Business Budgets: Owner Planning Tips, Templates and More Essentials

With an effective budget you can keep track of all of your small business’s finances. Read on to find out how to plan and create one today.

A man with glasses is seated at a desk typing on a laptop. A cup of coffee is on the man’s right.

11 Secrets of Successful Small Businesses — and Who’s Getting It Right

We’re revealing 11 secrets all successful small businesses share as well as giving you 3 examples of businesses that have gotten it right.