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A crane lifts the words “Cash Flow” at a construction site.

Cash-Flow Management in the Construction Industry: 12 Common Problems (and Solutions)

Cash-flow management in construction industry businesses presents unique problems. Here are 12 common ones, along with some solutions.

Image of an hourglass with a dollar sign in the top part and the words Cash Flow amid the words Small Business Challenges

9 Top Small Business Challenges (and the Secrets to Overcoming Them)

We’re revealing 9 of the most common small business challenges and how to overcome them, from retaining customers to generating sales and more.

Person filling out UCC-1 form

How to Remove a UCC Filing from Your Business Credit Report

A UCC filing against your business can scare off potential lenders; here’s how to remove a UCC filing after your debt is paid.

Three circles with dollar signs in them and the words Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio

How to Calculate Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio

Your accounts receivable turnover ratio can help you boost your business’s cash flow. Here’s how to calculate and interpret that ratio.

Image of a piping system with dollar signs going in one end and coming out another with the words Positive Cash Flow along the center

How to Generate Positive Cash Flow

Even a profitable business can struggle with positive cash flow. We’ll answer why cash flow is important and share 8 tips for maintaining cash flow.

Apply to multiple lenders with just one application Learn More
Moving image of a yellow book opening and closing with the title Business Finance Terms 101

42 Business Finance Terms and Definitions to Know

Every successful business owner needs to know these basic business finance terms and definitions. Read on to become a business finance expert.

Moving image of a clipboard and a spreadsheet labeled “business budget” with a colorful pie chart and dollar sign in the middle

How to Create a Small Business Budget: Owner Planning Tips, Templates and More

With an effective budget you can keep track of all of your small business’s finances. Read on to find out how to plan and create one today.

A checklist of business attributes including “ethical” and “responsible” is on a clipboard. The clipboard is next to a cup of coffee; a pitcher pours milk into the cup..

Is It Worth It to Get BBB Accreditation for Your Small Business?

Here’s what BBB accreditation means, what happens if your business doesn’t have it, and the pros and cons of joining.

Moving graphic with blue and green background and the QuickBooks logo with the words Pro on one corner and Premier on the other corner

What’s the Difference Between QuickBooks Pro vs. Premier?

See a comparison of the different features and pros and cons of QuickBooks Pro vs. Premier.

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