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A graphic of Square's main competitors. Top Square competitors list

Who Are the Top Square Competitors?

Square isn’t the only mobile payment processor in town. Competitors abound. Meet the alternatives to Square. We compare the apps and fees.

An array of invoices sit on a desk. Find the best invoice software for small business.

The 8 Best Invoice Software for Small Business

The right invoice software program gets you paid faster and lets you streamline your accounts receivable process. Here are 9 options to consider.

Blue background with image of bank building with the word “Free” on it and several debit cards all around

11 Best Free Business Checking Accounts

Securing a checking account for your business doesn’t have to be a daunting task — or an expensive one. We’ve rounded up the best free checking accounts.

An alarm clock sits near a calendar hanging on a wall.

Fiscal Year for a Business: Why Use It (and How It Affects Your Taxes)

Selecting a fiscal year for a business affects your accounting and tax planning. Here’s how to determine your company’s fiscal year.

A hand holds up a scale with an hourglass on one side and a sack of cash on the other side.

What Is the Opportunity Cost for a Small Business?

What is opportunity cost and why do you need to know it? We’ll cover what it means, why it’s important and how to use it in business.

Apply to multiple lenders with just one application Learn More
The exterior of a credit union building.

Best Credit Unions for Small Business

Becoming a member of a credit union has many advantages over opening a bank account. Here are the 6 best credit unions for your small business.

A woman reviews books as she works on her laptop at her table. Learn how to register your freelance business as an LLC. 

How to Set Up an LLC as a Freelancer

Should you set up an LLC as a freelancer? Learn what a limited liability company and why it might benefit your business to register as one.

A hero helping a small business owner avoid payroll mistakes. 

The 7 Most Common Payroll Mistakes

Payroll errors can cost you fines and even legal penalties. Prevent these problems by learning how to avoid payroll mistakes.

A red keyboard key reads "Legal Advice." Is LegalZoom right for your small business?

LegalZoom Reviews, Pricing and Alternatives

Is LegalZoom right for your small business? We’ll go over the online legal service’s reviews, pricing and competitors.

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