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Business Expansion

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Person putting coin into house

How to Qualify and Apply for a Commercial Real Estate Loan

Commercial real estate loans help small business owners buy income-producing properties. Here’s how they work — and how to qualify for one.

4 city buildings with a red arrow going throw each

The 4 Stages of Business Growth: How Companies Evolve

The 4 stages of business growth spell out the life cycle of a small business. Find out which stage your business is in — and what comes next.

A businessperson with a magnifying glass inspects the ground for tracks. One print is marked with “KPI.”

How to Grow a Small Business Without Money: 10 Affordable Tactics

Wondering how to grow a small business without money? Here are 10 effective (and affordable) methods you can use to bolster your operations.

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Business Financing

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Graphic illustrating different ways to use funds from a SBA loan, including inventory, land and equipment

What Can SBA Loans Be Used for in Your Business?

We’re answering the question “What can SBA loans be used for?” See eligible and ineligible expenses per loan program.

Moving line graphs that fluctuate up and down with dollar signs and the words “interest rates” above

Why Is the Federal Reserve Raising Interest Rates (and What to Expect)?

With the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, what can you expect? Find out how many more rate hikes are expected, why and what this could mean for you.

Two hands outstretched, one below two credit cards, another below a document with a dollar sign on it

What’s the Difference Between a Business Line of Credit vs. a Business Credit Card?

What are the pros and cons of a business line of credit vs. a business credit card (and when should you use one over the other)? Get the answers.

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Business Credit

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UCC filing on a clipboard

What Are UCC Filings (and How Do They Affect a Business’s Credit Score)?

UCC filings lay claim to assets until a debt is paid. Having one doesn’t affect your credit score, but it could impact your chances of approval.

Revolving Credit: How It Works and How It Can Be Used in Small Business Lending

A line of revolving credit can help you access the capital you need for your business more flexibly. Here’s how it works.

Blue background with storefront door and awning with a moving speedometer graphic above and the words “Business Credit Scores”

Business Credit Scores: Ranges, Factors and Everything Else You Need to Know

Your business credit score is important. The higher, the better. But what constitutes “good?” We’ve compiled everything you need to know about credit score ratings and what they mean for your business.

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Business Management

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A crane lifts the words “Cash Flow” at a construction site.

Cash-Flow Management in the Construction Industry: 12 Common Problems (and Solutions)

Cash-flow management in construction industry businesses presents unique problems. Here are 12 common ones, along with some solutions.

Image of an hourglass with a dollar sign in the top part and the words Cash Flow amid the words Small Business Challenges

9 Top Small Business Challenges (and the Secrets to Overcoming Them)

We’re revealing 9 of the most common small business challenges and how to overcome them, from retaining customers to generating sales and more.

Person filling out UCC-1 form

How to Remove a UCC Filing from Your Business Credit Report

A UCC filing against your business can scare off potential lenders; here’s how to remove a UCC filing after your debt is paid.

Sales and Marketing

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Three people seated around a table working on computers

8 Simple Ways Small Businesses Can Increase Their Sales

When you’re wondering how to increase sales for your small business, you don’t need complex, costly marketing ideas. Here are 8 simple strategies you can start implementing today.

On a computer screen, a website labeled “Blog” features a thumbs-up emoji and a thumbs-down emoji.

Blog Best Practices: Follow These 11 Do’s and Don’ts

These 11 blog best practices will grow your audience, authority and revenue. Start creating more effective content today.

A bullhorn loudly emits the acronym “HARO.”

Hello, HARO: What It Is and How to Tap Expertise Straight From the Experts

What is Help a Reporter Out (HARO), and how can you use it? Learn how to harness HARO and connect with experts (or share your expertise).


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Stacks of cash sit inside a box with a glass front that reads “In Case of Emergency” with a small hammed dangling from a chain on the side.

The Best Place to Save Money: 12 Ideas for Entrepreneurs

What’s the best place to save money you earn from your small business? Here’s our guide to 12 of your best options.

A computer laptop screen displays someone walking toward a bank.

Here’s a Look at 3 of the Best Online Banks for Small Business

What are the best online banks for small business firms? Here we compare online banking options to help you find what’s right for you.

A hand holds a smartphone. There’s a building labeled “Bank” on the screen.

Looking for the Best Bank Alternatives? Consider These 12 Options

What are the best bank alternatives? Today’s technology has opened up a growing range of options for banking customers. Here are 12.


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Talk balloons with quote marks emerge from a small business shop.

The 30 Best Support Small Business Quotes to Inspire You

Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021, is Small Business Saturday. To help you prepare for it, here are 30 of the best support small business quotes.

A millennial stands on top of a summit ready to plant a flag labeled “Success.”

Crucial Advice and Insights From Millennial Entrepreneurs

Millennial entrepreneurs drive change while overcoming challenges. Get tips from experienced, successful millennial business owners.

A person with a great big smile works with a laptop outdoors.

Avoiding Burnout: 7 Small Business Owners Share Their Coping Strategies

Are you tired and stressed or is it something more? Discover how 7 entrepreneurs prevent and cope with business owner burnout.

Business Insurance

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An employee has two broken arms, both in casts, and a neck brace.

Business Disability Insurance: What It Is (and When You Need It)

Business disability insurance can sustain income when you or your employees are unable to work. Learn what it is and how it works.

The words “Business Insurance” are being inspected by a couple of magnifying glasses.

What to Consider When Comparing Business Quotes for Commercial Insurance

Knowing how to compare business quotes for insurance can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Here’s how to evaluate offers.

Umbrella over businesses

9 Best Small Business Insurance Companies

Learn how to identify the risks in your business and select the best small business insurance company with the lowest premiums.

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A woman shops for clothes at a small shop.

Best Evergreen Niches: Businesses to Weather Any Financial Storm

What are the best evergreen niches for small businesses? Learn what products and services are in perpetual demand.

A hand places a blue candle on a store shelf that has other blue candles. The shelf above is filled with red candles and the shelf below has green candles.

What Is Assortment Planning in Retail? 7 Tips and Strategies

Data-based assortment planning improves cash flow while pleasing shoppers. Use these 7 tips to optimize your retail strategy.

But selling your wares on Amazon comes with a cost. We'll go over the various fees.

Amazon Seller Fees: So, What Are the Costs Exactly?

What is the true cost to sell on Amazon? We’ll take you through the Amazon seller fees to help you choose the best plan to optimize your profits.

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Human Resources

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A map of the U.S. shows three people working on their laptops in three different locations: Seattle, Miami and Philadelphia.

Managing Location Pay for Remote Workers: Best Employer Practices

With more employees working from home, more employers are adopting location pay for remote workers. But is location-based pay the best way to go?

Santa’s workshop at the North Pole has a big sign on the window that reads “Help Wanted.”

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Hiring: 2021 Edition

When should you start looking for temporary staff? Ease your holiday hiring woes with these tips for finding seasonal employees.

A trophy that reads “Best PEO Service” sparkles and shines.

The Best PEO Services: Top Firms to Help You Manage Human Resources

How do you find the best PEO services to help you manage your HR needs? Here’s our guide to today’s top PEO providers.

Real Estate

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Multi-level commercial building with a “for sale” sign and price tag on it

How to Value a Commercial Property for Sale or Purchase

Here’s what you need to know when you’re wondering how to value a commercial property, whether you’re buying or selling.

Images to show a distressed property, a wholesaler contracting with the seller, an investor making an offer and the property being renovated

What Is Wholesale Real Estate?

We’re answering the question, “What is wholesale real estate?” See how to become a real estate wholesaler and the steps needed to close a deal.

Hotel with stacked coins in front

How to Buy a Hotel or Motel

There are multiple factors to consider before buying and running a small hotel. You’ll have to weigh what you can afford when you buy a hotel and evaluate the average hotel and motel prices in your target area. The hospitality industry is highly competitive, with so many large, established brands already inhabiting the top markets. […]

Business Law

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A moving van labeled “LLC” crosses state lines with road signs marked “California” and “Oregon.”

How to Move Your LLC to Another State: Here Are 4 Alternatives

If you’re wondering how to move your LLC to another state, wonder no further. We’ll provide an overview of the steps involved and show you 4 ways to do it.

An airline employee wearing a mask gets a vaccination shot from a masked medical professional.

Big Companies Mandating the COVID Vaccine: What Can We Learn?

With more large companies mandating COVID vaccine policies, what are the implications for small businesses? Here are some case studies.

We see the masked heads and torsos of 5 co-workers distanced, but standing side by side. Four of them are blue in color. One person, the second from the right, is red.

Supporting COVID-19 Long Haulers: A Look at the ADA Guidelines

How are COVID-19 long haulers covered under the ADA? Regulatory protections may apply to workers with long-term effects from COVID.

Business Technology

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A computer screen displays a bar graph trending sharply downward. Question marks hover around the monitor.

10 Reasons Why My Website Is Losing Traffic (and How to Fix It)

It’s frustrating to experience a sudden search engine optimization (SEO) ranking drop. Don’t panic: These are the top 10 reasons for it and how you can fix it right now.

A web browser shows three tabs of three different business apps that are free to use.

10 Free Online Business Tools You Can Use to Build Your Company

Use these free online business tools to help improve your team’s productivity and ensure the success of your company going forward.

Google Workspace is a completely browser-based set of work and collaboration tools for businesses of all sizes.

Google Workspace Review: How to Use It (Plus the 5 Best Hidden Apps)

Do you know about these 5 hidden Google Workspace apps to supercharge your business? That and more in our in-depth Google Workspace review.

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