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Business Expansion

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A strip of storefronts

10 of the Best Small Town Business Ideas

Looking to run a successful startup in a rural area or smaller community? Here are 10 top small town business ideas to consider.

Blue background with image of shelves and canisters of varying sizes and colors on each shelf.

23 Creative Business Ideas for 2021 and Beyond

Here are 23 of the most creative small business ideas for entrepreneurs with artistic flair, originality and vision, from handmade products to digital work.

Two street signs on a pole: One reads “Franchising” and the other reads “Licensing.”

Franchising vs. Licensing: Which One Is Right for You?

Find out the pros and cons of franchising vs. licensing and how to decide which one is right for you.

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Business Financing

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Image of a tree with coins and a gree line graph trending up with the word “investments”

How to Use a Business Loan: 10 Ways Financing Can Help

What are business loans used for? From inventory to working capital and more, don’t miss this top 10 list showing you how to use a business loan effectively.

A pink piggy bank with the number 1 on it and an orange one with the number 2 on it

Second-Lien Loans: What They Are and How They Impact Financing Rates

Find out what a second-lien loan is, how lenders feel about them, how they affect financing rates and why you might apply for this type of funding.

A plane labeled “Small Business” zooms through the skies as working capital coins blast from the jet engine.

How Much Working Capital Does Your Business Need?

Keeping the right amount of working capital on hand is something small businesses can’t afford to get wrong. Find out how much working capital you need.

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Business Credit

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Your personal credit report is typically reviewed when you're applying for a credit card or a business loan.

What Is the Average Credit Score for Small Business Owners?

Your personal credit score can hugely impact the security of your business’s future. Find out the average score for small business owners.

Stacked coins in front of a graph

Imputed Interest: A Guide & How It Impacts Business Lending

If the IRS finds your business loan has a below-market interest rate, you’ll owe imputed interest. Here’s what that means for you.

Computer monitor showing graphs of growth and money.

Your Guide to Your Equifax Business Credit Report

Your Equifax business credit report is a portrait of your company’s financial health. Here’s how to apply its findings to help your business.

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Business Management

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Open one of the best low-cost franchises for under $50,000.

Best Low-Cost Franchises to Open

Dreaming of running a small business? These 10 low-cost franchises give you proven, successful paths to success for under $50,000.

Yelp can be a useful tool for business owners.

Yelp for Business Owners: What You Need to Know

Should business owners use Yelp to draw more customers? Learn how to list your business and encourage reviews to drive more traffic through your door.

A split screen of someone working in an office and someone working from home.

What Is the Future of Office Space? 10 Trends for the Post-COVID Office

As lockdown restrictions lift, business owners are wondering about the future of office space. Here are 10 trends to expect.

Sales and Marketing

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A woman types on her laptop as she sits at her desk. Email marketing is an important tool for business promotion.

Why Small Businesses Should Be Obsessed With Email

With social media’s rapid evolution and proliferation, it’s easy to get preoccupied with new methods for reaching and engaging with your customers via various platforms. While social media is a key piece of your marketing strategy, don’t discount the nearly 50-year-old and still vital tool — email. In fact, investing in an email list is […]

Orange background and a screen with a video

How to Create Video Content That Converts

Learn how to use your small business video marketing strategy to answer introduce your team, inform your audience and tell your customers’ stories.

A funnel with coins dripping out of the narrow end is being inspected by a magnifying glass.

Conversion Tracking 101: Our Beginner’s Guide

Conversion tracking data means nothing without action. Learn how to track conversions and analyze data to power real growth in your company.


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A hand holding a pen starts to fill out a form labeled “Unemployment Benefits.”

What Is SUI? (Plus, How to Keep Your Unemployment Insurance Costs Low)

Is your state unemployment insurance rating too high? Learn how to manage SUI and reduce your unemployment tax.

A business owner, sitting at a desk surrounded by stacks of financial statements, looking miserable.

Why Should I Hire a Bookkeeper? Here Are 9 Reasons

Learn the signs when a business owner should stop posting the business’s books and hire a bookkeeper.

A magnifying glass inspects a tax document. The glass has enlarged the words, “PPP Loan Audit.”

PPP Loan Audit: What to Expect (and How to Prepare for One)

If you received a PPP loan from the Small Business Administration, you may be subject to an SBA loan audit. Here’s what to expect.


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Photo of a smiling Mary Lemmer, founder of Improve.

Top Female Entrepreneurs to Watch This Year and Their Advice to Other Women Business Owners

We’re spotlighting 10 women-owned businesses to watch. You won’t want to miss our list of the year’s top rising female entrepreneurs.

A worker juggles files of paper, a calculator, a calendar and envelopes at her desk.

Keep It Organized: How to Prioritize Your Work

Whether you’re running a small business or a giant organization, there’s never a shortage of work to do. Avoid decision-fatigue and paralysis by using these methods to set priorities.

business podcast

9 Best Business Podcasts to Help You Succeed

Podcasts are a fantastic way to stay up to date on current events in the business world and get insight from other entrepreneurs. Millions of people agree: Statista research reports there were 75 million podcast listeners in the U.S. in 2018, and it’s projected to grow to 164 million by 2024. Want to gain insight […]

Business Insurance

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The words “Business Insurance” are being inspected by a couple of magnifying glasses.

What to Consider When Comparing Business Quotes for Commercial Insurance

Knowing how to compare business quotes for insurance can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Here’s how to evaluate offers.

Umbrella over businesses

9 Best Small Business Insurance Companies

Learn how to identify the risks in your business and select the best small business insurance company with the lowest premiums.

A giant umbrella deflects the COVID-19 virus that rains down at an angle.

What Is COVID-19 Liability Protection (and How Can You Protect Your Business)?

States have enacted COVID-19 liability protection to defend local businesses at the federal level. Here’s how to protect your business amid these difficult times.

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A planogram is a store diagram showing product placement.

Super Shelf Presence: Make a Planogram With Panache

Can you optimize inventory and increase sales with a diagram and data? Learn how to make a planogram in 6 easy steps.

A light illuminates a portrait of "The Customer."

Making Your Business More Customer-Centric: Here Are 8 Ways to Do It

Are you ready to embrace the customer-centric mindset? Learn how to transform your business by focusing on clients.

A doughnut shop displays an array of doughnuts as someone takes a photo with a smartphone.

Creative Retail Display Ideas: 15 Ways to Engage Customers

Do you want to improve customer experiences and increase sales? Use these creative retail display ideas to delight shoppers.

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Human Resources

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A coach with a whistle speaks to a basketball player holding a ball.

Giving Feedback to Employees: 11 Best Practices

Does your team provide effective employee feedback? Use these 11 tips to start conversations that engage staff and improve work performance.

A track athlete with “HR” on her shirt and holding a briefcase leaps over a hurdle.

How to Conquer 9 of the Biggest HR Challenges

Can your team adapt and overcome the latest HR issues? Explore top challenges and solutions to improve human resources in 2021.

An employee working remotely from home sits at her desk. She’s wearing bunny slippers.

Key HR Statistics to Help You Build Your Best Team

Human resources statistics provide valuable insights for recruiters. Here are some HR statistics highlighting today’s top trends.

Real Estate

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Hotel with stacked coins in front

How to Buy a Hotel or Motel

There are multiple factors to consider before buying and running a small hotel. You’ll have to weigh what you can afford when you buy a hotel and evaluate the average hotel and motel prices in your target area. The hospitality industry is highly competitive, with so many large, established brands already inhabiting the top markets. […]

A restaurant practicing green property practices

Green Property Management: Our Guide for Your Business

Green property management is a big trend in 2020. Being eco-friendly doesn’t just benefit the environment; it reduces energy costs as well as your carbon footprint. It’s also appealing to current and potential tenants. According to an AMLI Residential survey of its tenants, 84% of respondents said sustainable living is “very important” to them. Sixty-four […]

Business Law

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A person holds and signs a form labeled “Business Contract.”

How Business Contracts Protect You and Your Company

A business contract provides you with legal protection, but only if it is drawn up correctly. Learn what you need for a valid contract.

Woman runs with a shield while arrows deflect off of it.

Your Corporate Veil: Here Are 10 Ways to Protect It

Your corporate veil protects both you and your business. Here’s how to avoid piercing the corporate veil.

A person wearing a mask enters a medical office.

New Labor Laws: How the Latest Federal and State Updates Affect You

Sweeping new labor laws recently took effect at the federal and state levels. Here’s our guide to 2021 employment law updates.

Business Technology

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A computer screen shows two web pages: one pink and labeled “A” and the other green and labeled “B.”

New to A/B Testing? Here’s Our Beginner’s Guide.

A/B split testing leads to more sales. It’s the smart way of updating a landing page. Check out our post and see how easy it is.

Why Go Hubspot? 10 Reasons to Use It for Inbound Marketing

Why go HubSpot? Check out these 10 reasons why you should use it to integrate your marketing, sales and services.

Best Free SEO Tools for Your Website in 2021

SEO in 2021 is complex and composed of multiple facets. Fear not: We’ve created a list of the best free SEO tools to help bolster your website today.

What Should You Pay for a Business Loan?
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