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A woman shops for clothes at a small shop.

Best Evergreen Niches: Businesses to Weather Any Financial Storm

What are the best evergreen niches for small businesses? Learn what products and services are in perpetual demand.

A hand places a blue candle on a store shelf that has other blue candles. The shelf above is filled with red candles and the shelf below has green candles.

What Is Assortment Planning in Retail? 7 Tips and Strategies

Data-based assortment planning improves cash flow while pleasing shoppers. Use these 7 tips to optimize your retail strategy.

But selling your wares on Amazon comes with a cost. We'll go over the various fees.

Amazon Seller Fees: So, What Are the Costs Exactly?

What is the true cost to sell on Amazon? We’ll take you through the Amazon seller fees to help you choose the best plan to optimize your profits.

A woman surfs choppy waters while riding a giant-size stack of cash.

Top 10 Retail Cash-Flow Management Challenges (and How to Solve Them)

Facing cash-flow problems at your e-commerce or local retail store? Use these tips to improve your retail cash-flow management.

A store owner stands in front of an empty set of shelves that’s marked with an “Out of Stock” sign.

Learn How to Avoid Stockouts With These 10 Strategies

Knowing how to avoid stockouts can spare your customers frustration while saving you money. Here are 10 effective prevention methods.

Get your business loan options in minutes get started
Get business loan options in minutes with Fast Capital 360
A small shop has a big “Sale” sign in the window. Above the shop are icons for email, television, Facebook and text messaging.

How to Meet Today’s Shopper Needs With an Omnichannel Approach

Utilizing an omnichannel retail strategy is crucial to delivering a seamless customer experience and widening your potential reach. Here’s how to get it done.

A delivery man shakes hands with a business owner. A cargo truck labeled “Supplies” is in the background.

6 Ways to Improve Supplier Relationship Management

Building strong business relationships with your suppliers is essential to creating a resilient and effective supply chain.

A businesswoman stands next to shelves filled with cans. She is taking stock of her inventory, jotting notes on her clipboard.

Inventory Costing Methods: Our Guide of Best Practices

Which inventory costing method makes sense for your small business? Learn how inventory valuation affects your bottom line.

This is a close-up of feet of three people walking in different directions.

Retail After Lockdown: How to Prepare for More Customer Traffic

As lockdown restrictions lift, retailers can expect more customer traffic. Here’s what you can do to get your store ready.

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