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Business Funding in California

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1-5 Years

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Starting at 7%

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Strike Gold With California Business Loans

They don’t call California the Golden State for no reason. With golden weather, golden beaches and a golden business environment, Cali is the dream destination not just for business owners, but people from many different walks of life.

With everyone wanting to experience the benefits of its unique climate, California is not only the most populated state in America, it’s one of the most routinely visited places in the country.

From the celebrity-ridden streets of Los Angeles to the dream-like weather of San Diego, California has everything a business owner is looking for. However, even in a business-friendly environment, the need for business funding in California is greater now than ever.

California business loans from traditional lenders have become harder and harder to qualify for over the last 10-15 years, leading companies to look elsewhere for their working capital needs.

Where to Find Bad Credit Business Loans in CA

Traditional lenders hold their applicants to a high standard that many small businesses fall short of. One of these standards is a nearly immaculate credit score. Fortunately, if you have what banks consider a “bad” credit score, there are more flexible options available.

Fast Capital 360 judges your business on its health as a whole and not just its credit score. While qualifying for a bad credit business loan is hard, Fast Capital 360’s requirements are simple and easy. You qualify if:

  • You’ve been in business for at least six months
  • Your business generates a monthly revenue of at least $10,000
  • You have a credit score of 520 or greater

Fast Capital 360 also facilitates fast SBA loans in California. SBA loans are distributed through the Small Business Administration, a government-aided resource aimed towards providing smaller businesses with the same opportunities that bigger companies experience.

Our SBA loans in California can be submitted and funded in under a week, which is much faster than the lengthy waiting periods commonly associated with banks, but some of our other funding types function even faster.

Next-Day Business Funding in CA

Applying for small business funding in California is a breeze with Fast Capital 360:

Step One: Apply in Minutes

Step Two: Pick a Funding Type

Step Three: Use Your Funds!

No hidden fees, no hard to understand contracts and no long waiting periods, it’s really that easy. Apply today and you could find out what you qualify for in under 60 minutes.

Whether you’re a looking for a restaurant business loan in San Franciso or grocery store business funding in Sacramento, Fast Capital 360 can help you get the funding you need to grow your business.

Call us today at (800) 732-6107 or contact us online and you could have the California business funding your looking for by the end of the following business day.

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