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One hand holds out a payment processing device while a hand from the opposite direction prepares to swipe a credit card. Meanwhile, a third hand, open-palmed as if expecting payment, extends to the hand holding the device.

Payment Processing Fees: A Guide for Small Businesses

For every transaction, businesses pay a fee to processing providers. The fees may be unavoidable, but they can add up quickly. Let’s examine payment processing fees, the average processing fees for various forms of payment, and offer a few strategies on how to lower your payment processing fees.

Graphic of an odometer that goes from 0 to 300 with an arrow pointing to 160 and a thumbs up

Understanding Your Company’s FICO SBSS Score

Your FICO SBSS score is a credit score for your business. Find out why your SBSS score matters and how it impacts your ability to obtain financing.

A hand holds a glowing card labeled “AMEX.”

Here Are the 5 Best American Express Business Credit Cards

How do you find the best American Express business credit card when there are so many options? No problem. We’ve whittled the list down to 5.

Several credit cards form a big question mark.

Here Are 5 of the Best Cash-Back Business Credit Cards

Looking for a way to finance your business while earning bonus cash along the way? A cash-back business credit card may be your best option.

A silhouette of a person keeps a giant credit card labeled “Business Credit Card” from crushing them.

How Do Business Credit Cards Affect Personal Credit? Here’s What to Know

Business credit cards may affect your personal credit in several ways. Learn how the two can interact and how to protect your credit.

How much can my business qualify for?
$0 $1 mil
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One arm extends a credit card to another arm tagged as “Bad Credit.”

Best Business Credit Cards for Those With Bad Credit: 5 Options

What are the best business credit cards for bad credit applicants? Here are 5 top options.

A hand holds 4 credit cards.

A Guide to the Best Business Credit Cards for Startups

What are the best business credit cards for startups? Here’s our guide to 4 of today’s top options.

The phrase "building business credit" is next to a tower of 3 blocks that fall into place, symbolizing building business credit.

Tips for Building Business Credit the Right Way

Need to learn how to build business credit? Our guide will walk you through how to build business credit in 30 days.

A stack of credit cards sits on one side of a scale and a credit score meter (with the needle in the middle) sits on the other side.

How to Lower Your Credit Utilization: 5 Key Tactics

Keeping your company’s credit utilization ratio under control is crucial to your company’s financial stability. Here’s what you need to know.

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