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A stack of credit cards sits on one side of a scale and a credit score meter (with the needle in the middle) sits on the other side.

How to Lower Your Credit Utilization: 5 Key Tactics

Keeping your company’s credit utilization ratio under control is crucial to your company’s financial stability. Here’s what you need to know.

“Past Due” envelopes rain down behind a credit score meter, which is in the “poor” to “bad” range.

Late Payments: What Are the Credit Score Implications — and Solutions?

When you make late payments, credit score numbers suffer. Fortunately, you can take steps to prevent and mitigate the impact.

A bunch of credit cards are captured in a lasso.

How to Consolidate Business Credit Card Debt: 7 Options

You can consolidate business credit card debt to streamline your monthly payments. Here’s our guide to how to do it.

A magnifying glass inspects a credit report document affixed to a clipboard.

Soft vs. Hard Credit Checks: What Are the Differences and Why Do They Matter?

Business credit checks allow lenders and business owners to access a company’s credit report. Learn all about soft vs. hard credit checks.

A hand holds a credit card.

The Smartest Way to Use a Business Credit Card

A business credit card can provide tons of value, and lead to financial freedom for your company. Here’s how to get the most out of them.

How much can my business qualify for?
$0 $1 mil
see my options
A hiker hold binoculars is about to embark on a steep climb uphill. The path is marked with a sign that reads “Post Bankruptcy Trail.”

Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy: Here Are 7 Steps Worth Taking

Do you know how to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy? Learn the steps you can take to rebuild your finances and move forward.

Stack of credit cards with a lock, chain and key on top

The Best Secured Business Credit Cards

Raise your credit score while earning rewards for your small business. Here is our list of the 3 best small business secured credit cards.

Your personal credit report is typically reviewed when you're applying for a credit card or a business loan.

What Is the Average Credit Score for Small Business Owners?

Your personal credit score can hugely impact the security of your business’s future. Find out the average score for small business owners.

Stacked coins in front of a graph

Imputed Interest: A Guide & How It Impacts Business Lending

If the IRS finds your business loan has a below-market interest rate, you’ll owe imputed interest. Here’s what that means for you.

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