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Business Expansion

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Two street signs on a pole: One reads “Franchising” and the other reads “Licensing.”

Franchising vs. Licensing: Which One Is Right for You?

Find out the pros and cons of franchising vs. licensing and how to decide which one is right for you.

Franchising is a method of distributing products or services provided by a franchisor.

Here Are the Best Franchise Opportunities of 2021

Franchising allows you to start a business quickly without reinventing the wheel. Here are the best franchise opportunities for 2021.

Yellow background with image of a blue stethoscope and an upward-facing arrow behind it.

What Are the Fastest-Growing Small Businesses in America?

Do you want to be one of the fastest growing businesses of 2021? Learn what industries are growing and how you can follow their lead.

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Business Financing

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The door of a small shop has a sign that reads, “Loan Forgiveness Wanted.”

Applying for PPP Loan Forgiveness: A 5-Step Guide

PPP loan forgiveness can allow you to cover payroll costs without repayment obligations. Here’s what you need to know.

Amid a background of the COVID-19 virus, the acronyms EIDL, SBA and PPP are in the foreground.

SBA Grants and Loans for COVID-19 Relief: What You Should Know

SBA grants and loans are available to help small business owners impacted by COVID-19. Find out if you qualify.

A hand hovers under a ball with a dollar sign.

Amortization vs. Simple Interest Loans: Our Guide

Find out when to use simple interest or amortized loans to purchase assets and finance your business’s growth.

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Business Credit

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Your personal credit report is typically reviewed when you're applying for a credit card or a business loan.

What Is the Average Credit Score for Small Business Owners?

Your personal credit score can hugely impact the security of your business’s future. Find out the average score for small business owners.

Stacked coins in front of a graph

Imputed Interest: A Guide & How It Impacts Business Lending

If the IRS finds your business loan has a below-market interest rate, you’ll owe imputed interest. Here’s what that means for you.

Computer monitor showing graphs of growth and money.

Your Guide to Your Equifax Business Credit Report

Your Equifax business credit report is a portrait of your company’s financial health. Here’s how to apply its findings to help your business.

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Business Management

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What regulations apply to your company as a restaurant owner will be different than if you’re operating a technology startup.

6 Government Regulations Small Business Owners Should Know

Following business regulations protects your customers, employees and helps you avoid a lawsuit. Here are the rules you should know.

Good Standing Image

What Is a Certificate of Good Standing and Why It Matters

A “certificate of good standing” proves your business is operating in accordance with state law. Here’s why you need one.

DuPont analysis text graphic

DuPont Analysis: What It Tells You About Your Company’s Profitability

We’ll explain the DuPont analysis, how it benefits your business and how you can use it to improve your performance or attract investors.

Sales and Marketing

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Multi-colored background with graphics of a mobile phone, envelopes, tablets and the letters SEO.

How to Master Your Digital Marketing Strategy and Improve Your Online Presence

With online users in the billions, a competitive web presence is crucial. Here’s our digital marketing strategy guide with everything you need to know.

A calendar marking Small Business week sits between small shops.

Small Business Week 2021: How to Celebrate It (and Capitalize, Too)

Small Business Week happens each year as a chance to appreciate local businesses. Make the most of it by celebrating your staff and loyal customers.

Messaging bubbles in an elevator

The 30-Second Elevator Pitch: Ideas for How to Create Your Own

Find out what an elevator pitch is and how to write one. Plus, see examples of elevator speeches and templates you can start using today.


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A suitcase filled with shirts, ties, a passport and a paper listing deductions.

Business Travel Expenses: How to Deduct Them

Review this guide and learn which business travel expenses you can deduct, even if you’re combining a short vacation with the family.

A stethoscope is set around a small business.

Checking the Financial Health of a Company: 8 Signs

Knowing how to measure the financial health of a company can help your business with financial planning. Here are 8 signs to look for.

A piggy bank (cash accounting) on one side and an alarm clock (accrual accounting) on the other.

Cash vs. Accrual Accounting: Which One Is Best for Your Small Business?

Do you know the difference between cash vs accrual accounting? Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each and which to use in your business.


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A photo of Rockstaws Incorporated founders and team members.

2021’s Up-and-Coming Young Black Entrepreneurs

These young Black entrepreneurs are changing the conversation on what it means to be a business owner. Here are 10 Black-owned businesses to watch in 2021.

A desk in a room of a home is split between work and life.

Business Owners Need a Work-Life Balance, Too. Here Are 12 Steps to Get There.

The importance of work-life balance ranks highly for both business and personal reasons. Here’s how to keep both halves in harmony.

Many local companies are stepping up to support their communities.

Why Supporting Your Community, Especially Now, Is a Smart Business Move

The why and how of giving back to your community: the benefits, 17 give-back ideas, inspiring examples, and best practices you should know.

Business Insurance

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A shopper slips on a banana peel in a grocery store.

What Kind of Business Lawsuit Insurance Does Your Company Need?

Business lawsuit insurance protects you from financial catastrophe. Here’s what you need to know about different types of coverage.

liability insurance

Employment Practices Liability Insurance and Why You Need It

An employee could file a lawsuit against your business for anything from sexual harassment to negligent reviews. Attorney and author Jonathan Hyman wrote that a company’s litigation costs could run anywhere from $75,000-$250,000, regardless of whether you win the case. Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) exists to protect you from those crippling costs. Learn more […]

best small business

7 Best Small Business Insurance Companies

Learn how to identify the risks in your business and select the best small business insurance company with the lowest premiums.

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A doughnut shop displays an array of doughnuts as someone takes a photo with a smartphone.

Creative Retail Display Ideas: 15 Ways to Engage Customers

Do you want to improve customer experiences and increase sales? Use these creative retail display ideas to delight shoppers.

Blue background with a hand holding a mobile phone in camera mode, taking a photo of a sofa with a small table next to it.

5 Retail Technology Trends in 2021

Here are 6 retail technology trends taking center stage in 2021. Discover the shopping experiences consumers want in ecommerce and brick and mortar.

A hand holding a smartphone is ready to press “Buy Now” on the screen.

Ecommerce Statistics Worth Knowing About for 2021

To get a lowdown on the latest ecommerce trends, here is our ultimate list of ecommerce statistics for 2021.

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Human Resources

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A person wearing a cape strikes a heroic pose on the words “Employee Accountability.”

6 Ways to Encourage Employee Accountability

Fostering employee accountability means taking steps to retain, engage and challenge your staff. Learn how to hold them accountable without taking away their autonomy.

An employer interviews a job candidate who appears on her computer screen.

Remote Hiring: Consider These 10 Best Practices

Remote hiring is becoming the new normal as more businesses go virtual. Here are 10 tips to help you hire the perfect remote staff.

An instructor pops out of a computer screen and points to the words “Employee Training.”

8 Steps to Successful Remote Training for Your Employees

Remote training has grown increasingly important as more businesses go virtual. Here’s an 8-step approach to train virtual workers.

Real Estate

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Hotel with stacked coins in front

How to Buy a Hotel or Motel

There are multiple factors to consider before buying and running a small hotel. You’ll have to weigh what you can afford when you buy a hotel and evaluate the average hotel and motel prices in your target area. The hospitality industry is highly competitive, with so many large, established brands already inhabiting the top markets. […]

A restaurant practicing green property practices

Green Property Management: Our Guide for Your Business

Green property management is a big trend in 2020. Being eco-friendly doesn’t just benefit the environment; it reduces energy costs as well as your carbon footprint. It’s also appealing to current and potential tenants. According to an AMLI Residential survey of its tenants, 84% of respondents said sustainable living is “very important” to them. Sixty-four […]

Business Law

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Blue background with a graphic of a caution sign placed over a puddle. The sign has the word “lawsuit” on it and an image of a person slipping.

Fast Capital 360 Is Letting You In on the Most Common Business Lawsuits (and How to Avoid Them)

Fast Capital 360 is letting you in on 6 of the most common business lawsuits and how to avoid them. Find out how to protect your company from litigation today.

Blue background with a graphic of a lawsuit document on an operating table surrounded by medical equipment

How to Respond to a Lawsuit: Fast Capital 360’s Tips for Small Business Owners

Fast Capital 360 is letting you in on how to respond to a lawsuit against your business. Find out what steps to take when your business is sued.

Capitol Hill with dollar sign surrounding it and the words "Payroll Tax Deferral"

President Trump’s Payroll Tax Deferral: What You Need to Know

Here are the details about President Trump’s executive order to enact a partial payroll tax deferral for the remainder of 2020.

Business Technology

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A truck with a small business building in the cargo bed drives up to the cloud.

What Business Assets Should You Move to the Cloud?

To thrive in the post-pandemic era of remote work, here are the benefits of cloud migration which you should consider.

A digital brain is labeled “BI” for business intelligence.

Business Intelligence Software: Our Top 19 Picks

A business intelligence software helps entrepreneurs make data-driven decisions. Here’s a list of the top software available.

A computer with a data breach has a big crack on its screen.

What to Do After a Data Breach: Steps to Repair and Reinforce Your Business

No company is safe from hackers. But knowing what to do after a data breach helps. Learn to minimize the damage with these tips.

What Should You Pay for a Business Loan?
Find out what you should pay for a business loan.
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