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Business Expansion

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Woman in high-rise office overlooking the city out a large window.

How to Convert Your Sole Proprietorship to an LLC

Wondering how to change from a sole proprietorship to an LLC? Follow our easy 7-step guide to convert your small business’s structure.

Buying your first rental property? We have 11 tips.

Buying Your First Rental Property? Consider These 11 Tips

Investing in real estate can prove lucrative, but it takes preparation and research. Here are 11 tips for buying your first rental property.

Young women slicing fruit at an eco-friendly smoothie bar business.

11 Eco-Friendly Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

The benefits of launching a small green business includes reducing your carbon imprint, increasing revenue and slashing your energy costs.

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Business Financing

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The loan principal is the total balance of money involved in a specific transaction.

A Guide to Business Loan Principal

Loan payments, in general, primarily consist of principal and interest. The loan principal is the amount of money you borrow to cover an expense. Interest, often a percentage of the principal balance, is the cost of borrowing the capital. Interest is how lenders make money from loans. We’ll dive into how the loan principal affects […]

Business owners plugging in cost of debt values into a calculator. 

Cost of Debt: What You Need to Know

Whether you finance your business with debt or equity, you must pay for the use of funds. Exactly how much is called your cost of debt. To calculate your cost of debt, there are a couple of different formulas you need to know. Here’s what they mean and how to use them. What Is Cost of […]

How to Get Your Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiven

So you’ve been approved for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, or you plan to apply for one. You may be wondering how to get the loan forgiven? To qualify for complete or partial PPP loan forgiveness, you need to prove that you spent loan proceeds on the right things. Here’s what you need to […]

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Business Credit

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Computer monitor showing graphs of growth and money.

Your Guide to Your Equifax Business Credit Report

Your Equifax business credit report is a portrait of your company’s financial health. Here’s how to apply its findings to help your business.

A person uses a business credit card to complete a transaction.

How to Get a Business Credit Card With No Credit History

Whether you’re launching a new business or looking for financing for your established company, it can be a real challenge to secure financing when you have no business credit history. If your business is strapped for capital and needs quick, reliable financing, obtaining a business credit card might be your best option. Even without any […]

How much will Square’s point-of-sale products set you back?

Square Fees: A Look at Pricing Across the Product Suite

Square is one of the most popular POS tools on the market. But what does it cost? We take a look at the numbers.

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Business Management

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Definition spelled out for pronunciation in the dictionary.

Business Finance Terms and Definitions

Every successful business owner needs to know these basic business finance terms and definitions. Read on to become a business finance expert.

Entrepreneur leads a meeting to streamline small business operations.

7 Easy Ways to Streamline Your Small Business Operations

If your business operations feel like they’re getting stuck in the mud, you need to start making some changes. In this article, we walk you through some of the easiest ways you can start optimizing your workplace productivity, so you can get focused on what matters most—your bottom line.

Woman making business schedule on a whiteboard.

What Should Be Included in a Business Debt Schedule

We’ll review what is a business debt schedule, why you need it for your business and how to make a debt schedule of your own.

Sales and Marketing

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A businesswoman writes notes on a whiteboard as she possibly brainstorms the 7 ps of marketing.

What Business Owners Need to Understand About the 7 Ps of Marketing

Every element of your business is impacted by the 7 P’s of marketing. Learn how the marketing mix can be used to your business’s advantage and produce your best marketing strategy.

Here is an illustration of people at work, checking off items on a list, measuring bar graphs and weighing pieces of a pie chart.

SWOT Analysis: What It Is and How It Can Improve Your Business Plan

Looking to understand the meaning of a SWOT analysis? We’ll teach you the meaning plus 5 ways conducting a SWOT analysis benefits your business.

Two people work at a desk, probably making sure they have an effective marketing kit.

What Your Small Business Marketing Kit Should Include

Marketing materials are a critical component to the health of your small business. Here’s how to create a marketing kit.


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return on investment

How To Calculate the Return on Investment Ratio

If you’re a growth investor placing that same $100,000 investment in a stock or other security that earns 12% per year, there’s probably a job for you on Wall Street.b

tax questions

Common Small Business Tax Questions Answered

Taxes are tricky for small businesses. Chances are, most of your questions are common and have answers you can find here.

A couple sitting down at a table, filing their taxes for the first time.

Tips for Filing Small Business Taxes for the First Time

Filing your small business taxes for the first time? Use this guide to navigate the process and maximize your refund.


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business podcast

9 Best Business Podcasts to Help You Succeed

Podcasts are a fantastic way to stay up to date on current events in the business world and get insight from other entrepreneurs. Millions of people agree: Apple revealed at their annual worldwide developer conference that they host over 525,000 active podcasts, with over 1 billion downloads from Apple Podcasts as of 2018. Want to […]

Certain entrepreneur traits and behavior characterize successful business owners.

10 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

What does it take to become a successful entrepreneur? We’ve gathered 10 of the top traits you need to succeed.

young entrepreneurs

2020’s Up-and-Coming Young Black Entrepreneurs

Here are 13 up-and-coming young black entrepreneurs aiming to build their businesses in 2020. Read on to learn more about them.

Business Insurance

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liability insurance

Employment Practices Liability Insurance and Why You Need It

An employee could file a claim against your business for anything from sexual harassment to negligent reviews. Attorney and author Jonathan Hyman wrote that a company’s litigation costs could run anywhere from $75,000-$250,000, regardless of whether you win the case. Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) exists to protect you from those crippling costs. Learn more […]

business insurance

Top 9 Types of Business Insurance

Don’t panic; there are many resources available if you’re looking for the best insurance for small business owners.

business insurance

What Is Business Insurance?

Choosing the right business insurance has always been an important part of running a business. You need to know a few vital insurance facts before you can decide what to buy.

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Customers enjoy the convenience of shopping at an online store and the time and cost-saving benefits of picking up their purchase at a physical store location.

Should Your Small Business Offer In Store Pickup?

What should you know about buy online, in store pickup? The first step is understanding the pros and cons.

Little boxes symbolize online shopping. Retailers can find opportunities to compete with Amazon.

How to Compete with Amazon: 5 Clever Ways

Competing with Amazon requires a customer-first approach such as enhancing their browsing, product discovery, checkout and customer service experiences.

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Human Resources

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An illustration of an office cubicle.

Getting Back to Business: How to Reinstate Furloughed Workers

As furloughed workers return amid COVID-19 concerns, employers face new challenges. Here’s how to handle the most common issues of bringing your staff back to work. We’ll cover: What a work furlough is How furloughs differ from layoffs What to do when you need to furlough workers How to write a furlough notice letter How […]

Remote team-building activities help support telecommuting employee engagement.

16 Top Remote Team-Building Activities

Remote team-building activities help support telecommuting employee engagement. This has become especially important as the COVID-19 pandemic has so many employees working from home. Here are 16 ways to build your remote team culture: Create a work-culture statement Set goals for your team Make your goals measurable Build a team culture into your remote-worker hiring […]

Sexual harassment is a problem facing companies of every shape and size.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: How to Prevent and Address It

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a big problem for business owners and managers, with a large number of workers reporting incidents.

Real Estate

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buying a hotel

How to Buy a Hotel or Motel

There are multiple factors to consider before buying and running a small hotel. You’ll have to weigh what you can afford when you buy a hotel and evaluate the average hotel and motel prices in your target area. The hospitality industry is highly competitive, with so many large, established brands already inhabiting the top markets. […]

A restaurant practicing green property practices

Green Property Management: Our Guide for Your Business

Green property management is a big trend in 2020. Being eco-friendly doesn’t just benefit the environment; it reduces energy costs as well as your carbon footprint. It’s also appealing to current and potential tenants. According to an AMLI Residential survey of its tenants, 84% of respondents said sustainable living is “very important” to them. Sixty-four […]

Business Law

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power of attorney

Why Durable Power of Attorney Is Important for Your Business

A durable power of attorney allows you to appoint an agent to carry out business actions on your behalf. We cover how a POA works and why you need it.

Business succession planning is about looking down the road to figure out what will happen to the business once you retire.

How to Manage Business Succession Planning

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, so much energy is focused on growing the business and generating revenue that business succession planning—deciding who will run your business after your retirement or death—can get pushed down the to-do list. If you’re nearing retirement, you can’t afford to wait any longer. If retirement is still a long […]

business laws

Business Laws and Regulations Impacting Your Company in 2020

Are you up-to-date on the latest business law news? It’s tough knowing where to focus your attention. But, the government doesn’t pardon owners who lack awareness of common legal issues in the workplace. Stay in the know by planning for changes to business laws and regulations. Business Law News Changes to business laws and regulations […]

Business Technology

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3 Marketing Automation Benefits to Help Your Business

Here’s what marketing automation is and the top 3 benefits it provides. Also, find out how to make the most of this business investment.

AI in business

AI in Business: The Benefits for Your Company

Some small business owners might consider artificial intelligence (AI) as a higher form of technology that’s only available to large companies with big budgets. However, recent technological advances in AI in business have brought down prices, making artificial intelligence more affordable. Let’s take a look at how to use AI in your business to improve […]

A close up of the Windows key on a keyboard--ms office alternatives

7 Microsoft Office Alternatives for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you likely need a software suite that will help you create text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. However, are you wondering, “Is there an alternative to Microsoft Office?” Whether you’re looking for a Microsoft Office alternative—a free option—or prefer a Microsoft alternative for your Mac, we’ve rounded up 7 software options […]

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