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A customer with a bullhorn voices feedback to a small business owner.

Taking Criticism in Stride: Our Guide for Small Business Owners

Accepting criticism isn’t easy but it can improve your professional and personal life. Learn how to respond using these tips.

Inspiring female entrepreneurs

10 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs and Their Advice to Other Women

Here are 10 inspirational female entrepreneurs and the businesses they run. See what sets them apart and the advice they share with aspiring women business owners.

Photo of a smiling Mary Lemmer, founder of Improve.

Top Female Entrepreneurs to Watch This Year and Their Advice to Other Women Business Owners

We’re spotlighting 10 women-owned businesses to watch. You won’t want to miss our list of the year’s top rising female entrepreneurs.

A worker juggles files of paper, a calculator, a calendar and envelopes at her desk.

Keep It Organized: How to Prioritize Your Work

Whether you’re running a small business or a giant organization, there’s never a shortage of work to do. Avoid decision-fatigue and paralysis by using these methods to set priorities.

business podcast

9 Best Business Podcasts to Help You Succeed

Podcasts are a fantastic way to stay up to date on current events in the business world and get insight from other entrepreneurs. Millions of people agree: Statista research reports there were 75 million podcast listeners in the U.S. in 2018, and it’s projected to grow to 164 million by 2024. Want to gain insight […]

Apply to multiple lenders with just one application Learn More
A photo of Rockstaws Incorporated founders and team members.

2021’s Up-and-Coming Young Black Entrepreneurs

These young Black entrepreneurs are changing the conversation on what it means to be a business owner. Here are 10 Black-owned businesses to watch in 2021.

A desk in a room of a home is split between work and life.

Small Business Owners Need a Work-Life Balance, Too. Get There in 12 Steps.

The importance of work-life balance ranks highly for both business and personal reasons. Here’s how to keep both halves in harmony.

Many local companies are stepping up to support their communities.

Why Supporting Your Community, Especially Now, Is a Smart Business Move

The why and how of giving back to your community: the benefits, 17 give-back ideas, inspiring examples, and best practices you should know.

Certain entrepreneur traits and behavior characterize successful business owners.

10 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

What does it take to become a successful entrepreneur? We’ve gathered 10 of the top traits you need to succeed.

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