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Images to show a distressed property, a wholesaler contracting with the seller, an investor making an offer and the property being renovated

What Is Wholesale Real Estate?

We’re answering the question, “What is wholesale real estate?” See how to become a real estate wholesaler and the steps needed to close a deal.

office lease

Short-Term Office Lease: What Are the Pros and Cons?

Most traditional office spaces require an annual or multi-year lease agreement. However, some startups and early-stage businesses might be uncertain about their business’s future and want to minimize the risks. If you’re not ready for a long-term agreement, consider a short-term office lease instead. Here’s what you need to know about a short-term office lease, […]

Hotel with stacked coins in front

How to Buy a Hotel or Motel

There are multiple factors to consider before buying and running a small hotel. You’ll have to weigh what you can afford when you buy a hotel and evaluate the average hotel and motel prices in your target area. The hospitality industry is highly competitive, with so many large, established brands already inhabiting the top markets. […]

A restaurant practicing green property practices

Green Property Management: Our Guide for Your Business

Green property management is a big trend in 2020. Being eco-friendly doesn’t just benefit the environment; it reduces energy costs as well as your carbon footprint. It’s also appealing to current and potential tenants. According to an AMLI Residential survey of its tenants, 84% of respondents said sustainable living is “very important” to them. Sixty-four […]

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