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Business Loans & Small Business Funding in Florida

Florida became a state in the Union of the United States of America on March 3, 1845. By land, it’s one of the largest states in the country, while also being the fourth most populous states behind California, Texas, and New York. The majority of Florida’s citizens are packed into four of the state’s major cities, including Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa Bay, and Orlando, FL all of which rank in the top 75 US cities by population.

Known as the Sunshine State, Florida is a tourist destination both domestically and internationally. There are hundreds of miles of coastal beaches both on the Atlantic Ocean and nestling up on the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Florida’s most synonymous travel destinations are Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, and a variety of other amusement parks scattered throughout the state. Florida is also home to half of Major League Baseball’s Spring Training facilities, drawing millions of visitors between February and March.

Florida used to be one of the largest agricultural producers for the entire United States. However, thanks to the prevalence of corn subsidies and increased climate instability, the Midwest, and the Carolinas have replaced the Sunshine State’s production.

Aside from the major business players in the entire state, Florida’s residents are primarily employed by local school governing bodies, healthcare systems, and Publix grocers.

SBA Loans In Florida

While there certainly are a ton of large corporations dominating Florida’s business landscape, the role of small business, especially from a tourism and healthcare perspective, is significant. For companies who may be looking for a small business loan in Florida, The Small Business Administration – AKA the SBA – offers funding to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

SBA loans in Florida typically are processed through partners of the SBA, like banks, credit unions, and other lenders. The SBA gives Florida business loans and alternative funds under a government-backed guarantee, making it very attractive and useful for small business owners and operators.

Another big benefit to using SBA loans in Florida? The SBA is mandated to give small businesses up to a 90 percent guarantee, by law. This assurance was put in place following the 2008 depression so as to buoy the working capital small businesses had access to. To date, the largest amount of SBA loans and alternative funds in the agency’s history were given out in 2010, a great sign that the economy was turning around.

The SBA leads the federal government’s attempts to bring prime federal contracts to small businesses across Florida. They currently deliver 23 percent of these contracts to the state and are always looking for ways to improve their small business contracting programs. Their efforts ensure that a dedicated portion of federal contracts reach service-disabled, veteran-owned and women-owned small businesses

If you’re looking into an SBA loan for your business, we have plenty of alternative funding options for small businesses in Florida.

Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your hotel just outside of Central or Southern Florida’s hospitality hotbed or are trying to beef up your IT company to take on the growing technology debts companies are facing.

With all of these ideas, prospects, and challenges in mind, we’ve created an alternative to small business loans company that can provide a means to sustained small business growth. Our desire to help grow American businesses constantly brings us back to how we can improve the SBA loan options available to small businesses.

Commercial Business Loans & Financing In Florida

When you need it, securing a traditional banking loan can be next to impossible. The path to securing small business funding or scoring a bank loan in Florida can often become a real struggle and feelings of defeat, thanks to these loan necessities.

Only 25% of businesses who requested funding in 2017 were approved for a traditional loan. This leaves three-quarters of business owners across the country without access to the funding they were searching for. By the way – the wait for a traditional loan decision will usually last up to 90 days, whether you’re approved or not. Can you afford to find out if a traditional bank will offer you funding?

And to make things even more irritating, the wait can extend to six-months or beyond.

We didn’t like the way banks were treating small businesses who were in the market for a loan – so we did something about it.

A traditional loan would never be able to expedite funding decisions the way we can. With Fast Capital 360, most applicants only have to wait one hour to be approved for funding.

The number of business owners who go from funding request to cash in their hand in less than 24 hours always amazes us. Our funding alternatives to SBA loans, online business financing or commercial business loans in Florida can arrive in your bank account by the end of the next business day after your application has been accepted.

Thanks to our incredible customers and the testimonials they’ve shared, Fast Capital 360 has been rated #1 on for funding alternatives to small business loans. This has lead us to become one of the leaders in small business lending in Florida. Our reputation has been built on fair, transparent repayment agreements.

If you’re looking for funding alternatives to traditional bank loans for a retail business or even a small business line of credit, our company has been preparing funds for small businesses to achieve their dreams for almost a decade. We look forward to helping business owners for decades to come.

To learn more about our small business funding or what taking funds from Fast Capital 360 for can mean for your business funding options in Florida, give us a call at (800) 735-6107.

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