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A hand holds two credit cards. One is labeled “Personal” and the other is labeled “Business.”

Business Credit vs. Personal Credit: How They Differ and Interact

The relationship between business credit vs. personal credit affects your credit score, bookkeeping and taxes. Learn how they interact.

A hand holding a pen fills out a form labeled “SBA Loan Requirements.”

SBA Loan Requirements: Is Your Business Eligible?

Want to apply for a Small Business Administration loan but aren’t sure if you’ll meet SBA loan requirements? Here’s what you need to know.

Hand from one direction drops a dollar coin into another hand coming from the other direction.

SBA Microloans: Who Qualifies for the Funding (and How to Get One)

The SBA microloan program provides funds for minority- and women-owned businesses at favorable interest rates and terms.

One hand passes a piece of paper labeled “Letter of Credit” to another hand.

Using a Letter of Credit: What You Need To Know

A letter of credit provides backing when you’re engaged in international trade or travel. Here’s how they work and how to get one.

A runner jogs down a path that is marked with a sign that reads “Nonrevolving Credit.” The runner is near the end of the path, which is marked with another sign declaring “End of the Line.”

What Is a Nonrevolving Line of Credit: A Primer on the Pros and Cons

Here is everything you need to know about nonrevolving credit to make smarter decisions for your business.

Apply to multiple lenders with just one application Learn More
A hand presents a credit card labeled “SBA CAPLine” to another hand.

What Is an SBA Line of Credit? What to Know About the CAPLine Programs

What is SBA line of credit? Could your business use one? Find out if the lines of credit offered by the SBA would work for you.

Upside down pink piggy bank with coins falling out

What to Do When Your Business Loan Isn’t Enough

Have you ever gone to a lender and been approved for less capital than you wanted or needed? Disappointing, isn’t it?  Here’s the deal, though: There’s a reason (or a few) you weren’t given the full amount you were seeking.  Several factors come into play when lenders evaluate you for a business loan. They aren’t […]

A clipboard holding a form that reads “SBA 7(a) loan” sits on a desk next to a pen and a calculator.

All About the SBA 7(a) Loan Program

The SBA 7(a) loan program offers affordable financing options for entrepreneurs. Here’s what you need to know.

A businesswoman has a thought bubble floating above her with a question mark stands between two bulldozers. One has a sign that reads “For Lease,” while the other has a sign that reads “For Sale.”

Buying or Leasing Benefits for Business: Which Is Best?

What are the buying and leasing benefits for business owners? Do the advantages of leasing outweigh the advantages of buying?

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