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A bulldozer pours a bunch of cash into a dump truck.

Presenting 9 of the Best Equipment Financing Companies

How do you find the best equipment financing companies? We’ve gathered some of the top providers and put together a list.

Blue background with graphics of a credit card and dollar bill; the dollar bill has the Amazon logon on it and the words “business line of credit”

Is an Amazon Business Line of Credit Right for You?

Amazon’s corporate credit line caters to small businesses seeking credit on Here’s our review of this financing option and list some alternatives.

Green background with a graphic of a building storefront with the words “ACH loans” below

How Do ACH Loans Work for Small Businesses (and What Are the Benefits)?

An ACH loan can help you obtain fast funding for your business without the strict requirements of a bank loan. Find out more, including the pros and cons.

Two people standing on a bridge with a hole in the middle, one on either side, both holding onto a keystone to close the gap. Bills are on the left; stacks of money are on the right.

How Commercial Bridge Loans Work (and How They Can Benefit Your Small Business)

Bridge financing serves as a “bridge” between your immediate need for capital and a long-term financing solution. With it, you can address cash flow emergencies and seize business opportunities.

Debt and equity financing with stacked coins

Debt vs. Equity Financing: Which One Benefits Your Business the Most?

With debt vs. equity financing, each has its pros and cons. But what option is best? From loans to investors, here’s how to find money for your business.

Apply to multiple lenders with just one application Learn More
Car, house and bill balancing with bricks

How Much Collateral Do You Need for a Small Business Loan?

When applying for a loan for the first time, collateral is a must. Find out how much collateral your business needs, in the form of cash or other assets, in this how-to guide.

Seal with American flag and stars with dollar signs on them and the words “SBA Loans for Veterans”

SBA Loans for Veterans

If you are a veteran or a military spouse who intends to start or expand a business, this guide will help you find SBA loans for veterans.

Graphic of a person with finger placed on chin, looking up, with a background of colorful circles and a dollar sign

How Hard Is It to Get a Business Loan?

How hard is it to get a business loan? Get your answer and see your options, from the least difficult to the most.

There’s a silhouette of a shady looking man wearing a hat and an overcoat holding a document marked “Loan.”

How to Steer Clear of Small Business Loan Scams (Including 7 Tips)

Small business loan scams can turn opportunities to find funding into financial catastrophes. Learn how to avoid common scam tactics.

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