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A masked medical professional administers a COVID-19 vaccine shot to another masked person.

Can Employers Require the COVID-19 Vaccine as a Condition for Work?

Can employers require the COVID vaccine for their workers? Here’s a look at some of the top legal issues employers need to consider.

A row of all sorts people (a mix of gender, race, culture and age) stand together.

Equal Employment Opportunity: How to Maintain EEO Compliance

Violating Equal Employment Opportunity laws can subject businesses to expensive penalties. Here’s how to maintain EEO compliance.

A hand places a glass bubble over a home to protect it.

Key Personal Asset Protection Strategies for Small Business Owners

Every business owner should have asset protection strategies in place. Learn the steps to take to protect your home and personal savings.

A person holds and signs a form labeled “Business Contract.”

How Business Contracts Protect You and Your Company

A business contract provides you with legal protection, but only if it is drawn up correctly. Learn what you need for a valid contract.

Woman runs with a shield while arrows deflect off of it.

Your Corporate Veil: Here Are 10 Ways to Protect It

Your corporate veil protects both you and your business. Here’s how to avoid piercing the corporate veil.

How much can my business qualify for?
$0 $1 mil
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A person wearing a mask enters a medical office.

New Labor Laws: How the Latest Federal and State Updates Affect You

Sweeping new labor laws recently took effect at the federal and state levels. Here’s our guide to 2021 employment law updates.

A gavel and block rest on a big book labeled “Bankruptcy.”

Chapter 11 Subchapter V Bankruptcy: What Small Businesses Should Know

Chapter 11 Subchapter V Bankruptcy allows small business debtors to reorganize without ceasing operations. Here’s how it works.

A gavel appears on a computer screen.

Online Business Laws You Need to Know

Our guide for online business law will help you stay in compliance. Learn the laws you must address to have a successful website.

Blue background with a graphic of a caution sign placed over a puddle. The sign has the word “lawsuit” on it and an image of a person slipping.

Fast Capital 360 Is Letting You In on the Most Common Business Lawsuits (and How to Avoid Them)

Fast Capital 360 is letting you in on 6 of the most common business lawsuits and how to avoid them. Find out how to protect your company from litigation today.

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