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Business Law

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Online Business Laws You Need to Know

Our guide for online business law will help you stay in compliance. Learn the laws you must address to have a successful website.

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Fast Capital 360 Is Letting You In on the Most Common Business Lawsuits (and How to Avoid Them)

Fast Capital 360 is letting you in on 6 of the most common business lawsuits and how to avoid them. Find out how to protect your company from litigation today.

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How to Respond to a Lawsuit: Fast Capital 360’s Tips for Business Owners

Fast Capital 360 is letting you in on how to respond to a lawsuit against your business. Find out what steps to take when your business is sued.

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President Trump’s Payroll Tax Deferral: What You Need to Know

Here are the details about President Trump’s executive order to enact a partial payroll tax deferral for the remainder of 2020.

power of attorney

Why Durable Power of Attorney Is Important for Your Business

A durable power of attorney allows you to appoint an agent to carry out business actions on your behalf. We cover how a POA works and why you need it.

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Business succession planning is about looking down the road to figure out what will happen to the business once you retire.

How to Manage Business Succession Planning

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, so much energy is focused on growing the business and generating revenue that business succession planning—deciding who will run your business after your retirement or death—can get pushed down the to-do list. If you’re nearing retirement, you can’t afford to wait any longer. If retirement is still a long […]

business laws

Business Laws and Regulations Impacting Your Company in 2020

Are you up-to-date on the latest business law news? It’s tough knowing where to focus your attention. But, the government doesn’t pardon owners who lack awareness of common legal issues in the workplace. Stay in the know by planning for changes to business laws and regulations. Business Law News Changes to business laws and regulations […]

business law

What Is Business Law? What Business Owners Need to Know

Business law provides guidelines for how you run your business. While it’s important to invest in a lawyer for big issues, every day you’ll come across situations involving rules and regulations. Protect your company by learning the basics of business and commercial law. What Is Commercial Law? Commercial law applies to any person or business […]


2019 Tax Law Changes for Small Businesses: What You Should Know

What are the most significant 2019 tax law changes? We’ll summarize the biggest new tax law changes and how they affect small businesses.

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