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Human Resources

Two people at the top of a summit hold a rope and help pull up a new hire to join them.

Onboarding New Employees: Forge an Effective Program in 6 Steps

Onboarding new employees is critical to success, but many small companies don’t take a strategic approach. Improve outcomes with these 6 steps.

A tablet screen shows the profiles of several employees.

The 10 Best HR Software for Small Business

Automate your HR department using the best HR software for small businesses. Which 10 made the cut? Check out our list to find out.

A mix of people is inspected by two magnifying glasses.

Staff Smart: 6 Steps to Create a Winning Talent Management Strategy

A talent management strategy can help you attract and retain skilled workers. Here’s our 6-step strategy for effective talent management.

Three ambulances, one labeled “HSA,” the other “FSA” and the last “HRA,” race down a city street.

The Difference Between HSA, FSA and HRA: How to Pick the Right Account

What’s the difference between HSA, FSA and HRA accounts — and which one is best for your business? Here’s what you need to know.

A wall clock has the words “Paid Time Off” on its face.

Paid Time Off: How to Choose the Best PTO Policy for Your Business

A good paid time off (PTO) policy can help attract qualified workers and maintain employee satisfaction. Here’s how to create one for your business.

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Four employees stand in a row while a fifth employee walks away from them.

How to Calculate — and Improve — Your Employee Turnover Ratio

Hiring and retaining employees Is an investment of time and money. Learn how to use your employee turnover rate to keep your top performers.

A blueprint labeled “Compensation Plan” depicts an outline of a sack of cash marked with a dollar sign.

How to Craft a Compensation Plan That Retains Top Talent

A competitive compensation plan can help you attract and keep top talent. Learn what one is, why you need one and how to design one.

A coach with a whistle speaks to a basketball player holding a ball.

Giving Feedback to Employees: 11 Best Practices

Does your team provide effective employee feedback? Use these 11 tips to start conversations that engage staff and improve work performance.

A track athlete with “HR” on her shirt and holding a briefcase leaps over a hurdle.

How to Conquer 9 of the Biggest HR Challenges

Can your team adapt and overcome the latest HR issues? Explore top challenges and solutions to improve human resources in 2021.

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