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15 Businesses With Standout Social Media Accounts

In today’s business environment, engaging your customers at the point of sale, while still important, is not enough on its own to promote your business. This generation of business owners has excelled in finding innovative ways to create a buzz around their companies; building brand awareness using personalized social media campaigns. Social media has proven to be a useful tool for businesses small and large, but what works for one isn’t guaranteed to work for another.

It’s important to look at how other companies are building a following and how they promote themselves. Seeing what works for other businesses can help provide an outline for your business’ custom social media campaign.

These 15 businesses have created effective channels to grow their audiences. The social media accounts on this list have found ways to uniquely engage their followers, encouraging customer interaction, a key part of social media success.

    1. Instant Pot – The creators of this multi-purpose cooking pot have found a good deal of success using their Facebook page as their primary outlet. The key to their page’s success has been the showcasing of popular recipes made using their product. Using examples from their “Essential Instant Pot Cookbook,” they have found a way to bring traffic to their page without shoving their product down the customer’s throat.

This tactic is commonly used by businesses; attracting visitors to their page by appealing to their interests. The company is able to cultivate a following by targeting customers who are interested in making fun, fresh and exciting meals at home and promote their product through the recipes. While these meals can likely be prepared using your ordinary kitchen pot, they are curated with the use of an Instant Pot in mind, making it more convenient to follow the recipe if you own the product.

Instant Pot hasn’t found overwhelming success on Instagram or Twitter but has garnered over 73 thousand likes on their Facebook page where they receive the most traffic. Instant Pot has chosen to focus on the account they feel is their biggest strength and has seen major growth from it. This works when a business can pinpoint the majority of their target audience to one social media site. Some businesses must retain a more well-rounded approach to avoid ignoring a particular demographic; an excellent example of what works for one won’t work for all.

    1. Luxury Baazar -Online jeweler, Luxury Bazaar, keeps a more evenly paced presence over several social media platforms. In contrast to the previous business on this list, Luxury Baazar recognizes a wider target audience and uses a combination of aesthetically pleasing images and relevant articles to entertain their following. Their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all yield around the same amount of traffic and use the same core posts to ensure they reach their followers across all platforms.

Weekly posts like #MondayMotivation are a good way to encourage return visits from your followers, generating consistent traffic to your page. Being that Luxury Bazaar is an online store, high traffic volume is incredibly valuable to this type of business.

Getting people to visit your page is half the battle, the next step is getting them to browse your shop and ultimately buy your product. By posting eye-catching photographs of their inventory and attracting weekly visitors to their page, Luxury Bazaar exhibits a well-balanced approach to effective social media campaigning.

    1. Naked Brewing Company – Located in Huntingdon Valley, PA, Naked Brewing Company requires a different use of its social media platforms than the previous product-based companies on this list. They need people to physically show up to their place of business to make money. Their Facebook page keeps visitors up to date on upcoming events using its calendar to promote special occasions as well as weekly poker and trivia nights.

Offering a $25 or $50 gift card to the winner of poker night every Wednesday and promoting it throughout the week on their page encourages a bigger turnout. They will also post when they have popular food trucks coming to their location, or to promote live entertainment. Notifying your audience about what’s going on at your establishment is a productive way to use your social media accounts for this type of business.

Liked by nearly five thousand people on Facebook, Naked Brewing Co. isn’t changing the game by any means, but they’ve found something that works well for their business and resonates well with their audience, something all businesses are striving to do with their social media accounts.


  • Remrod Photography – Social media hasn’t just changed the way big
    businesses promote themselves online, it has also impacted those independently pursuing their artistic passions. Social media platforms like Instagram give painters, photographers, musicians and other artists a place to share their work. Photographers have found success posting their shots to their Instagram pages, promoting their work and providing samples for anyone thinking of hiring them. Remrod Photography’s Instagram page serves as a space he can share his recently captured photos and interact with fans of his work. The “call” and “email” features at the top of the page make Remrod Photography accessible to anyone interested in photography services, a valuable tool for independent artists.


Remrod Photography has built a large following on his Instagram page with consistent posts and shoutouts to the talent he has worked alongside. Social media has given aspiring artists and entrepreneurs a bigger voice, and the world is listening.

    1. Shady Brook Farms – Shady Brook Farms has found their success on social media with an active Facebook page. Using everything from mouth-watering recipes, short videos, even stories and images of the independent farmers helping provide their product to entertain their audience. Shady Brook Farms doesn’t just promote their turkey, but the farms they come from as well, making them an intriguing follow in the social media world. Portraying desirable farming conditions builds a form of trust between them and the consumer, and including their independent farmers’ profiles creates a sense of community for everyone involved.
    2. The Wild Detectives –  This Texas bookstore and bar has launched several successful social media campaigns, including an off-kilter form of click bait. In an attempt to interest their audience in reading some classic novels, they crafted cleverly worded headlines that vaguely described the plots of certain books. One headline read “Teenage girl tricked boyfriend into killing himself.” Clicking this link brought the reader to its appropriate book, in this case, Romeo and Juliet, with a tagline reading “you fell for the bait now fall for the book.”

Deceiving your audience, however, is a bit of a risky move. Not every audience reacts well to being fooled. For The Wild Detectives, it worked wonders, practically going viral thanks to their trickery. They’ve also maintained a more conservative campaign to make reading more appealing. They post weekly “Reading Quirks,” a short comic strip that highlights some of the benefits of reading. The Wild Detectives are a social media stand out and continually find ways to keep their Twitter and Facebook followings engaged, an admirable feat for many reasons.

  1. Only Marketing Jobs – Only Marketing Jobs is London based job directory specializing in marketing careers.  Only Marketing Jobs is quite unlike your everyday career board, excelling where you’d expect them to, marketing. One post might read “ugh Monday,” the next might be a written piece about maintaining a healthy mindset in your work environment. Using a combination of memes and useful articles, their Twitter page is a hub for all things marketing job related and has an impressive 22,000 followers to date.
  2. Sally’s Cottages –   Sally’s Cottages is a local attraction where families can rent a cottage for up to a week in England’s Lake District. In an attempt to interest a larger group of people, they ran several contests in which they gave away a free stay to the winner who had to have liked their page. Giveaways and other contests of this nature are a great way to build brand awareness and increase traffic to your page. Liked by nearly 500,000 people on Facebook, chances are a good amount of them were people attempting to enter their contests. A simple but effective way to help build your page.
  3. Plated – Meal prep is one of the fastest growing industries in the country, and Plated is one of the leading brands. The demand for these types of services is skyrocketing on its own, but with new competitors popping up every day, Plated has maintained its advantage with a savvy social media presence. On top of mouthwatering imagery and clickable articles, Plated also selects a few customer submitted images a week and posts them to their multiple platforms as well. Plated has found a multitude of success in their industry, but that hasn’t stopped them from wanting to continue to expand, and what better way than through a growing social media presence.
  4. Burger Revolution –  Burger Revolution stays true to its name, revolutionizing the customer/restaurant interaction. Using their Facebook page, Burger Rev keeps their consumers involved in a few different ways. They post a customer “Comment of the Day” regularly. They craft a burger of the month and let their customers name it. They’ve even kept a burger count in the past to notify the public how many patties they have remaining for the day. Few restaurants are using their social media accounts to its full capacity the way Burger Rev is, and that has resulted in quite the following for the Canadian burger joint.
  5. The White Butterfly – The White Butterfly is a gift shop and restaurant in Jackson, New Jersey. Liked by over eight thousand people on Facebook, The White Butterfly is a widely recognized business in Ocean County. They keep their following up to date on events, new merchandise and sales using pictures, videos and announcements. Consistency is one of the most important traits of a healthy social media page, and The White Butterfly posts multiple times a day. The White Butterfly, like other remotely located businesses, relies heavily on the exposure it receives from their social media pages.
  6. MADE.COM – Posting to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts several times a day, MADE.COM has a huge following across the three platforms. The London based company sells furniture and other decoratives directly “from the maker,” and uses social media to push their website with articles, awards and other links. Similarly to the way they provide their furniture, they use social media to directly connect with their customers, something most furniture suppliers either can’t do or don’t bother to. Their page is known for posting design ideas and other helpful reads, but they especially love to show customer submitted pictures of their merchandise on display.
  7. Everlane – Having a private Instagram account isn’t something you see many businesses do, but that’s what this online retailer is doing with their new Instagram page. Everlane already has a popular public page on Instagram, but they are starting a new, more exclusive account under “Everlane Studio.” The idea is to promote new items and merchandise to a controlled audience, receive feedback and provide a sneak peek to those select users. The account accepts most requests but only at a limit of 100 a day, creating a sense of inclusiveness for its followers. It’s an interesting strategy, one that depending upon the results is likely to be imitated by other businesses looking to create a private community among its following.
  8. San Chez Bistro -San Chez Bistro took customer interaction to the next level on Twitter a few years ago, allowing followers to make reservations via tweet. They received plenty of table requests and accommodated them as well as they were able to. However, this is a service that requires a lot of effort from not just their social media team, but their hosts and servers as well, something they were understandably not able to sustain as it got more popular. The San Chez Bistro “Host” page on Twitter has gone dormant, but their original Twitter and Facebook continue to provide their customers with pictures of events and other happenings taking place at the Michigan restaurant. Although they were unable to maintain their Twitter reservations indefinitely, the campaign gained them a large following and a decent amount of exposure, a successful campaign by many means.
  9. Blendtec –  You’ve probably either seen or heard about Blendtec’s promotional YouTube videos without even realizing it. These videos demonstrated the strength of their blenders in a series called “Will It Blend?” These stunts brought millions of viewers to their page as they tested their products level of destruction on everything from permanent markers to iPhones. Following Blendtec’s viral success, competitors and social media enthusiasts alike began offering their best “Will It Blend?” imitations. Blendtec is often credited as a pioneer in content marketing, which is still one of the most popular and effective marketing strategies to date.

Businesses can benefit from their social media accounts in many ways. The connection these platforms provide to the world is invaluable and can be a difference maker for any business. Whether it’s the ultimate customer interaction, a flow of engaging material or a spurt of virality, every business’ path to social media success is different.

Finding what works the best for you and your business is a combination of knowing your audience and trial and error. Don’t be afraid to try out something new with your accounts; you never know what might catch the eye of the world wide web.

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