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Messaging bubbles in an elevator

The 30-Second Elevator Pitch: Ideas for How to Create Your Own

Find out what an elevator pitch is and how to write one. Plus, see examples of elevator speeches and templates you can start using today.

There are several loyalty and reward cards.

Brand Loyalty Statistics: Here Are 44 Actionable Insights

Top customer loyalty statistics and insights you can use to increase customer retention and boost profits.

Man and woman at a car dealership speaking with male salesperson wearing a suit.

Relationship Selling: Why Building Relationships With Customers Matters

Find out what relationship selling is, how to practice it and why you should. Hear from experienced sales professionals and see their tips for success.

A tablet screen displaying various application icons.

Marketing Trends: 8 Worth Adopting in 2021

To thrive in the post-pandemic era of online marketing, here are 8 effective digital marketing trends for 2021 that will help you attract and convert more customers.

Solid marketing is crucial to your company’s overall success.

How to Strategize Your Small Business’s Marketing Objectives

Marketing objectives allow you to make a plan of attack for reaching your marketing goals. Without these objectives, you’re going in blind. Here’s how to set them.

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A hand holds a magnet that draws a slew of “leads” to it.

What Is Lead Generation? Here Are 10 Effective Ways to Generate Leads

You can’t get sales without leads. So, how can you generate leads? Use 1 of these 10 lead generation ideas. Learn more here.

Old Television

TV Advertising Costs: What You Need to Know

Find out what TV advertising costs in the U.S. Compare pricing for local and national TV commercials and see alternative advertising options.

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What’s the Average Marketing Budget for Small Businesses and How Much Should You Spend?

Here’s a glimpse at what small businesses spend on marketing along with 7 ways to start building a marketing budget for your small business today.

A finger presses a button delivering marketing messages via an email, texting, a social media post, etc.

Integrated Marketing: Why It’s So Crucial for Your Company’s Brand Messaging

How do you launch a campaign so successful that it becomes a household name in over 80 countries? With these integrated marketing strategies.