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There are differences between real-estate brokers vs. agents.

Real-Estate Broker vs. Agent: Understanding the Difference

The difference between a real-estate agent and broker? A broker can own a real-estate firm or employ agents. We explain the two roles.

A vision statement describes where the company aspires to be once it achieves its mission.

Business Vision and Mission Statements That Stir Inspiration

Sound vision and mission statements are the cornerstones of any small business. They spell out your dreams and goals as well as serves as the framework for planning.

Woman reading a business article on her laptop at an outdoor cafe. 

The 18 Best Small Business Articles You Should Read

Business articles — whether you find them in a blog, journal or magazine — are great, accessible resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs seeking advice.

A professional email address is crucial for small businesses.

How to Set Up a Free Business Email Address for Your Company

A business email address is crucial for a small company. Learn how to create a professional address for free.

Accounting tools can help you manage your small business.

Top 7 Accounting Tools for Small Businesses

Savvy small business owners rely on solid accounting software to help balance the books. Here are the top 7 accounting tools to help you manage your finances.

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QuickBooks Pro vs. Premier: Which is best for your business?

QuickBooks Pro vs. Premier: A Comparison

Discover the pros and cons of QuickBooks Pro vs. Premier and decide which accounting software version is best for your small business.

Presenting the best books to read for entrepreneurs. 

The 12 Best Business Books Entrepreneurs Should Read

Reading is essential for the entrepreneur. Consider our list of the best business books for entrepreneurs, featuring top titans of industry to scrappy startup visionaries.

Here are the 12 best small business magazines.

The 12 Best Small Business Magazines

Seeking some small business-focused inspiration? We list the best magazines for startups, entrepreneurs, home businesses and others.

Female advisor consulting small business owner at a meeting.

When to Consider Small Business Consulting Services

Small business owners need expert guidance from time to time. Here’s how small business consulting from the right expert can positively impact your business.

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