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A couple works on their small business budget.

Small Business Budgets: Owner Planning Tips, Templates and More Essentials

With an effective budget you can keep track of all of your small business’s finances. Read on to find out how to plan and create one today.

A man with glasses is seated at a desk typing on a laptop. A cup of coffee is on the man’s right.

11 Secrets of Successful Small Businesses — and Who’s Getting It Right

We’re revealing 11 secrets all successful small businesses share as well as giving you 3 examples of businesses that have gotten it right.

Some costs are essential to keeping your business running like a well-oiled machine.

Business Expenses: 25 Common Ones (Plus Which Are Tax-Deductible)

There are 25 business expenses all entrepreneurs have to handle. Check out the list and see if they count as business tax deductions.

business dressed people sitting in front of a laptop going over paper charts

Our Guide to Reading and Understanding Your Business Financial Statements

Learn how to break down the 3 parts of your business financial statement to see your financial picture, profitability and cash flow.

Working capital calculator graphic

Working Capital Calculation Made Easy: Formulas and Tips for Entrepreneurs

Is it a struggle to cover day-to-day expenses? Here’s how working capital calculations can lead to better cash flow management in your business.

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A concept illustration that shows a business man guiding an arrow upward as it hovers over a bar graph.

Cash Flow vs. Profit: What’s the Difference?

Understanding cash flow vs. profit can help you boost your business’s financial health. We’ll explore these 2 different but crucial metrics.

Dollar sign with businessperson climbing ladder

How to Use Profitability Ratios to Grow Your Small Business

Your profitability ratios can help your business grow, gain a competitive edge and attract investors. Here’s everything you need to know.

Portrait of a young man holding a digital tablet with a graph on the screen at a coffee shop

7 Ways to Pursue Business Growth for Greater Success

Our guide to 7 tried-and-true business growth strategies to help set your business for greater success.

A face mask with a business scene decal

Coronavirus Predictions: 12 Ways COVID-19 Might Reshape Small Businesses

The coronavirus impact on business will affect many industries for years. Here are 12 predictions on how COVID-19 will alter small companies.

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