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Want More Sales? Focus on the Relationship First


It is perhaps today’s most underrated and oversold business factor, simultaneously.

Today’s consumer has a plethora of choices, messages, and recommendations to sift through. While each opportunity to interact with a company presents a unique set of challenges for business representatives and customers alike, but no matter the outcome, it’s likely that the ultimate determining factor will be how much trust each side has in the other.

Either way, the consumer is the final judge.

“Do you trust me?”

We do everything we can to make the perfect decision; for ourselves, our family, or our business, every time – the first time.

With the proliferation of social media, the public has access to people they’ve never been able to connect with and poll en masse: strangers.

That we, as consumers, trust a stranger’s opinion just as much, if not more, than our own friends and family at times is remarkable.

But it’s true! Online reviews hold a great deal of clout for us all, no matter the industry.

The experiences your business provides your clients, prospects, and vendors go a long way in carrying your reputation. Social media has the ability to amplify every experience in real-time (or at any time), be they good, bad, or ugly.

The Extra Mile

Perhaps it’s the threat of social media horror stories that may have turned many companies around, but the change is obvious.

Regardless, it’s refreshing to see the number of businesses who are now providing quality customer care and going above and beyond for their customers. More companies are making the effort to give their hard-won customer a quality and shareable experience.

It’s important to remember that in order to create a shareable, memorable, or just generally great customer experience, you need people to make it happen.

And not just any people – great people who care.

Jeff Lesko

One of those folks that consistently goes the extra mile for their customers and prospects is our own Jeff Lesko, an expert Business Advisor here at Fast Capital 360.

Jeff’s been serving our customers for a little more than two years and is one of the most consistent generators of five-star reviews.
I wanted to know a little bit more about how his client approach so that your business could learn from Jeff’s success.

How important is it for your clients to trust you?
Jeff: It’s extremely important because once my clients can trust me with the needs of their business, it allows the process to move much faster and it helps us work together to figure out what is best for the business.

What’s the most vital ingredient to establishing trust in a business relationship?
Jeff: For me, it’s just being myself. I don’t feel like people want to speak with a robot or someone who only talks about what is needed for my own personal gain.
I always try to be personable with everyone I speak with and build a personal relationship. I want the client to feel like they are a friend and that they can reach out to me at any time with any needs at all.

With clients who keep working with you – are they coming back to you because of the funds or because they trust you?
Jeff: I think it is a mix of both.

They choose to apply for funding again because they see how much it helps their business, but there are so many places they could apply. I believe they choose to come back to me because of the trust and friendship I have built with them. They know that working with me is easy, and transparent and that I will always have their best interests at heart.

As Jeff points out, focusing on the relationship over the sale means you are sincerely doing whatever you can to find the best options for the people you’re working with. Whether you’re a B2B, B2C, or somewhere-in-between company, you’re still selling to a person at the end of it all.

The more emphasis that is placed on producing the best outcome for your customer, the better your customer will be to you and your business over time.

Sure, immediate sales are great and necessary – but knowing that loyalty and trust exist between both parties means you’ll be working together on sale, after sale, after sale.

Jon Steiert

Jon Steiert

Content Manager at Fast Capital 360
Jon Steiert is Fast Capital 360's Content Manager, focusing on making business and financial information accessible to any business owner. A born and bred Philadelphian, Jon loves hockey, comedy, and great customer experience. He’s always on the lookout for fascinating stories that just haven’t been told properly.
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