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By Jessica Elliott Updated on October 11, 2021

The 21 Best Chrome Extensions for Small Businesses

With more than 55% of the web-browser market share, Google Chrome features hundreds of extensions for small businesses and entrepreneurs in pretty much any industry.

Whether you’re looking to bolster productivity or improve your social media marketing, there’s an app that can help your business succeed. Here’s our list of the best Chrome extensions for business.

Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Juggling a small business while working full-time? Then you understand that every minute counts. Avoid wasting precious seconds switching programs and tasks by using these extensions to make the most of your time:

1. StayFocusd

This highly customizable extension allows you to input which sites you waste the most time on, then has you set a time limit to view them. Once you’ve configured the settings, StayFocusd will block those sites once you’ve hit your allotted time.

2. Todoist

Avoid complicated programs with this simple to-do list extension. You can add web links, deadlines and even attach Google docs. Plus, you can access the data offline as Todoist seamlessly integrates with all of your devices.

3. Asana

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or have a small team, you don’t need to open a program to communicate or add tasks thanks to this Chrome extension.

4. Strict Workflow

Improve your workflow with an extension that taps the Pomodoro Technique. With Strict Workflow, you work in 25-minute periods. You can personalize the extension by changing the time limit and adding websites to block while you’re working.

We list the best Chrome extensions for productivity

Best Chrome Extensions for Ecommerce

Starting a small business with little or no experience can be tricky. Use these extensions to access data larger organizations use for online commerce. Get started with selling on Amazon Marketplace with these tools.

5. Jungle Scout

Quickly research your ideas and make informed decisions with this Chrome extension that breaks down Amazon data. You can complete product research and get real-time sales estimates, which help you validate your next steps.

6. Keepa

Stay agile on the pricing front with this free price tracker. More than 1.1 million users use Keepa to track pricing histories on Amazon and set up alerts for products that drop below a determined price.

Best Chrome Extensions for Time Management

If you’re exploring how to start a consulting business on the side, then these time management-focused Chrome extensions are invaluable. Streamline your operations to ensure that you’re hitting your desired hourly rate and pricing projects.

7. Toggl Button

Whether you’re billing hourly, managing a remote team or want to track where your time goes, this extension puts the power in your hands. Separate tasks by project, clients and more. Toggl’s report feature provides data by the day, week or month.

8. RescueTime

Ever wonder where your day went? With RescueTime, you don’t need to remember to click on anything. Once you open Chrome, it’ll automatically start tracking your activity. This tracker catches your bad habits and promotes better time management.

We list the best Chrome extentions for business organization.

Best Chrome Extensions for Organization

Organization is crucial for small business owners. Work efficiently with the Chrome extensions designed to organize your data at one convenient location.

9. OneTab

Organize your browser tabs and keep your devices running smoothly with this memory-saving extension. With one click, OneTab places all of your open web pages into a list in one page.

10. Evernote Web Clipper

With more than 4.2 million users, this extension helps organize your research with just a click. You can screenshot the page, highlight relevant content and bookmark the URL for later use.

11. TickTick

Turn a Google email into a task with a single click along with organizing your to-do list across devices. From Chrome, you can arrange your tasks, set up alerts and easily share your task list for collaboration.

12. Add to Trello

If you use Trello to manage your projects or team, then this extension is a must-have. You can add a Trello card according to your specifications while working in Chrome, including emails, URLs and other vital information.

Best Chrome Extensions for Sales and Marketing

Savvy small business owners know the importance of solid sales and marketing. Use these extensions to help generate leads and stay competitive.

13. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Give every email a personal touch using this Chrome extension. It supplies you with profile data, including shared connections, so you can communicate with potential leads without pouring over LinkedIn for hours.

14. Streak

For Gmail users, the Streak chrome extension automates your workflow and eliminates switching between programs.

15. ConvergeHub Lead Generator

Generate leads from social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This tool allows you to save prospect data into one list. You also can add notes or tasks to your potential leads.


Track your marketing campaigns without leaving Chrome. This is a great time saver for delivering real-time content across platforms and adding it to your campaigns for easy tracking. Plus, you can share your trackable link right to Twitter or Facebook.

17. MozBar

Amp up your search engine optimization (SEO) game with this one-click tool. Find on-page information about keywords, links and page or domain authority. Plus, transfer any data into a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file for later use.

18. Data Scraper

This extension extracts data from web pages and imports it into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Find leads, track reviews and collect information to stay competitive without hiring a marketing team.

We list the best Chrome extensions for social media.

Best Chrome Extensions for Social Media

Managing your social platforms can be crucial for many small businesses, but it can be time consuming. Track your key performance indicators (KPI) while interacting with your followers with these helpful Chrome extensions.

19. Social Blade

Measure your influence, track statistics, and spot fake followers with this extension that integrates with YouTube, TwitchTV, Twitter and Instagram.

20. Buffer

This extension is essential if you use Buffer to schedule your social media content. Schedule retweets and easily share URLs right from Chrome. This not only saves time but provides your followers with more real-time posts without you firing off a dozen tweets or posts in rapid succession.

21. RiteTag

Instantly improve your social reach by incorporating hashtags. This extension uses colors to demonstrate the strength of a hashtag while allowing you to generate these metadata tags for instant sharing.

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