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Free Restaurant Name Generator

Are you struggling to come up with a great restaurant name? Using a restaurant name generator is an easy way to find a moniker and start building a brand for your new eatery. Here are some of the top generators that can give you creative restaurant names based on your cuisine.

A slot machine labeled “name that restaurant” shows the words “free name” and “generator” on its screen, depicting a random restaurant name generator.

Restaurant Name Generators

Restaurant name generators are free online resources that take keywords or other information about your business and turn it into a name. 

Before you start, make a list of the words that describe your menu, your business’s location and even the feelings you want customers to have during their visits. You can enter these words into a name generator or combine them yourself to come up with a unique, descriptive label. 

Keep these details in mind: 

  • Product: What’s your specialty dish?
  • The main draw: Are you starting a vegan eatery? Or a steak restaurant?
  • Business location: Where will the restaurant be located?
  • Region/Country: Will you serve dishes from parts of the U.S., such as Texas-style barbecue? Or will you tackle international cuisines, maybe Chinese or French?
  • Owner’s name: Is someone’s name going to be included in the business name?
  • Keywords: Are there words that need to be in the restaurant name no matter what (e.g., bar and grill)?

For example, if you visit Business Name Generator’s Restaurant Name Generator, and type in “coffee,” “Chicago” and “fair trade,” the generator takes those terms and returns about 24 suggestions, including “Trade Ambrosial,” “Chicago Hilltop” and “Fair Served.” The site also provides available domain names for your restaurant’s website that you can register via GoDaddy.

Don’t feel locked into any suggestions from a restaurant name generator. While you might love the names it creates, feel free to slightly tweak a name or just use the suggestions for inspiration as you continue to brainstorm your own restaurant name ideas. 

Note: As you whittle your restaurant names list, do some research to make sure no other business in your area already uses that name.

Random Restaurant Name Generator

Maybe you’re still in the brainstorming phase and only need to bounce ideas off other collaborators. In this case, a random restaurant name generator should suffice.

This name generator, from Buzztime Business, presents a new name every time you hit the button.

A screenshot of the Buzztime Business random restaurant name generator.

However, the tool doesn’t factor in what type of restaurant you’re trying to set up. If you already have something specific in mind, this isn’t the name generator for you. For example, one suggestion is “(Your First Name’s) Peacock Supper Club,” which wouldn’t work if you’re opening a café that specializes in brunch. 

You could find a great name through the random generator, but its arbitrary nature might make it more suited for inspiration and further brainstorming. 

Italian Restaurant Name Generator

Italian cuisine is the world’s most popular type of dish, according to a YouGov study, so opening a pizza shop or another type of Italian restaurant could be a crowd-pleasing endeavor. 

Fit Small Business features a name generator that incorporates the type of food you’ll serve when it returns suggested names.

A screenshot of the keywords in the Fit Small Business name generator.

Once entered, hit “Generate Names” to find a long list of suggestions based on the information you entered.

A screenshot of suggested restaurant names from the Fit Small Business restaurant name generator.

You may have to try a couple of times before landing an Italian restaurant name that works for you. If you’re not getting the desired results, try swapping your keywords with other relevant terms.

Mexican Restaurant Name Generator

Forketers lists 130 Mexican and Spanish restaurant names you can use for inspiration.

The NameSnack business names generator website offers a Mexican restaurant names list upfront.

A screenshot of Mexican restaurant name ideas from the NameSnack free business name generator.

Its name generator will take keywords and craft them into suggested restaurant names. For example, typing “taco” and “San Diego” yields results such as “Tacos El Palenque,” “Taco 2 The World” and “Taco Tien.” The results also let you know if corresponding website URLs are available.

A screenshot of NameSnack’s suggested Mexican restaurant names.

If you want your Mexican restaurant name to be in Spanish but you’re not proficient in the language, consult with someone who does speak Spanish. Poor translations could lead to embarrassment or cultural insensitivity

American Restaurant Name Generator

If you’re set on opening an American restaurant, Oberlo and Shopify‘s business name generators are worth a look.  For Oberlo, typing in “hot dog” in the food business name generator returns suggestions such as “Heritage Hot Dog,” “Hot Dog Freedom” and “Hot Dog Oraml.” Make sure you know you want your keywords in the name because Oberlo incorporates the exact words rather than using them as inspiration for slightly different names.

A list of name suggestions from the Oberlo.

With Shopify, the results can be hit-or-miss because you can only use one keyword per search. But figuring out the right keyword combination could uncover a hidden gem.

A screenshot of Shopify’s suggestions from its restaurant name generator.

Chinese Restaurant Name Generator

Some Chinese restaurant names are unimaginative by design. They tend to feature the words “China” or “Chinese” and something such as “gold,” “jade,” “pearl” or “palace.”

Dot-o-Mator has an Asian restaurant name generator, and Kenny Chung of Ad Shark offers a similar name generator. Note that both are random restaurant name generators. If you like a suggestion, you can customize it with your own keywords, but you can’t add them to the name generators.

Dot-o-Mator has an Asian restaurant name generator featuring Chinese options.

A screenshot of the Chinese restaurant name generator, showing the suggestion “Oriental Star House.”

Japanese Restaurant Name Generator

Business Name Generator features one of the more complex restaurant name generators online. Not only can you enter a keyword, but you can select an industry and filter the results.

This makes it an excellent option for all types of restaurants, but it can also suggest a Japanese business name.

Business Name Generator features one of the more complex restaurant name generators online.

You can even tell the tool where you’d want your keyword to be placed — before or after.

A screenshot of the options available on the Business Name Generator website.

Fans of alliteration would be happy to know that turning the ”rhyming” option on will remove entries that don’t start with the same letter as your keyword.

Greek Restaurant Name Generator

Going Greek? Kopywriting Kourse has a name generator that considers the type of restaurant you’re opening.

A screenshot of the suggested names returned by the Greek restaurant name generator.

Enter “Greek” under Type and the city you’ll be operating in to generate some possibilities.

The tool provides options that you can toggle on and off. For example, you can choose which word starts your restaurant name.

The one downside? This tool is limited by the options it provides. Even when you play with the options provided, the results are pretty much the same. For example, adding “New York” under City returned similar suggestions.

A screenshot of alternate restaurant names from the Kopywriting Kourse generator.

Trendy Restaurant Name Generator

You can name your business specifically for the audience you plan to target. Trendy, hipster restaurants can have a unique appeal.

If you are opening a restaurant that sells local, organic or homemade meals, then you have the makings of a hipster establishment.

Hipster Business Name can come up with restaurant names with this clientele in mind.

A screenshot of a suggested hipster restaurant name from the Hipster Business Name generator.

Clicking “Refresh” will show you another random business name to consider. There is no option to add keywords you want to include. 

One thing that might turn off some users: all the restaurant names suggested are 2 random words with an ampersand between them. This means not every suggestion will be suitable for a restaurant. For example, “Soap & Coffin” is among the results. On the plus side, each result comes with a logo suggestion you can use along with the business name.

Fast Food Restaurant Name Generator

Squad Help specializes in finding names for new businesses, including fast food restaurants.

While it isn’t a name generator in the strictest sense, you can enter your industry or any other keyword and they will come up with brand names for sale.

A screenshot from the Squad Help website, which shows brand names for sale.

If you use this service, you can quickly secure any name you like. This includes the domain name. You also can narrow your results by industry. This ensures that results fall within your specific type of business venture.

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