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By Lindsay Haskell Updated on November 8, 2022

Here Are 11 of the Top Free Job Posting Sites

Acquiring great new hires for your team starts with a casting call. And free job posting sites are the perfect platform to cast a wide net to an audience of eager job seekers.

To ensure a roundup of suitable candidates, you’ll need to be strategic about where you list your career opportunities. Whether you need a freelancer or a full-time employee, consider these 11 free sites to post job openings.

Why Use Free Job Posting Sites?


If you can post open positions on your own business’s website for free, why bother with other job posting websites? Because only a little more than a third of job seekers (35%) visit a company’s website, according to a Glassdoor survey. In contrast, slightly more than half of job candidates (51%) go to job search websites when applying for work, the same survey reports. 

Added visibility can also help the hiring process if your business is ramping up for opening or if it’s been around for less than a year. If you’re still building your business’s reputation in the area, applicants might not even know to look for your company. Job websites can put your business in front of potentially hundreds, or more, candidates. 

Larger Applicant Pool

Job posting websites such as Indeed or Glassdoor boast that millions of resumes are posted to their respective databases. While you won’t have millions of applicants, your free job posting could still generate more responses than if you had posted it only to your company website. If your workplace is hiring remote workers, you can expand your search for potential applicants beyond your local geography.

Take a More Active Hiring Role

While you can assess applications once they’re submitted, you can also use hiring websites to actively recruit for open positions. On some job websites, such as LinkedIn, you can search for people currently working in a particular field or position with (x) years of experience and approach them about potentially working for your business.

Free Job Posting Sites for Employers

1. Indeed is the largest job search engine today, with 250 million unique monthly visitors.

With more than 200 million applicant resumes on the website, you’re sure to cast a wide net no matter your industry, and it’s free.

To help you compete with other employers and fill positions faster, you have the option to pay for the premium placement of your ads. It works just like pay-per-click ads, so you can decide how much you need to spend to get the results you want.

2. MightyRecruiter

MightyRecruiter is a free job posting service that posts your job listing to multiple online job boards in a single step.

Instead of copying and pasting your listing onto each site, MightyRecruiter posts it on 29+ job boards, including Glassdoor, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Nexxt, LiveCareer and more. 

It’s a platform that lets you manage applicants that respond from various job boards in 1 place.

3. SimplyHired

SimplyHired opens you up to an even larger network of online job boards by posting your listing on more than  100 job sites in a single step. It also features a salary estimator tool and lets you manage applicants on your dashboard. You have the option to pay for sponsored job listings that appear at the top of the search results.

While you can post jobs and review resumes for free, you’ll have to pay for an applicant’s contact information if you want to move forward with them to the interview stage.

4. JobiSite

JobiSite lets you publish your job listing on 12 partnered job boards for free, in 1 form. You can also create your free job posting without registering for an account.

Over 11,000 job seekers are using JobiSite as a place to find jobs, and many more will see your posts across the job board network.

You can post unlimited listings and browse applicant resumes on your JobiSite account. In addition to sharing your post across other hiring websites, JobiSite promotes posts via social media and job search engines.

5. Scouted uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help match you with the best candidates for your open positions.

In addition to their resume, the website gathers information about their skills and abilities. Because of their algorithmic match-making process, you’re able to save loads of time sifting through applications and resumes.

According to, companies shave off an average of 20 hours in their recruitment process per hire, thanks to this feature. They also say employees sourced through boast a greater than 95% retention rate.

6. Zippia

Like, Zippia has its own AI-enabled algorithmic technology it uses to pair job posters with the most qualified candidates.

Millions of active job seekers use the platform, and you can manage and email your job applicants through your dashboard.

Once you’ve posted a job on Zippia, AI goes to work, combing through millions of job seekers to pull the candidates best-suited for your position. This way, you don’t have to wait for applicants to find you. Instead, you get a small list of qualified candidates you can act on immediately.

A young man looks at his laptop screen and talks on his smartphone. He could be getting interviewed for a position he found on a free job posting site.

Free Job Posting Sites to Find Freelancers

7. Hubstaff Talent

No matter what sort of freelancer you need, you can connect with talent from all over the world on this job posting site.

Hubstaff Talent features job boards for development, marketing, sales, design, writing, IT, administrative work and business consulting. You can browse freelancers available for hire in each skill category and see their hourly rates.

Freelancers from around the world are using this job board, and you can browse available freelancers by country.

8. Fiverr

Fiverr lets you work with freelancers on an hourly basis or per project.

You can browse the freelancers available and learn in detail about their provided services before you hire.

You can post your freelance job position on Fiverr and wait for applicants to respond, or you can start working with a freelancer who has posted their service.

9. Upwork

Upwork is one of the great recruitment websites to hire freelancers and set up contracts with them. You can find freelancers from all over the world in virtually any industry.

When you post a job, you can apply parameters that let you see only the applicants who match your job requirements based on their experience, location or other criteria.

There’s a rating system on the website, where freelancers receive ratings based on employer feedback and the number of long-term repeat contracts. This helps you get a more complete picture of your applicant’s work before you hire them.

A person types on a keyboard while sign-up boxes for a user name and password appear in the image foreground.

Subscription-Based Job Posting Sites With Free Trials

10. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is one of the top recruiting websites with a longstanding reputation among job seekers — and it can potentially put your job listing in front of millions of them before your free trial ends.

The site has more than 67 million unique monthly visitors, giving you a wealth of potential job candidates.

Of course, Glassdoor is known for providing key insights and employee reviews on companies. This can play to your benefit by attracting candidates who culturally and philosophically align with your company.

11. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter makes it easy to create a job listing, providing you with customizable job description templates.

It gives you the option to add pre-screening interview questions, which act as a filter to narrow down your candidate pool. If you want to speed up the process of getting candidates, ZipRecruiter can notify the best-fitting candidates about your job opening.

According to ZipRecruiter, 80% of their users can receive a qualified candidate’s resume within a day of posting their job.

There are 3 plans available on ZipRecruiter. If you do a Premium or Pro plan free trial, you get access to a database of over 31 million resumes. ZipRecruiter will match and notify you with a list of the best candidates in this pool.

Job Posting Tips

The content of your job posting is crucial to attracting top-quality applicants to your position.

Postings that look unprofessional won’t appeal to top candidates. Also, not providing enough details in your job description can attract candidates who aren’t the right fit and desperate for any job .

That said, here are the top tips to follow as you craft your listing:

  • Talk about disqualifiers right away so that job seekers who don’t qualify won’t waste their time. Does the position require a degree or certification? A minimum amount of industry experience? State these barrier-to-entry qualifiers upfront.
  • Include the job description. Writing about the responsibilities and expectations helps potential candidates decide whether the job fits them before they apply.
  • Sell prospective applicants on your company by talking about its values, philosophy and culture. Point out any awards, accolades or mentionable statistics like employee retention rates. Express why it’s a great place to work.
  • Tell applicants what it takes to apply. Do you want them to submit a cover letter? Will there be an interview, and will it be virtual or in-person? When applicants know what to expect, they feel more comfortable moving forward with the process.
  • Double-check your listing for spelling and grammatical errors before posting.
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