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By Mark Lauer Updated on October 14, 2021

Here Are 24 of the Best Real Estate Software Tools

There are several options for real estate software programs that can help you more efficiently manage your business. 

We’ve gathered some of the top options to help you with customer relationship management (CRM), build your website, manage open houses, track rentals and view vacancies.

Why Real Estate Agents Need CRM and Other Software

When you work as a real estate agent, there are several responsibilities to juggle while handling your day-to-day business. The best real estate software should help you address the multiple demands of your job, including the following:

Customer Relationship Management 

Generate leads, organize and maintain client contacts and other notes about their property search

Working In and Out of the Office 

No matter where your central office is, a good portion of a typical week will be spent outside of it as you meet with clients, travel to properties, host showings, etc. You should be able to access your real estate software at your desk or on the road.

Calendar Management

When you’re working with multiple clients and properties, organization is crucial. Your calendar software should schedule and track meetings and showings, send reminders about upcoming appointments and sync with your email and contacts lists.


If you’re handling some (or all) of your marketing in-house, your real estate software should be able to promote your business itself as well as your available properties. This can include handling website building, as well as listing creation and sharing.

Accounting and Office Management 

Use software to handle finances, such as tracking commissions, as well as manage your team operations.

Let’s take a look at the following programs to help you decide which real estate software offers the best solutions to your business’s needs.

Best Software for Real Estate Website Building

It’s getting easier to build your own website. There are so many platforms that offer templates you can develop, even if you have little to no web-building experience. The following are some of the more popular choices for your website.

1. Parkbench 

Once you build a website on the Parkbench platform, you can exclusively claim a neighborhood that you cover. Then the Parkbench algorithm will automatically feed any news stories or special events relating to that neighborhood directly into your website. 

Online reviews for Parkbench are largely positive. Rates vary according to your region and can start at $3,000 a year. 

2. Placester 

Placester is real estate agency software that blends the ease of building a website with the convenience of IDX listing tools and an integrated CRM solution. You can customize your website yourself or task the Placester team with making adjustments — or do some website aspects yourself while leaving other features to Placester staff. 

Plans start at $64 a month (if billed annually) and go up to $160 a month (if billed annually).

3. WordPress 

WordPress is a popular choice for building a business website. While it offers a free plan, with upgrades as low as $4 a month, the $25 a month plan (if billed annually) is recommended for small businesses. You can even add a property search plug-in — Showcase IDX — to your site. 

Showcase IDX allows you to feature eye-catching, searchable listings on your website. It doesn’t require coders or a tech guru to install.

4. Propertybase 

This site is among the real estate software programs that combine a website builder with marketing, CRM and back-office tools. Propertybase offers a drag-and-drop website builder, and once your site’s up and running, visitors can utilize its “Zillow”-like search to browse properties. 

Clients can save their search preferences and get updates to help you connect them with their dream space. Note that prices aren’t listed on the website, and you must contact the company for a demo.

A woman sits at a table with a cup of coffee and her laptop as she looks at a real estate listings website. Choose a software program that helps you build your own real estate website.

Real Estate Agency Software for Open House Management

The logistics that come with managing open houses can be overwhelming; the following real estate software tools can help simplify and streamline the event’s details.

5. Showing Suite 

Showing Suite is the best software for realtors who want to centralize all of the data you need for open house showings.. It automates and organizes lockbox codes, stores client details, tracks showing schedules and stores property listing components (such as videos and pictures). You can also collect property feedback from agents and interested buyers and share that with your clients. Showing Suite has a mobile app as well, so you can access reports, feedback, confirm appointments and other functions while you’re on the go. 

Pricing starts at $2.95, but packages start at $24 a month (if billed annually). 

6. Spacio 

Spacio has product options for real estate agents, teams and brokerages, offering options to streamline the open house appointment and follow-up process as well as other marketing features. 

This app offers digital sign-in sheets that allow you to add open house guest info into CRM tools. That info can later be used for automated email follow-ups. It even vets potential clients through its email verification system and makes it easy to upload new listings from your mobile phone. It integrates with other marketing apps, including Mail Chimp and Cloze.

You also can schedule virtual home tours, which is helpful in a post-COVID world as well as when you work with clients currently living in other parts of the state or country. You can use Spacio on your desktop or access the app on iOS and Android platforms. 

Pricing plans start at $25 a month.

7. KeyMe 

This app takes away the frustration of running to the local hardware store to make keys before your next open house. Now, you just take a picture of the key you want made and head to any local KeyMe kiosk to pick it up. KeyMe also copies access cards and fobs, which is especially helpful if you’re showing commercial real estate. 

Perhaps the biggest advantage to this software is if you lose a key, the photo you took from before will be saved so you can make another one.

Best Real Estate Software for Document Management

You can now streamline contract signings by handling them digitally, all while eliminating the hassle and clutter of paperwork. These tools make it possible.

8. Qualia 

With cloud storage for documents and e-signing capabilities, Qualia streamlines the closing process by coordinating with clients, brokers and title agents. Once you’ve signed up with an account, you can send documents to clients over a secure connection, get status updates on a closing and even get new title quotes. 

You also can access your account through the Qualia app.

9. Dotloop 

Dotloop is one of the best real estate software solutions to streamline and centralize your document management and CRM integrations. Features include electronic signing, secure messaging and document backups, templates and unlimited transactions. Premium plans for agents include unlimited participants in document reviews and signings. 

Agent plans begin at $29 a month; prices for teams and brokerages are available upon request

10. DocuSign 

DocuSign is one of the most popular virtual signing platforms. Realtors can choose among several pricing plans, starting at $10 a month. Starter features include sending documents for electronic signatures, basic fields for documents, strikethrough capabilities and a mobile app. 

You’ll have to upgrade your plan if you want options such as in-person signing, comments, attachments and your business’s branding. 

Real Estate Lead-Generation Software 

Real estate transaction management software is one of the best investments you can make. These apps and tools are becoming increasingly reasonably priced.

11. Real Geeks 

Real Geeks is a comprehensive real estate lead generation software platform that makes it easier to track and organize new leads and maintain existing clients. Real Geeks carries clients through every step of the client engagement journey, with follow-up alerts and auto-generated email campaigns. Products include Facebook marketing and email drip campaigns. 

When you use Real Geeks listings sites, you can see what properties your leads searched for, when they access the site and which properties they mark as a favorite. Contact the company for pricing information.

12. Homesnap 

Homesnap is a great way to stay on top of listings and communicate with clients. With a 4.8 rating on the Apple App Store and rates starting at $49, the app features the most up-to-date listings possible. Homesnap can be used by buyers, sellers and agents, but Homesnap Pro and Pro + offers features to help agents capture leads and manage marketing efforts. 

There also is a unique “snap tool” feature that allows you and your clients to share individual properties with one another, eliminating any confusion. Homesnap Pro also offers listing insights and in-app messaging to help connect with leads and improve their property search.

13. Follow Up Boss 

Follow Up Boss provides a way to track all of your communication with both buyers and sellers in an organized way. This real estate lead-generation software integrates with more than 200 websites, including Zillow and, to provide suggestions for potential clients. 

In addition to multiple avenues of communication, Follow Up Boss provides action plans to increase the lead follow-ups. It stores everything in a CRM tool, making it easy to refer to current and past communication, anytime you need. 

It costs $49 per user each month; Follow Up Boss has a 5.0 rating on its Facebook page.

14. Zillow Premier Agent 

Zillow is among the top real estate sites and is a leading CRM tool that allows you to import leads, set up reminders, add tasks and auto-generate email communication. It also gives you insight into your leads’ top property searches.

Zillow Premier Agent allows you to appear as the sole agent on your properties (instead of appearing as 1 of 3), increasing the likelihood that leads will contact you to discuss a property that sparked their interest.

15. Real Scout 

This real estate software works on your client’s behalf. Once your client has set up a search criteria based on 400 tags, this software will notify them of listings that fit their interest. 

You can enjoy Real Scout starting at $39 per agent each month.

A woman holds a model of a house in her hands in this concept photo of real estate property showings.

Real Estate Accounting Software

Keep your business’s financial house in order with real estate accounting software.

16. Xero 

This cloud-based system offers features to fit several industries, including real estate. You can access your Xero account from anywhere, thanks to the app, and you can also connect to your bank, claim expenses, pay bills, track projects and get an overview of your finances with the dashboard. 

Plans usually start at $11 a month for the first 3 months, but the company is currently offering all plans at a discount through October 2021.

17. Workday 

This program offers an ERP system that combines finance and planning functions. Workday’s features include accounting, revenue management, inventory management, audit tools and more. 

The pricing is customized according to your specific needs.

18. Multiview 

This accounting software allows you to oversee corporate data through a set of 14 modules. You can manage various tasks in Multiview, including financial reporting, budgeting, accounts payable and accounts receivable. 

The software price varies according to the amount of users needing access.

Commercial Real Estate Software: Top Choices

Commercial real estate software can help you schedule showings, access properties from any location and much more. Here are just a few examples of how your life can be made easier with the right tools.

19. ClientLook 

This comprehensive CRM software can handle every task you need to tackle in the commercial real estate field. ClientLook manages office projects such as data entry and scheduling with a virtual assistant. 

This cloud-based software also allows you to keep an eye on your commercial listings and even convert those listings into comps with the touch of a button. There even are free plans for new agents and have been voted “Best Overall Real Estate Tech Site” by CRE//Tech. 

New brokers can get a free ClientLook plan for the first 4 months, but then you’ll be charged $99 per user a month. Other plan options are $89 per user a month for annual billing or $129 per user a month if you choose monthly billing.

20. RPR Mobile 

This commercial real estate software helps you stay in the know, even when you’re on the go. Using the RPR Mobile app, you can quickly pull up detailed listings from any location, making you able to assist clients any time you choose from any place you choose. The site says you can “get the big picture on any property,” using location-based searches to get information on taxes, valuations, school districts and demographics. 

You also can do a comparative market analysis and send reports to clients. It has excellent reviews and a free download.

A businessman sits at a table and reviews a page of a report as he compares it with information displayed on his laptop screen. The right real estate investing software can help you make sound decisions.

Real Estate Investing Software

When you make investments for a living, there’s no excuse not to invest in the right software tools and applications. These programs are some of the best real estate software for investors that will increase your productivity and efficiency., all while keeping your business on track.

21. DealMachine 

This real estate investing software makes it possible for you to get all of the information you need when it comes to off-market properties. Perhaps you are interested in making an offer on a property that’s not for sale. DealMachine will tell you who the owner of the property is, how much they paid for it, when they bought it, what their estimated equity is, etc. 

It’s been featured in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, and it offers a 14-day free trial. Plans start at $49 a month and go up to $249 a month, if you pay annually.

22. FlipperForce 

This software is perfect for investors who flip properties. FlipperForce is geared toward providing you with the numbers you need so you can know if you are making the right investment. From estimated repair costs to profitability assessments, this real estate software can be a flipper’s best friend. 

Plan prices range from $25 a month to $60 a month if you choose annual billing.

23. RealData 

This program generates reports in a seamless and sophisticated way. You can approach investors with an eye-pleasing presentation of the data they need in order to make an investment decision. Not only that, RealData provides tax liability estimates on commercial and industrial deals. 

There is a one-time charge for the product, rather than a monthly commitment. Some features cost less than $100 while others, such as the Real Estate Investment Analysis will cost nearly $600.

24. Juniper Square 

This real estate investing software is specifically designed for the commercial real estate industry. This CRM software allows you to store and organize prospect and investor data and produce customized reports. Juniper Square also helps streamline your fundraising efforts and track payments. 

Pricing is available upon request.

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