In today’s world, technological advances have introduced real estate software tools that can help you more efficiently manage your business. Some of the real estate software options on this page will help you build your website, manage open houses, track rentals and view vacancies.

What Can Real Estate Management Software Do for You?

When you work as a real estate agent, there are several responsibilities to juggle while handling your day-to-day business. However, thanks to technological advances, you are sure to discover real estate agent software that can help you with your business.

Website building

It’s getting easier to build your own website. There are so many platforms that offer templates you can develop, even if you have little to no web-building experience. The following are some of the more popular choices for your website.

  • Parkbench allows you to build a website on its platform. Once you have done that, you are able to exclusively claim a neighborhood that you cover. Then the Parkbench algorithm will automatically feed any news stories or special events relating to that neighborhood directly into your website. Online reviews for Parkbench are largely positive; rates start at $250 per month.
  • Placester blends the ease of building a website with the convenience of an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solution. It’s a free service (offering upgrades around $99 per month) with decent reviews.
  • WordPress is another popular choice for building a website. They offer free plans, with upgrades as low as $8 per month. You can even add a plugin —  Showcase IDX — to the site. Showcase IDX allows you to feature eye-catching, searchable listings on your website. It doesn’t require coders or a tech guru to install.
  • Propertybase combines a website builder with a CRM tool; it’s capable of both nurturing leads and managing projects.

Use software programs to help organize your various tasks when you hold an open house. 

Open House Management

The logistics that come with managing open houses can be overwhelming; the following software tools can help simplify and streamline the event’s details.

  • Showing Suite takes all of the data you need and stores it in one location. It automates and organizes lockbox codes, stores client details, tracks showing schedules and stores property listing components (such as videos and pictures). The starting price is $2.95 per month.
  • Spacio starts at just $25 per month, this app offers digital sign-in sheets that allow you to add open house guest info into CRM tools. That info can later be used for automated email follow-ups. It even vets potential clients through its email verification system and makes it easy to upload new listings from your mobile phone. Their agents have good things to say.
  • Centralized Showing Service (CSS) is like having the perfect assistant. Buyer agents can schedule all of their showings by calling one phone number that handles multiple listing agents. The CSS mobile app then allows homeowners the chance to either accept or decline the showing, keeping scheduling coordinated. Meanwhile, agents use the app to handle tasks such as listings and showings.
  • KeyMe takes away the frustration of running to the local hardware store to make keys before your next open house. Now, you just take a picture of the key you want made and head to any local KeyMe kiosk to pick it up. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the fact that if you lose a key, the pic you took from before will be saved so you can make another one.

Insurance and Contract Management

You can now streamline contract signings by handling them digitally, all while eliminating the hassle and clutter of paperwork. These tools make it possible.

  • Qualia has streamlined the closing process by coordinating with clients, brokers and title agents alike. It makes it possible to track both investments and the status of properties during closing.
  • Dotloop will help you eliminate the piles of paper on your desk and transform your important forms into digital files. Agent plans begin at $29 per month.
  • DocuSign has made coordinating schedules for signings a thing of the past. For as low as $10 per month, you can now get your most important paperwork and contracts digitally signed.

Seller and Buyer Communication

Real estate transaction management software is one of the best investments you can make. These apps and tools are becoming increasingly reasonably priced.

  • Real Geeks is a CRM tool that’s making it easier to track and organize new leads, as well as existing ones. It does this by carrying clients through every step of the client engagement journey, with follow-up alerts and auto-generated email campaigns.
  • Homesnap is a great way to stay on top of listings and communicate with clients. With a 4.8 rating on the App Store and rates starting at $49, the app features the most up-to-date listings possible. There is also a unique “snap tool” feature that allows you and your clients to share individual properties with one another, eliminating any confusion.
  • Follow Up Boss provides a way to track all of your communication with both buyers and sellers in an organized way. It stores everything in a CRM tool, making it easy to refer to current and past communication, anytime you need to. It costs $49 per user, per month; Follow Up Boss has a 4.9 rating.
  • Cloud CMA produces a comparative market analyses that you can send directly to your clients. The CMAs can be branded with your headshot, logo and more, for a personal, yet professional touch. They offer a 30-day free trial. After that, prices start at $149.95 per month.
  • Real Scout works on your client’s behalf. Once your client has set up a search criteria based on 400 tags, this software will notify them of listings that fit their interest. Even better, the notification will arrive from a customized email that looks like it came directly from you. You can enjoy Real Scout starting at $39 per agent, per month.

Use real estate software to manage the financial aspect of your business.

Real Estate Accounting Software

Keep your business’s financial house in order with real estate accounting software.

  • NetSuite provides a customizable CRM environment that you can access from both mobile and web browsers. It performs Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functions, as well as various financial reporting, billing and analytics tasks. Pricing varies by package.
  • Workday offers an ERP system that combines finance and planning functions. This includes accounting, revenue management, inventory management, audit tools, and much more. Their pricing is customized according to your specific needs.
  • Multiview allows you to oversee corporate data through a set of 14 modules. You can manage various tasks including financial reporting, budgeting, accounts payable and accounts receivable. The software price varies according to the amount of users needing access.

Rent and Vacancy Tracking

Track rentals and vacancies with ease, thanks to tools and apps that act like virtual assistants. You can now set up reminders, vet rental applicants, auto generate communication, and much more.

  • Zillow Premier Agent is a leading CRM tool that allows you to import leads, set up reminders, add tasks and auto generate email communication. It also gives you insight into what Zillow properties your leads are searching for most.
  • Zumper makes your rentals easy to find on a clear, concise, engaging platform. It also ensures you are attracting only the best renters by running credit reports on prospective applicants. Their Pro plan is free, with upgrades available.
  • AppFolio is a property management tool that helps you to remain competitive through rental comparisons and suggestions. Users boast about not only saving time, but also finding higher quality applicants through their online vetting process. There is a minimum monthly fee of $250.

Commercial Real Estate Software

Commercial real estate software can help you schedule showings, access properties from any location and much more. Here are just a few examples of how your life can be made easier with the right tools.

  • ClientLook can help you outsource the tedious office projects you don’t have time to handle. Things like data entry and scheduling can be covered by a virtual assistant. Their cloud-based software also allows you to keep an eye on your commercial listings and even convert those listings into comps with the touch of a button. They even have free plans for new agents and have been voted “Best Overall Real Estate Tech Site” by CRE//Tech.
  • Juniper Square is specifically designed for the commercial real estate industry. This CRM software allows you to record your meetings and phone calls, making them easy to reference. It also features accounting tools, helps you organize key business contacts and much more.
  • RPR Mobile helps you stay in the know, even when you’re on the go. You can quickly pull up detailed listings from any location, making you able to assist clients any time you choose from any place you choose. It has excellent reviews and a free download.

Keep track of your real estate investments with the help of software.

Real Estate Investing Software

When you make investments for a living, there’s no excuse not to invest in the right software tools and applications to help you along. These will increase your productivity and help you become more efficient, all while keeping your business on track.

  • DealMachine makes it possible for you to get all of the information you need when it comes to off-market properties. Perhaps you are interested in making an offer on a property that’s not for sale. DealMachine will tell you who the owner of the property is, how much they paid for it, when they bought it, what their estimated equity is, etc. It’s been featured in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, and it offers a 14-day free trial.
  • FlipperForce is perfect for investors who flip properties. It is geared toward providing you with the numbers you need so you can know if you are making the right investment. From estimated repair costs to profitability assessments, this free software (that will be $20 per month in the near future) is a flipper’s best friend.
  • RealData is designed to generate much needed reports in a seamless and sophisticated way. This means you can approach investors with an eye-pleasing presentation of the data they need in order to make an investment decision. Not only that, RealData provides tax liability estimates on commercial and industrial deals. There is a one time charge for the product, rather than a monthly commitment.


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