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By Mark Lauer Updated on December 21, 2021

Spring Marketing Slogans and Campaigns to Boost Sales

If you are to believe a small rodent in Central Pennsylvania, spring is just around the corner. There are plenty of spring marketing slogans and campaigns to engage your small business’s customers and boost sales. We’ll share simple campaign ideas and slogans to get you ready for the first day of spring and the marketing opportunities it brings.

Spring Marketing Ideas

Spring allows us to get out of the house and into the outdoors and shake off that long winter. You can tie your marketing campaigns to the excitement of the season. Focus on the positives to inspire new spring marketing ideas. It’s a time for renewal and fresh, clean living. Take the themes and run with them. 

Think Vibrant

Think of the vibrant colors of the spring season.  From the bright green grass to the yellowing buds on the trees, take inspiration from nature to help design your spring marketing campaigns. Freshen up the look of your marketing materials, from print advertising to your social media pages. The bright colors aren’t just eye-catching but will also associate your business with the season. Consider free online products, such as Canva, which can help even a novice produce popping graphics with bright colors and new looks for the spring season. Change that Facebook cover image, and take some new photos for Instagram.

A Time to Grow, Renew

Many households use this season for spring cleaning, and your business should be no different. Thinking about spring cleaning your marketing campaigns. Are last year’s plans, spring marketing slogans and other materials still working for you? If not, it’s time to let them go.

Spring marketing graphic with flowers

Spring Holidays

Winter is usually connected to “the holidays” in consumers’ minds. But spring has some big and small holidays you can tie into your own spring marketing campaign ideas. 

Encourage your customers to go green by offering logo-emblazoned reusable canvas totes for Earth Day; help save the earth and promote your business. On Cinco de Mayo, restaurants and bars can promote Mexican food and drinks they regularly offer — or add special dishes and drinks for the day. Other businesses can make this holiday part of their spring marketing theme by offering branded swag. Consider selling, or including as a bonus with a purchase, a cup with your logo printed on it. Not only do these products serve as a fun item to give your loyal customer base, but their reusability is a big plus for your marketing dollar. Consider “going holiday” with your posts online with your business, especially on social media; for example, offer some tax tips as tax deadlines approach. 

You could also sponsor an egg hunt near Easter. Create a contest to name or plant trees for Earth Day. Create special events or sales ahead of Mother’s Day. The hype around the small holiday can help bring some new excitement to your business.

5 Spring Marketing Campaign Ideas

1. Sponsor Local Teams

From baseball leagues to soccer teams, spring is a time for outdoor sports. Use this season to catch new eyes with your spring marketing ideas. By sponsoring local sports teams, your company’s name could be displayed on a jersey or scoreboard. You can also buy an ad for a program that’s used all season long. 

2. Active Life, Active Eyes

Spring also brings events such as 5Ks, marathons and bike races. If you join an event’s roster of sponsors, T-shirts, billboards and various advertising promoting the event will list your business’s name, allowing you to piggyback onto these other marketing campaigns.

Spring community graphic with yard sale

3. A Part of the Community

Spring also brings massive yard sales, food truck festivals and outdoor concerts, and all offer chances to spark spring marketing ideas. Sign up to set up a table (or simply get permission to do so) at these events. You could also hand out coupons to the crowd, or distribute swag, such as tote bags branded with your logo, that can be of use to the event’s patrons. Find out what’s hot in your community. Social media is an excellent source for doing so. Are you unsure what everyone is flocking to these days? Search community groups and pages in your town. Many will also share events and make it easy to find the coordinators, so you can get your business involved.

4. Contest Mania

While you can tap into customers’ competitive spirits at any time of the year, you can have fun incorporating spring marketing themes into company-hosted contests on social media. 

As most business users know, the Facebook algorithms are ever-changing, but most often reward visibility boosts to posts (and accounts) that frequently get likes, comments and other interactions. Contests are currently one of the best ways to harness that power. You don’t need elaborate prizes or a team of people to create a fun, simple contest.  For example, snap a picture of an Easter basket and have your Facebook followers guess how many eggs are in the basket for a chance to win a gift card or coupon to your business. You can also use your social media pages to sponsor a photo contest, asking users to share pictures of their first or favorite signs of spring. Encourage further engagement by having users vote for their favorites with likes or retweets. Use spring marketing slogans as hashtags. All of those interactions will boost your social media profiles for future promotion.

5. Spring into Charity

Winter holidays are not the only time the homeless or hungry are in need. Spring might not pop into your mind as a crucial period, but after the giving season of Christmas, many food banks and soup kitchens struggle to keep the shelves stocked. This spring, your marketing campaign ideas could include holding a contest, asking the community for food donations. Consider offering extra incentives to your customers, such as donors getting a percentage off their purchases. This effort could also attract local media attention. This spring marketing idea makes your company and brand more recognizable, and a local charity benefits too. It is a win-win.

Spring Slogans graphic with slogan examples

Spring Marketing Slogans

Whichever path you choose for your marketing campaign, incorporate spring marketing phrases. We’ve created a list of spring sayings for marketing to help inspire you. 

  1. Spring into the season
  2. Spring is in the air
  3. Spring forward!
  4. Happy first day of spring
  5. Spring into savings
  6. Spring showers bring May flowers
  7. No time like the spring
  8. Tis the season!
  9. Refresh and renew. Spring is the time!
  10. Spring has sprung
  11. Top o’ the morning, spring
  12. Leaping into spring
  13. Spring fling
  14. Flowers are blooming, so are our savings
  15. Fresh air? Fresh inventory!
  16. Growing green? Save some green.
  17. Dust off winter
  18. Time for a spring cleaning
  19. Goodbye, old man winter! Hello, spring savings
  20. It’s spring! Put a bounce in your step.
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