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Elevate Funding is a boutique direct funder that provides merchant cash advances (MCAs) to small and medium-sized businesses. The company also provides two other funding programs called Flex Funds and Embark.

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Founded in 2015, this Florida-based company has built a name in the small business lending industry. Elevate Funding provides much easier access to funding than their competitors. Business owners can get funding without going through extensive credit checks.

Consider Elevate Funding if you:

  • Need continuous access to cash even during low seasons
  • Require fast funding in as quickly as the next day
  • Don’t qualify for other funding options due to bad credit

Elevate Funding Merchant Cash Advances

Elevate Funding provides different funding sizes depending on your company’s average monthly income; but it doesn’t disclose its funding amounts. However, this means that a higher average monthly income could qualify you for larger funding sizes. The company doesn’t advertise its rates or repayment periods either.

Repayment for Elevate Funding merchant cash advances are done on a daily basis from your bank or through credit card processing.

This funding solution from Elevate Funding may be an excellent choice for your business if you need flexible terms depending on your needs and eligibility, which also includes the following:

  • No application fees or underwriting fees
  • Disbursements sent via wire transfer for immediate use

Flex Funds

Elevate Funding provides business owners with the option to renew their funding through the Flex Funds program. This gives them access to additional funding before repaying their merchant cash advances in full.

With this program, merchants can get up to 30% of the funding amount if they manage to make consecutive payments for 3 weeks. It is extremely handy when you’re in need of additional cash flow as a result of unforeseen emergencies or business expenses.

Elevate Funding Flex Funds program at a glance:

  • Access additional funds of up to 30% of original funding amount
  • Renewal eligibility after 3 weeks of consecutive payment


Elevate Funding also offers an Embark program for those who require better rates and longer terms. Although it doesn’t advertise the average rates under this program, qualified merchants can get funding terms of up to 8 months.

This program bridges the gap between short-term products of 3 to 5 months and longer-term products of about 1 year.

The Elevate Funding Lending Experience

Elevate Funding works with different types of businesses — from restaurants and retail to medical practices and trucking operations. The company states that it understands the needs of small business and makes it a mission to help them.

Elevate Funding Pros

  • They have a fast funding process, with same-day approvals and access to funds in as little as a day.
  • Their funding sizes and terms are customized for each business, depending on your average monthly income.
  • They do not run credit checks, making funding accessible for business owners with bad credit or history of financial difficulties.
  • Their eligibility terms are more flexible than most. While most lenders typically have a minimum requirement of at least 12 months in business, they provide funding to businesses that have been open for 3 months.
  • There are no application fees or underwriting fees to get funding.

Elevate Funding Cons

  • Their borrowing terms aren’t exactly transparent. There’s little to no information about average borrowing fees and repayment period on the website.
  • They offer no other funding products besides merchant cash advances. If you’re looking for term loans or other loan products, you might not get the best value out of their solution.
  • There is no transparency about what is needed to apply for funding.

Elevate Funding Requirements

  • Time in Business 3+ Months
  • Average Monthly Deposits $10,000+ (or $7K in credit card transactions)
  • Location U.S.-Based
  • Bankruptcy No Judgements

What You Need to Apply

  • Basic information about your business such as time in business, industry, and average monthly bank deposit.
  • Additional document requirements may vary for each business.

Final Say: Elevate Funding LLC

Overall, Elevate Funding LLC is a reliable lender that provides merchant cash advances to business owners with poor credit. Their funding solution may be perfect if you do not qualify for loan products from other lenders. They also have two other MCA programs that you can apply for depending on your needs.

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