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Landscaping Business Loans & Financing

Landscaping businesses are one of the most sought-after services for half of the year. However, the other half of the year, depending on where you’re located, can be extremely trying for your business.

If you run a landscaping business in New York, Pennsylvania, or any state that experiences the four seasons in their entirety, then you know your services are in high demand come spring time but often an afterthought throughout the winter. While business may be plentiful during the warmer months, the potential lull during winter and late fall can be hard on your business.

If you’re experiencing this type of inconsistency in your industry, seasonal funding can you help better manage your business through your slow season and prepare for the busier months ahead.

Landscaping business loans can be used in a handful of ways to help you better serve your clients, here are some of the most common uses.

4 Common Types of Landscaping Business Loans

  1. Equipment funding. This is perhaps the most common use of landscaping business loans. You can use the funds you receive from your loan or merchant cash advance to purchase or repair your lawn mowers, trucks, tools, etc.
  2. Hiring additional staff. Adding extra hands to your workforce is another popular use of landscaping business funding. As a small business owner, you can’t be everywhere at once; it important to hire talented staff that you trust to represent your hard your hard work and brand.
  3. Seasonal business loans. As mentioned above, seasonal funding can be vital to the longevity of a landscaping business. While everyone wants their property in good shape, it can simply be a waste of money during the winter as many businesses and homes can take quite a beating from freezing temperatures and snow storms.
  4. Inventory Financing. Landscaping businesses also might consider selling lawn and yard maintenance products like fertilizer to their clients to help them take better care of their property between landscaping visits. Merchant inventory financing can provide your business the cash for your first batch of products in advance.

Alternative Landscaping Business Financing

While the first option that comes to mind for landscaping business financing is a traditional lender, for many landscapers, this isn’t the best fit for them.

Banks and other traditional lenders have become unwilling to offer the type of financial freedom smaller companies are looking for form their landscaping business funding. It’s not just landscapers; small businesses, in general, have had a hard time qualifying for instant approval loans with banks. This has created the need for alternative business funding that better fits the needs of small business owners.

Fast Capital 360 provides the online business funding that is in high demand amongst smaller companies, getting businesses the cash they need fast, without collateral. Most small businesses are not in a position to pledge personal assets in their loan agreements. That’s why Fast Capital 360’s unsecured business funding has become a go-to option for businesses across dozens of industries, from landscapers to grocery stores.

If your lawn and yard maintenance business needs funding quickly, and traditional lenders are dragging their feet, Fast Capital 360 has proven to be a perfect solution to your working capital needs. To learn more about our funding programs and how we can help your business grow, call us at 800-732-6107, and one of our experienced business advisors will walk you through the remaining steps and answer any questions you may have,

If all that’s standing between your business and the vision you have for it is the lack of finances to make the changes you’d like, landscaping business funding with Fast Capital 360 can bridge that gap.