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Taxi & Limo Business Loans & Financing

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    Whether you live in the suburbs or a big city like Philadelphia or New York, transportation services are relied on heavily. Traveling, be it for work or pleasure, is a vital part of our everyday lives and the need for multiple quick and easy transportation options.

    Taxi and limo businesses offer customers the ability to easily get where they need to be, but getting your taxi driving business to its desired location in the world business has proven to be a bit more complicated.

    No matter where your taxi or limo business calls home, it could probably benefit from the use of a taxi business loan.

    Common Uses for a Limo or Taxi Business Loan

    Taxi and limo business loans are common in the transportation industry and have a variety of uses.

    New Business Equipment Funding – Purchasing a new ride is expensive, so if you’re planning to add a few proverbial ships to your fleet, a limo business loan can help you afford these new additions.

    Seasonal Business Loans – If your business is located in an area that experiences ups and downs like a beach or college town, then seasonal funding may be able to help your business power through the slower season and prepare for the busier ones.

    Hire Additional Staff – A jump in business could lead to the need for more drivers. A taxi business loan can help your business continue to operate smoothly while you put new staff in place.

    Bad Credit Business Loan – While having what is considered a sub-par credit score can prevent many traditional lenders from approving your limo business loan, alternative funders like Fast Capital 360 are more willing to work with your business.

    How Taxi & Limo Business Funding Works With Fast Capital 360

    Traditional lenders have become increasingly more difficult to qualify with as a small business. This has led to the need for alternative funding that doesn’t judge your business by just it’s size or credit score, but its health as a whole.

    Fast Capital 360 offers a wide variety of funding options, from commercial transportation funding to IT & tech support financing, and qualifying is easy.

    Step 1: Apply Online in Minutes

    Our application has been trimmed of any fat to better suit the needs of small business owners. We know how valuable your time is, that’s why our taking funds process has been streamlined to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Step 2: Pick a Funding Type

    Once your application has been submitted, you could find out what your business qualifies for in under an hour. One of our passionate business advisors will contact you to walk you through our various small business loan types and answer any questions you may have about how they work or what they are used for.

    Step 3: Use Your Taxi Business Funding!

    Whether you’re the owner of a taxi driving company or need limo business funding for your luxury transportation service, getting the cash you need quickly can be imperative to your business’ success. Fast Capital 360 takes pride in offering next-day business funding, with many of our applicants receiving their funds by as soon as the end of the following business day.

    Call us at (800) 735-6107, or contact us online and learn more about our taxi and limo business funding- and even travel agency funding, today. 

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