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Maintenance Business Loans & Financing

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Loan Amount

Up to $500,000

Estimated Repayment Terms

1-5 Years

Interest Rate

Starting at 7%

Speed of Funding

As fast as 1 day

    Running a maintenance business, like most industries, requires long hours, tons of decisions and attention to detail. As your business and its clientele grow, it can be hard to keep up with the needs of these new customers. To meet these new demands, you may need to hire additional staff or finance new business equipment. Instead of turning to traditional bank loans for maintenance funding, some business owners have found it much less of a headache to work with online funding companies like Fast Capital 360.

    If you’re having trouble getting approved for a short-term business loan, and need to finance new business equipment quickly, Fast Capital 360 has provided thousands of business owners with the financing they need to achieve their next goal.  We are ranked number one in Merchant Cash Advances on, and it’s not just because we’re fast; It’s because we find the funding that’s right for you.

    We know that all maintenance businesses aren’t the same, and different business equipment financing options work for different businesses. To figure out what kind of funding is best for you, our Business Advisors will answer any questions you have about our programs and how it can help your business.

    How is Fast Capital 360’s Funding Different From Traditional Maintenance Business Loans?

    15 years ago, business owners didn’t have many options when it came to finding a loan for their business. Banks were pretty much their only choice. But as technology advances and bank rates rise, more owners are searching for an alternative to unsecured business loans. Offering a variety of appealing funding options, Fast Capital 360’s merchant capital advances provide exactly that.

    While large financial institutions make maintenance businesses wait 90 days or longer to receive a decision on their funding, most of our applications are approved in hours. We don’t think it’s fair to keep you waiting around when an important business opportunity is in front of you.

    Fast Capital 360 is small business funding made simple:

    • Our application takes less than 10 minutes
    • Find out what you qualify for in 60 minutes
    • Receive your funds in as little as one business day.

    Fast Capital 360 prides itself on helping entrepreneurs get the funding your maintenance business needs to the next level.  Give us a call at (800) 735-6107 and speak with one of our Business Advisors today!

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