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Car Wash Business Loans & Financing

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1-5 Years

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Starting at 7%

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    Some businesses offer a service that consumers can’t do by themselves. Other companies provide services that the average person would just rather not do themselves. One of those services is the car washing industry.

    There’s no better feeling than driving a sparkling clean car with your windows down in the spring air. And being able to provide that sensation is probably a rewarding feeling itself; not as satisfying as running a successful business, but rewarding nonetheless.

    Running a successful car wash business is no easy task, but there are ways to gain an advantage in this crowded industry. Keeping your business equipped with top of the line equipment can play a crucial role in how your target audience receives your business.

    One way to improve your business and catch a potential customer’s eye is by offering the best products for washing and detailing their beloved vehicle. However, purchasing the right materials can be pricey.

    How to Get a Car Wash Business Loan Fast

    Paying for high quality detailing equipment out of pocket is something that most small business owners are not in a position to do. So when the need for small business working capital occurs, many of these businesses will turn to car wash business loans.

    Car wash business loans with banks have been a useful tool for these types of businesses for the better part of a century. But over the past 10 years or so, banks and small businesses haven’t exactly seen eye to eye.

    Banks have had trouble adjusting to the demand for car wash business loans, and receivable loans in general. Their inability to adapt has led to the denial of thousands of small business across the country applying for bank loans.

    Fortunately, other business cash advance lenders also offer the type of funding that these businesses need to take their next step.

    Why You Should Consider Alternative Car Wash Business Funding

    Companies like Fast Capital 360 offer funding that functions like online small business loans but without the headache of working with banks. Our company works closely with you to help your business get the capital it needs to stand out.

    Car wash business funding with Fast Capital 360 can be used for inventory financing, new business equipment funding, or whatever else your automotive business needs to provide the best service to your customers. And the best part is all of our funding options are unsecured.

    Unsecured business credit and funding offer companies the flexibility they are looking for to help them reach their goals while also continuing to operate comfortably. Banks often ask even the most qualified small businesses to provide some type of collateral in their car wash business loan agreements, something that many business owners are not able to do.

    Fast Capital 360 also operates much faster than the 90 day waiting period often associated with big banks. Our application process is designed to fund most our applicants as quickly as 24 hours from the submission of their application.

    Our passionate business advisors are experts in their field and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our process of taking funds, how to use your small business credit line or any other questions you may have about our business.

    Finding the right car wash business funding to help you cater to your customer’s vehicles can be difficult. Online alternative business funders like Fast Capital 360 provide businesses like your automotive and detailing service with a favorable solution to your business needs.

    If you’re an automotive business in the car washing and detailing industry, then our fast car wash business financing may be exactly what you’re looking for. Call us today at (800) 735-6107, and learn more about what our company has to offer you and your business.

    Automotive and vehicle detailing is an industry that requires great attention to detail. To help your business get an edge, contact us today, and you could find out if you qualify for car wash business funding in under an hour.

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