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Hospitality Business Loans & Financing

    Operating a hotel, bed and breakfast or any other kind of hospitality business is no easy feat. Managing a hotel, whether it’s franchised or a small mom and pop type getaway property, requires a conscientious owner as well as a dedicated and attentive staff.

    Managing the books of a hotel is a constant juggling act. The goal of any business is to increase the value of the enterprise by driving more customer acquisition and enhancing the customer experience. All this, of course, while limiting the amount of debt carried at one time.

    Every now and then, we arrive at a crossroads in our business. We may be looking to improve the services we offer, the facilities in which we work, or even expand our advertising and marketing efforts. For hotels, the amount of direct competition has made all three of these factors table stakes for surviving in today’s market.

    Thanks to the rise in home-sharing services like Airbnb, consumers now have the ability to speak with hotel or property management directly. With this increased competition and the rising level of interest and access, hotels are likely to explore their financing options.

    Exploring Your Hotel Funding Options

    Hotel owners and operators often look to lenders to see how a hotel business loan could help them renovate, expand or bolster their customer acquisition efforts. All of these discussions revolve around improving the value of the owner’s assets.

    Certainly, banks have immense interest in large-scale projects. But when lenders receive applications from small businesses and non-franchised hotels, their interest in lending seems to dwindle. In 2017, traditional lenders and banks only approved 25% of all lending applications. Making decisions like what accommodations and amenities your business will offer and having enough liquid assets to make those changes can be a challenge.

    Unfortunately, the challenge that most managing partners aren’t expecting to encounter is opposition from lenders. Many hotel owners have found that larger financial institutions – like banks – aren’t the best option to fund their businesses.  Instead, hotel and property owners are turning to online funders like Fast Capital 360 over traditional lenders for their financing needs.

    Why Choose Fast Capital 360 Funding Over Other Hotel Loans?

    For hotel owners exploring the prospect of a hotel business loan, our quick business funding is designed to work with small business owners, not against them. While banks have trouble accepting applicants with average credit, we look at your business’ health as a whole when making our decision to get a better idea of the rate you might qualify for.

    Typical applications for hotel business loans and hotel financing involve filling out extensive paperwork and long waiting periods. Our application process takes the average applicant only minutes to complete, and usually only 60 minutes to receive a decision on.

    We know your time is valuable and profitable business opportunities are often time sensitive. It’s reasons like this that we’ve made direct financing available to hotels looking to increase their working capital – without giving up any of your equity.

    Once your funding program is approved, you’ll receive your hotel’s funding before the end of the next business day. The entire process, from application to cash in your account, can take less than 24 hours. You won’t be able to find this with any banks or traditional lenders. That’s fast working capital.

    Hospitality business owners have used our online business financing for a variety of projects including:

    • Remodeling the interior of a property for a more modern appearance
    • Renovating a property to appeal to a new or more affluent clientele
    • Purchasing a new property
    • Expanding a current property
    • Adding amenities to the property such as a pool or exterior dining area
    • A large inventory purchase
    • Refinancing an existing loan

    Thousands of businesses throughout the U.S. have chosen Fast Capital 360 for their funding and refinancing needs, all without giving up any ownership or equity in their hotel or property. Our merchants have shared their experiences publicly on Trust Pilot, Yelp, Facebook and Google. We’ve been lucky enough to be ranked the number one online funder for merchant cash advances according to

    Requirements for hotel financing from Fast Capital 360:

    • Minimum six months in hospitality business
    • Minimum $120,000 revenue per operational year
    • Minimum personal credit score of 520
    • Up-to-date bank statements

    We look at the bigger picture of your financial situation to offer you the best possible rates on your financing options. Our repayment programs are more flexible than traditional loans and can be set up to deduct a daily payment automatically, providing you with an easier way to pay. Even if you’re concerned that your hotel business may not meet all of the above requirements, we’ll take into account all of the factors affecting your business and may still be able to provide you with a refinancing option.

    When you’re on the hunt for a hotel business loan, you may very well secure a stronger interest rate from a bank or other traditional financial institution. What you won’t be able to receive, however, is direct, transparent funding you can use to boost your acquisition efforts in less than 24 hours after approval. We work directly with each of the managing partners who come to us looking for a better alternative to a hotel business loan – and we always put the interest of the customer, first.

    Running a hotel is hard work; deciding where to go for a fast loan for your business shouldn’t add to it. Turn your hotel or getaway property into the jewel you know if can be – just as you’ve seen it in your dreams so many times. Fast Capital 360 exists not only to help you through all of the confusion that hotel business loans or small business funding can introduce, but to help fuel the American dream. We believe that growth is of the utmost importance and we want to help you achieve the growth your hotel deserves.

    Our business advisors are available five days a week to help you decide which hospitality financing option is best for you.

    To learn more about our hospitality business financing, give us a call at 1-800-735-6107 or contact us online.

    • The Red Rose Bed & Breakfast:Annual Sales
    • Before:$327,000
    • Fast Capital 360 Improvement:+33%
    • The Red Rose Bed & Breakfast:Employees
    • Before:7
    • Fast Capital 360 Improvement:3 New Employees
    • The Red Rose Bed & Breakfast:Cash Flow
    • Before:Average
    • Fast Capital 360 Improvement:Able To Grow
    • The Red Rose Bed & Breakfast:Business Credit
    • Before:
    • Fast Capital 360 Improvement:Partnership Established
    • The Red Rose Bed & Breakfast:Annual Sales
    • After:$437,000
    • Fast Capital 360 Improvement:+33%
    • The Red Rose Bed & Breakfast:Employees
    • After:10
    • Fast Capital 360 Improvement:3 New Employees
    • The Red Rose Bed & Breakfast:Cash Flow
    • After:Healthy
    • Fast Capital 360 Improvement:Able To Grow
    • The Red Rose Bed & Breakfast:Business Credit
    • After:
    • Fast Capital 360 Improvement:Partnership Established