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Commercial loan qualifications

Fast Capital 360 looks at your overall business health — not just a credit score— to assess businesses. You’re likely to qualify if you meet the following minimum requirements.

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When searching for loans for commercial real estate, property, buildings or construction, you want to make sure you get the best deal. It may be difficult, however, to estimate the cost of borrowing for these larger loans. With our commercial loan calculator, you can get an idea of how much you can afford to finance over what term. Just plug in the numbers and find out what your monthly payments might look like.

How to Use Our Commercial Loan Calculator

You can use our commercial loan calculator for multiple types of financing, including:

  • Commercial real estate (structures, property, land, etc.) mortgages
  • Commercial construction and renovation loans
  • Commercial equity loans
  • Commercial investment loans
  • Commercial vehicle loans
  • Commercial loan refinancing
  • Working capital loans

Our commercial loan repayment calculator can serve as a:

  • Commercial mortgage calculator
  • Commercial real estate calculator
  • Commercial building loan calculator
  • Commercial construction loan calculator
  • Commercial loan repayment calculator

To use the commercial mortgage loan calculator, input the following:

Loan Amount

Enter how much you’re looking to borrow. If you’re seeking a $250,000 real estate loan, plug that number into the commercial mortgage calculator.

If you know how much you’ll be contributing for a down payment, simply subtract that number from $250,000 to get your total loan amount.

Estimated Interest Rate

Interest rates vary depending on your business’s overall creditworthiness. You can expect between 5.5%-9% interest rates, which you could input in the commercial mortgage calculator to estimate your costs.

Our calculator allows you to see how small changes in rates affect your costs. Simply add or subtract to see what even a single percentage point can do to your bottom line.

Loan Term

The length of time it takes to pay off your loan will vary depending on your eligibility, principal amount and the purpose of the loan.

Use the commercial real estate loan calculator to see how term lengths between 5-25 years can change your total costs and monthly payments.

Understanding Your Commercial Loan Calculator Results

Based on the information you provide, the commercial loan calculator will give you an estimated monthly payment, total repayment amount and cost of borrowing.

  • Monthly Payment

    This is the amount you’ll pay for your monthly installments. It consists of principal and interest.

    Many commercial mortgages are fully amortized. You can create a commercial loan amortization table in Excel to calculate the amount of interest and principal included in each payment.

  • Total Repayment Amount

    Your total repayment amount includes everything you’ll pay by the maturity date of your loan. This consists of the original principal as well as any accrued interest and fees.

  • Cost of Loan

    This represents the total cost of borrowing from your lender. It includes the interest and fees they charge you. To calculate this number, the commercial loan calculator subtracts the original balance of the loan from the total repayment amount.

Note: Our commercial loan calculator gives you a general idea of your repayment amount. Fees may apply and will differ by lender.

  • Total Repayment Amount – Loan Amount = Cost of Loan

Let’s input an example of a 5-year $350,000 mortgage into the commercial loan calculator at 7% interest. You’ll see the loan will cost $65,825 in interest over the term of the commercial real estate loan, for a total repayment amount of $415,825.

  • $415,825 – $350,000 = $65,825

Explore Your Commercial Property Loan Options

Because our commercial mortgage loan calculator can’t predict fees and your business’s creditworthiness, it isn’t exact.

Your lender may approve you for less of a real estate loan than you ask for, give you a higher interest rate than you estimated or limit the repayment length of your loan. But a commercial property loan calculator can help you prepare for these possibilities.

Adjust the loan amount, interest rate and term length to see how they affect monthly payments and the total cost of a loan.

For example, using our example above, placing a $30,000 down payment on a $350,000 loan for a commercial property reduces your borrowing amount to $320,000 and lowers the cost of the loan to $60,183, saving you more than $5,000. Increase the interest rate to 9%, however, and that $60,183 turns into $78,560.

By using a commercial real estate loan calculator, you can take the time to explore all of the possible scenarios. Then, when you’re negotiating with a lender, you’ll be prepared for whatever numbers they give you.

Navigating Commercial Mortgage Costs

After you’ve played around with the commercial mortgage calculator and examined the numbers, you might be worried about the costs of financing your commercial real estate purchase. While a lender’s fees can be preset and impossible to work around, there are some ways you can lower how much you’ll pay in interest.

Building Credit

The most significant step you can take to get lower interest rates is to raise your credit score. If you have time to plan, putting forth the effort to work on your score is a worthwhile endeavor before applying for a commercial loan. You can see the difference lower interest rates make by using the commercial loan repayment calculator.

Though you can apply for business loans with bad credit, you’ll be limited to lower principal amounts, shorter repayment terms and higher interest rates. Having “good” to “excellent” credit will reduce your interest rates dramatically, cutting thousands off of your total loan costs.

Paying Down Principal

Whether you have a high or low interest rate, it adds up over time, as you can see when you use a commercial loan calculator.

If your repayment is based on an amortization schedule, adding more to your monthly installment or submitting additional payments will take a little off of the principal every time. This can save you thousands of dollars and years of repayment.

Small business tip: Talk to your lender before making principal-only payments as some add prepayment penalties to your contract.

Commercial Loan Repayment Calculator Use Cases

Unlike some of our other business loan calculators that focus on a specific type of financing, our commercial loan calculator can be used for multiple scenarios. Need a commercial real estate loan calculator or a commercial construction loan calculator? Look no further. Our commercial loan calculators generally work for any long-term, high-principal business loan. Here are some common financing projects.

Commercial Real Estate

If you’re looking to purchase commercial property, it’s a great idea to take the time to assess what the mortgage may cost you.

Use our cost estimator as a commercial mortgage calculator. It’s great for business real estate loans, as the longer repayment terms and high loan amounts you can input match the amounts associated with commercial property purchases.

Or if you’re looking to estimate the cost of financing a building project, you could use the tool as a commercial construction loan calculator.

Term Loans

Business term loans can be used for most mid- to large-sized projects that require outside funding. They’re best used for smaller real estate purchases, renovations, expansion and other general purposes.

SBA Loans

The Small Business Administration (SBA) creates loan programs to help business owners seeking affordable financing.

Some have abbreviated terms, but they generally offer long-term financing with medium- to large-sized amounts.

You can obtain SBA loans for everything from basic working capital to the construction of commercial real estate.

If you’re searching for business funding but aren’t sure if these commercial loans are right for you, compare the costs with the business line of credit, short term loan, term loan, SBA loan, invoice financing and merchant cash advance calculators to find the best type of financing for your business.

Compute Your Costs With the Commercial Loan Calculator

Navigating the costs associated with a small business loan can be tough.

But by using our commercial loan calculator and plugging in multiple scenarios to account for higher or lower interest rates and repayment lengths, you can gain insight into the costs of financing.

If you don’t think you can afford it, try building your credit or save up some funds to commit a larger down payment. Remember, you can circumvent interest costs with principal-only payments over the life of your loan.

Once you feel the time is right, you can apply to get the funding your small business needs.

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