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The Convenient Alternative to Iowa Business Loans That Your Company Could Be Benefiting From Right Now

When you started your business you probably planned everything out very carefully. And if you’re realistic, you probably accounted for a few setbacks along the way. With that being said, you simply cannot plan for everything, and as Murphy’s Law tells us, what can go wrong will.

Outside circumstances can affect a business just as much, if not more, than anything you are planning to accomplish. It’s frustrating, but it’s true. You can’t plan for broken business equipment or unreliable shipments; these mishaps are just part of the trade.

However, you can prepare for future financial emergencies by knowing which options are available for your business.

Iowa has adjusted well to our country’s unpredictable economy by providing a variety of goods and services. From agricultural businesses to manufacturers, there is no shortage of opportunities for entrepreneurs across various industries.

With opportunities aplenty and the need for emergency cash always looming, Iowa business loans are being sought after more than ever.

But are they the right option for your business?

Do you need a loan for your small business?

You Can’t Fit a Square Peg in a Round Hole

While traditional Iowa business loans are a great tool for companies in the Hawkeye state, they also aren’t for everyone.

If your business…

  • Needs cash flow lending fast
  • Has an imperfect financial history
  • Isn’t in a position to pledge personal assets
  • Is looking for shorter terms

… then you may find business loans are not your best option. Not just in Iowa, but throughout the country.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that there aren’t other small business funding options outside of traditional business loans in Iowa. Traditional lenders were once the only options for companies in need of fast funding, but no longer is that the case.

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How Iowa Business Funding With Fast Capital 360 Can Help Your Business Grow

Just because a company has been denied a traditional business loan in Iowa, doesn’t mean the need for additional cash disappears. You still have a business to run and need to find ways to make ends meet.

Enter Fast Capital 360.

Fast Capital 360 offers a variety of commercial business funding in Iowa and throughout the United States, as well as Canada. Our ability to offer various funding options from SBA-backed SBA loans to merchant cash advances give your business the flexibility you have been dreaming of at a speed you probably didn’t know was possible.

How Fast Is Fast Capital 360?

Our funding programs are designed to fund next day, which mean, your business could potentially go from application to funded in 24 hours.

SBA loans in Iowa tend to take a tad longer because they must be processed through the Small Business Administration, but even these alternative business loans take under a week to fund, a far cry from the waiting periods of banks.

To learn more about the types of business funding we offer in Iowa, contact us online or give us a call today at (866) 449-3635.


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