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Sweet as a Peach: Finding Georgia’s Best Business Funding Options

Operating a small business in the United States comes with obstacles and challenges that can vary depending on which state you decide to operate out of. Some states are better suited to support the needs of a small business than others. One of those states is Georgia.

Georgia is home to the headquarters of a significant number of major U.S. companies like Coca-Cola, Home Depot and UPS. Georgia’s focus on employing a pro-business environment has improved its economy and move it just outside of Forbes’ top five states for business at #6.

Atlanta serves as the state’s capital and major attraction with other large cities and historical sites driving the booming tourism industry of the Peach State. Even in a business environment like Georgia’s that promotes businesses of all sizes, the need for additional working capital arises for most companies.

Small Business Loans in GA

When a company needs some extra working capital to help make ends meet, most owners will turn to banks for small business loans in Georgia. Bank loans have been one of the best available tools for businesses for decades and still are. However, banks have made it harder for small businesses to qualify for loans over the years.

Banks see small businesses as a bigger risk than working with a larger more established company. That’s why the often require even the most successful small businesses to provide some form of collateral in their loan agreements just to receive the funding they need.

Many small businesses aren’t in the position to pledge personal assets for business financing, causing them to look elsewhere for small business funding in Georgia.

Merchant Cash Advances with Fast Capital 360

At Fast Capital 360, we work with small businesses to get them the funding they need. Our unsecured business financing is designed specifically to help businesses having trouble getting bank loans in Georgia get the funding they need to continue growing.

Whether your a small medical practice looking for inventory financing in Atlanta or a local restaurant in need of new business equipment funding, Fast Capital 360 has various funding options to choose from.

Our merchant cash advances in Georgia work much faster than bank loans. Our application takes less than 10 minutes for most applicants to complete, and you’ll usually receive a decision on your business in less than 60 minutes.

Best SBA Loans in Georgia

While most of our financing options fund by the end of the next business day, Fast Capital 360 can facilitate fast SBA loans in Georgia as well. SBA loans are offered by the Small Business Administration (SBA), a government-aided organization aimed to provide small businesses the chance for an equal opportunity to succeed.

Fast Capital 360 works closely with the SBA to offer the best rates on SBA loans. Because SBA loans must go through the government, they take a tad longer to process than our other financing options, but Fast Capital 360 is still able to work these types of loans in under a week.

When it comes to operating a small business in Georgia, getting the business funding that best fits your company is important. At Fast Capital 360, our experienced business advisors will learn more about your business and what you intend to use your fast online business funding for to find which of our financing programs works best for you.

For the best alternative business funding in Georgia, call us today at (800) 735-6107 and one of our passionate business advisors will walk you through our next-day funding process.

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