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Business Funding in Boston

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Business Loans, Financing & Line of Credit in Boston

Boston has more than 600,000 residents living within the city limits with another four million in the surrounding metropolitan area. That sure is a lot of mouths to feed, homes to service, patients to see and customers to please. In addition to all of the locals, millions visit The City of Champions every year; whether it be to browse Quincy Market, catch a game at Fenway or take in the numerous historical landmarks scattered across the Freedom Trail.

With all these people about, Boston is a fantastic place to run a profitable company. The challenge for business owners in Massachusetts? All the competition they face.

Small Business Funding in Boston

New startups are being founded every day, forcing established businesses in the area to find new ways to retain loyal customers and clients, which benefits everyone, of course. Finding the free cash needed to finance the next step in the progression of the company is never easy. For many, it is important to constantly reinvent or refresh an office space, storefront or other facility, which can be difficult for small business owners.

That’s where funding alternatives to working capital loans like Fast Capital 360 come in.

Business Loans & Small Business Financing in Boston

Whether you’re looking to make ends meet during a slow quarter or need to change things up to stay competitive with the help of a funding alternative to short-term business loan, most business owners think of big banks when they need loans. Unfortunately, the major financial institutions aren’t always the best options for commercial financing in Boston.

The big banks only approve 25% of small business loan applicants in Boston. That means that three out of four small business owners never receive the short-term funding they need to take their next step.

We’re changing that.

Our funding process is built around the needs of the small business owner. Where the major financial institutions require applicants to fill out dozens of pages of forms and go through rigorous identity checks that can easily take an entire afternoon or longer. Our application process takes a short ten minutes and includes less than 30 questions.

Even if you are approved by the big banks, they can take 90 days or longer to finalize their decision. Most business owners can’t afford to wait three months or more for their commercial equipment financing and may miss out on the opportunity they were hoping to take advantage of as a consequence. Our funding decisions are made in hours, not months with many applicants being approved in just 60 minutes.

Once your short-term funding alternative to a traditional business loan is approved, your MCA merchant cash advance can arrive by the end of the next business day. We place zero stipulations on how you spend the money you receive, use it how you please when you need it. There’s no collateral to put down either; our funding alternatives to traditional loans are unsecured, so you never have to pledge your assets to receive your alternative funding to a traditional loan.

As a Boston business owner, combing through all of the funding options for your financial situation can be difficult to do. Our business advisors are available to help you make sense of every loan and funding option, even if it is one we don’t offer.

Considering a funding alternative to a short-term loan or MCA for your business in Boston? Give us a call today, at (800) 735-6107.

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