Top 10 Effective Introduction Email Templates

Roy Rasmussen
Roy Rasmussen
Roy Rasmussen

Need to write an effective professional email introduction? Try these 10 introduction email templates for pretty much any small business occasion.

We’ll explain what to include in a formal introduction email template, along with sample templates for introducing a business, company, client, product or service and for handling other common situations.

What to Include in Introduction Emails

A professional email introduction template generally includes 8 key components, with an optional ninth component. These elements generally apply no matter what type of email you’re writing.

Attention-Getting Subject Line

Your subject line is the first thing your recipient sees, and it may be the only thing they see if it doesn’t compel them to open your email. Convince them to read on by choosing a subject line that communicates why your email is relevant to them.

  • Email providers such as Gmail and Yahoo stop displaying subject lines on mobile devices after between 33 to 43 characters, depending on the service. For best results with mobile audiences, include the most important part of your subject line within your first 30 to 40 characters.
  • Desktop users, however, may see up to 60 characters, and subject lines between 61 and 70 characters actually have the highest read rate, so a longer subject line can work.

Whatever length you chose, make your subject line relevant to your reader.

Email subject line with name circled

Start With a Customized Greeting

A custom greeting reassures your recipient that your email isn’t spam. Use the person’s name if you know it. Otherwise, use a form of address appropriate to the type of industry or product involved.

Provide an Explanation for Your Email

To persuade your recipient to read on, it’s crucial for your opening sentences to immediately communicate why you’re contacting them. Tell them what motivated you to reach out.

For instance, if you noticed their position at their company or read something they wrote, you might mention that. If you were referred to them by someone they know, mentioning that can arouse interest and enhance credibility.

Touch on a Point Relevant to Your Reader

To make your business relevant to your reader, you need to connect your reason for contacting them to something of interest to them. It can be a common issue facing their industry, for example.

Offer Value

Once you’ve brought up something relevant to your reader, you’ve positioned yourself to offer them something of related value.

For instance, if you raised a problem faced by their industry, you can briefly describe how your company can help solve the matter.

Propose a Call to Action

The end of your email should indicate what action you want your reader to take. For example, if you want to schedule a meeting with them, you can provide instructions on how to contact you.

End With a Customized Closing

Conclude your email with an appropriate closing. This can be something as simple as thanking your reader for their attention and anticipating how you look forward to talking with them further. Include a signature block with contact details. For formal correspondence, “Sincerely” is the simplest standard closing, although you may explore other variations.

Add a Postscript (Optional)

Direct-mail research has shown that nearly 8 in 10 readers skip to the P.S. of a letter before reading it. You can leverage this fact by including a P.S. at the end of your email that highlights some key point, such as your call to action.

These elements can be used to structure any type of introductory email. Below are some examples of how you can apply this to different business contexts.

An email template for a business introduction can be used for virtually any type of situation.

Business Introduction Email Template

An email template for a business introduction can be used for virtually any type of situation, including:

  • Cold introductions to people you haven’t met
  • Follow-up introductions to someone you’ve met briefly face-to-face
  • Referrals to someone you’ve met through a mutual contact
  • Requests for a referral to a high-level contact you’ve identified as a prospect

Here’s an illustration of how you might use an email for a cold introduction if you’re a web design company prospecting for new clients. Modify this example to fit your business model.

  • Example

    [Subject:] Making Your Website Mobile-friendly

    Dear [Name]:

    I was browsing your company’s website on my iPhone and noticed some issues I thought I should bring to your attention.

    With about half of internet users now visiting websites on smartphones, Google recommends sites should be sized for mobile devices and even penalizes sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. Unfortunately, while your site looks great on a desktop screen, I found that I could only read the top left third of your website on my phone screen. I’ve uploaded a screenshot here so you can see for yourself: [link]

    My company helps businesses like yours make their websites more mobile-friendly to increase web traffic and bolster sales. If you’d like to discuss some simple ways we can improve your site for mobile users, I’d like to suggest we schedule a 10-minute phone call. Would 10 a.m. this Friday work for you?

    Please email me to let me know a convenient time for us to talk. I look forward to speaking with you.


    [Name and contact information]

    P.S. If you prefer to call me directly, I can be reached at [number] at any time between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Company Introduction Email Template

You can also use an email template for a company introduction. Here’s an example of how a company that cleans offices might introduce themselves to local businesses.

  • Example

    [Subject:] Looking for Reliable Office Cleaning?

    Dear [Name]:

    I’m reaching out to business owners like you in the [location] area to let you know about a better solution for your office cleaning needs. As you may know, many janitorial providers unfortunately deliver lousy service, failing to restock supplies in restrooms and breakrooms, empty the trash, dust or even vacuum.

    Our company, Spic and Span Office Cleaners, prides ourselves on delivering professional janitorial service, certified for quality by the Cleaning Management Institute. We give every room of your office a full professional cleaning, making sure all your floors are clean, all surfaces are dusted and all your supplies are restocked.

    For new clients, we offer a special deal: If you’re not fully satisfied with how we clean your office the first time, you pay absolutely nothing. If you’d like to schedule a no-risk cleaning, call me at [Number]. I look forward to providing you with quality cleaning services.


    [Name and contact information]

    P.S. Here’s a video showing exactly the kind of quality service you can expect from us: [link].

Email subject with underline

Client Introduction Email Template

Another way to use an introduction email template is to reach out to a new client. Here’s how you might use an email to increase client retention rates by explaining to new clients how to use a digital product they just bought.

  • Example

    [Subject:] Using Your New Membership

    Dear [Name]:

    Congratulations on signing up for our Silver Club premium membership! You’re now eligible to use your full membership benefits, including access to our webinars, training videos and templates.

    In case you have questions about how to access your benefits, we’ve put together this introductory guide and video to help you: [link]

    If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please feel free to email me as your contact person. Enjoy your membership, and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help.

    Welcome to the club,

    [Name and contact information]

    P.S. You can also reach me by phone at [number].

New Business Introduction Email Template

Use an email template to Introduce yourself to new business referrals you’ve learned about or met through mutual contacts. Here’s an example of how you might use an email to meet a referral introduced to you at a trade convention.

  • Example

    [Subject:] Met You at the Tech Conference

    Dear [Name]:

    Bill Johnson introduced us at the Consumer Electronics Show and I’m emailing you to follow up. Bill mentioned that you’re looking to move your accounting to the cloud.

    As he may have told you, my accounting firm specializes in helping small businesses make the transition to the cloud and get maximum leverage from cloud-based automation. I suggest we get together for lunch next week to discuss your cloud migration.

    I can be reached during business hours at [number]. Is Wednesday a good day for you? Please email or call me to let me know if you’d like to get together.


    [Name and contact information]

    P.S. You can get an overview of how cloud-accounting automation can help your firm by visiting this link on our site: [link].

Multiple emails with different subject lines graphic

Other Types of Introduction Email Templates

The examples above illustrate some common ways you can use email templates to benefit your business.

You can apply email templates to just about any business context. Here are a few other examples:

Product Introduction Email Template

You can use an email to introduce a new product to your mailing list, which is a cost-efficient marketing strategy. Here’s an email introducing a tech product.

  • Example

    [Subject:] New VideoX Upgrade Now with Screen Capture

    Dear [Name]:

    As a VideoX user, you’ll be as excited as we are to hear the announcement that the latest VideoX 8.0 upgrade now comes with the screen capture feature everyone has been demanding.

    Up to now, you needed a separate app to capture screenshots for video editing in VideoX. Now, you can grab screenshots right from YouTube or video games and pull them directly into your editing workflow.

    As a current VideoX user, you’re entitled to an early-bird $300 discount on our latest upgrade. Click here to see just how it works and learn about our other upgrade features: [link].


    [Name and contact information]

    P.S. Our early-bird special only lasts for the next three days, so make sure to check out our upgrade today before it goes on sale for full price.

Service Introduction Email Template

You can use email to announce a new service. Here’s an example of a health club announcing a new program.

  • Example

    [Subject:] Now Offering Shorter Aerobics Classes for Busy Moms

    Dear [Name]:

    As one of our loyal clients, you’re one of the first to hear about our new 20-minute aerobics classes, designed especially for busy moms. One of the biggest complaints we hear from working mothers is that they’d like to take an aerobics class, but they can’t manage to squeeze in a full hour between kids and work.

    That’s why we’re introducing our new 20-minute class option, which uses high-intensity intervals to deliver a full workout in less time. This class is sure to fill up fast, so we’re giving you a chance to sign up early at a discounted rate to make sure you get in. Go to this link to read the details and register early: [link].

    We’ll look forward to seeing you there.


    [Name and contact information]

    P.S. There’s currently only room for 37 more people to sign up, so make sure to reserve your spot soon.

Personnel Introduction Email Template

Email can also serve to introduce a person. Here’s an email introducing a new contact point at a company.

  • Example

    [Subject:] Meet Your New Account Manager

    Dear [Name]:

    We’ve reorganized our company recently, and we wanted to let you know about an important change to how your account is managed. As you know, we provide each of our customers with an individual account manager who is available at any time to answer your questions. As of October 1, your new account manager will be Jennifer Smith.

    Jennifer has 15 years of experience helping clients like you. You can reach her during business hours between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on any weekday at [Phone]. Please don’t hesitate to contact her if you have any questions.


    [Name and contact information]

    P.S. Jennifer will be emailing you her follow-up introduction soon, so be sure to whitelist her email address: [email]. If you don’t know how to whitelist an email, you can find directions here: [link].

Expert Introduction Email Template

Another way to use emails is to connect with experts who can become sources of information or potential promotional partners. Here’s an email by a business blog owner reaching out to solicit an expert guest blog contribution.

  • Example

    [Subject:] Interested in Featuring You on Our Blog

    Dear [Name]:

    I’ve been impressed by your marketing column, particularly your latest piece on [title], and I’d like to extend you an invitation to be a guest contributor to our marketing blog, 21st Century Marketing. Our blog features tips and interviews from today’s leading marketing experts, who recognize our site as a cost-efficient way to bring their message to a larger audience.

    Our blog currently has over 150,000 followers on Facebook and over 100,000 followers on Twitter. If you’re interested in promoting your column to our readership, I’d enjoy connecting with you to discuss possible topics. Please email me at your convenience if you’d like to discuss this possibility further.


    [Name and contact information]

    P.S. I linked to your blog here in our site’s roundup of recommended marketing resources: [link]. If you look at this link, you can see a sample of some of the other topics and experts we feature.

Email Template to Get Past a Gatekeeper

A challenge email can help you with is getting past a gatekeeper such as a secretary to make direct contact with a decision-maker.

Here’s an example of how you might use an email to get the gatekeeper on your side. You might notice that this email uses a simpler structure than some of the other templates. That’s because in this email, rather than offering to solve a problem, you’re asking the gatekeeper for help solving your problem, and you’re appealing to their instinct to be helpful.

  • Example

    [Subject:] Need Help Getting in Touch with Your Marketing Department

    Dear [Name]:

    I’m hoping you can help me with getting in touch with the head of your marketing department. I looked for the information on your company’s website but was unable to find who I should contact. Would you happen to know the best way to reach them?

    Thanks for your assistance,

    [Name and contact information]

    P.S. If they prefer to contact me directly, I can be reached at this email or at [telephone number].

Email Template for Introduction Triggered by News Item

Public relations firms frequently use news items as opportunities to get their clients publicity. Here’s an example of how you can do the same thing with an email.

  • Example

    [Subject:] Wondering How the Trade War Will Affect Your Business?

    Dear [Name]:

    If you’re like most business owners, you’ve heard the pundits talking about the U.S. trade war with China, and you’re wondering how it might affect your business. I’m writing to let you know of a useful resource to help entrepreneurs navigate these troubled waters.

    Next Thursday, [date], at [time], our firm is hosting a free webinar on “Surviving the U.S.-China Trade War: 7 Smart Steps for Small Businesses.” The webinar features some of today’s top consultants who specialize in helping small businesses deal with issues stemming from today’s international trade tensions.

    I’d like to extend you an invitation to join us for this informative event. You’ll find more details and a registration form here: [link].

    I look forward to seeing you there.


    [Name and contact information]

    P.S. There will be a question-and-answer session after the webinar, so please bring any questions you want to ask our team of experts.

Use Email Templates for Any Occasion

These templates illustrate some general principles you can use to develop email templates for any occasion. Use these templates as building blocks to create your own custom emails.

Not comfortable doing your own writing? You might find it easier to hire a professional writer to customize your templates. If you lack the budget for a professional writer, consider taking out a small business loan or line of credit to expand your marketing communications budget.

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