Google Voice: Reviews and Pricing

Ronald Hibbs
Ronald Hibbs
Ronald Hibbs

Your business communication channel links all the important contacts in your business. For this reason, it’s crucial to select a service that provides all the intelligence tools you need to support and improve communication at an affordable price.

Google Voice offers unique calling capabilities, features and tools on a subscription basis.

In this post, we take a more in-depth look at business reviews for Google Voice, including key features, pros and cons and pricing to determine if it’s truly the right tool for you.

Google Voice for Business Reviews

Google Voice for Business is a subscription-based VoIP app, originally called GrandCentral before Google acquired it in 2009. They have continuously updated it to include a collection of features and tools that allow users to communicate more conveniently on any Internet-enabled device or linked phone line.

Google Voice works in conjunction with existing phone services and provides a free phone number with SMS capabilities, voicemail and other features. You can access it by downloading the app or signing up for an account. Once your number is assigned, you can access Voice’s web interface and start making free or low-cost calls, and even send and receive texts.

Here are a few situations where Google Voice can be useful:

  • You want to list a product online and you want to attach a phone number to your listing. You can list your Google Voice number so that interested customers or organizations can contact you.
  • You have several phones and want to ensure that your team or people you do business with can quickly contact you. You can set Google Voice to ring on all your phones.

It’s also easy to integrate Google Voice for Business with other communication channels in the G Suite, including Gmail, video and voice conferencing and shared calendars.

Google Voice Pros and Cons

Google Voice offers a myriad of benefits that organizations can enjoy for free or at competitive prices. Similarly, it has drawbacks that you should consider before deciding to use it.

Here are the advantages and drawbacks of Google Voice for Business

The Positive

  • Powerful AI that acts as a spam call blocker
  • Automatic voicemail transcription and quick configuration with your PBX
  • Unified communication through a single phone number
  • Quick integration with Google Hangouts Meet and Calendar
  • Unlimited user access in domestic and international locations
  • Features such as call forwarding, recording, conferencing, etc.

The Negative

  • Google Voice call quality varies depending on device and location
  • Phone numbers are limited, making it hard to get the exact mobile number or area code you want
  • Doesn’t work well if you’re not signed in to your Google account or using the mobile app to make or receive calls
  • Google Voice doesn’t provide a direct phone support contact number. But you can get help from the Google Voice Help Center, Google’s official product forum or reference their comprehensive FAQ section.

Google Voice Pricing

Google’s payment plan depends on what the user wants. Google’s business plans fall under 3 categories: Starter, Standard and Premier.

The Starter pack goes for $10 per user, per month and provides access to up to 10 users from 10 domestic locations.

The Standard plan costs $20 per user, per month while the Premier plan charges $30 per user, per month. The significant advantage of the Standard and Premier plan over the Starter plan is that they provide access to an unlimited number of users from any domestic location. Premier further offers unlimited access to international locations.

Across all plans, small business owners will enjoy benefits, including unlimited texts in the U.S., free calling to the U.S. from any country and from the U.S. to Canada. It also provides access to other services, such as call forwarding and voice transcription. Standard and Premium plan holders also benefit from a multi-level auto attendant, advanced reporting and eDiscovery for voicemail.

All plan holders can download and access Google Voice apps for mobile devices (Android and iOS) and desktop. With such benefits, it’s easy to see why many small business owners looking to lower costs would rely on Google Voice for all their business communications.

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Google Voice Features

Over the years, Google has increased the features of Voice as more advanced services continue to enter the market. These features have been modified to work for iOS and Android.

Here are some key features that are still functioning today.

Low-priced International Calls: You’re probably familiar with Microsoft’s Skype service that allows you to make voice and video calls from anywhere. Google Voice offers the same functionality. All you need is some credit on your Google account to cater for the international fee. Depending on the location, it may range from $0.01 to $0.05 per minute. That’s relatively cheaper than other mobile services.

Call Forwarding: Google Voice has a call forwarding feature that helps manage a high number of calls. When the feature is set up, calls made to your phone number will be rerouted to your Google Voice. You have the option to link a maximum of 6 numbers at a go. It’s an excellent way for business people to keep communicating if they have branches in multiple locations.

Call Screening: While working online, it’s essential to maintain personal anonymity—especially with personal contact numbers. With Google Voice, it’s now easier than ever to create a new business phone number for privacy reasons. You can use this number to answer client calls or promote items online without worrying about online spammers.

Voicemail Transcription: Voicemail-to-email transcription is a great way to manage communication in one place. Ideally, the feature converts your voicemails into text form and sends them to your specified email address. This means that any authorized member of your team can access it. Voicemail transcription is particularly useful for people who have a tight traveling schedule but want to keep tabs with the team through email and messages in one location.

Once you get the transcriptions, you can route them to a member of your team who can address the matter quickly. This is an excellent step in ensuring client calls and questions are received and resolved to build loyalty and trust in your business.

Other features include group messaging, recorded calls and personalized greetings.

Google Voice Alternatives

With a growing list of digital products, Google has been at the forefront, offering essential services for the average business owner for some time now. While the service provides a range of useful features, there are alternative options available in the market. So let’s walk through them.

Nextiva: One of the business VoIP alternatives to Google Voice is Nextiva. It’s ranked among the top business phone systems with exceptional features, such as voicemail-to-email transcription, unlimited calling, conference calling and auto attendants. It’s perfect for businesses of all sizes to help transform how users communicate with customers. It features a Communication Management System (CMS) and a secure cloud-based backup model that makes it possible for users to store data in one place.

RingCentral: This is another cloud-based VoIP service that works for both mobile devices and desktop. Its primary focus is on calls, but it also features several collaboration tools, online integration with other apps and a contact center. It integrates with CRM system websites such as Dropbox, Google, Microsoft and more. 

8×8 Virtual Office: 8X8 is a business VoIP solution that offers a unified communication platform for voice, chat and video. Some of its main features include call forwarding, call analytics, business SMS, call recording and intercompany chat. These features provide the functionality needed for small organizations and larger teams.

Grasshopper: This VoIP phone system, that ranks among the most affordable VoIP services, features unlimited calling, call forwarding, desktop and mobile apps, business texting, Wi-Fi calling and voicemail-to-email transcription. It’s helpful for traveling sales representatives and solopreneurs who prefer using a business phone number on an existing mobile device.

Final Say on Google Voice for Business

Google Voice is an ideal service for business owners who work remotely or travel frequently and want to maintain consistent communication with their team. To feel confident while managing a business, go for a cost-effective VoIP solution such as Google Voice with strong features and collaboration tools that transform business for you and your customers. However, large organizations that handle high call volumes may need additional robust features found in alternative VoIP platforms.

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