Social media has become one of business’s best friends over the years, allowing companies of all sizes to get a better feel for the audience they are targeting. Whether it be asking for feedback, promoting new products or raising brand awareness, social media allows small businesses to expand in ways they might otherwise be unable to.

Being able to connect with customers helps keep businesses in the loop on what people are saying about their products or services. Interacting with tweets, posts and pictures is an excellent way to increase your visibility and show up on more people’s timelines or newsfeeds. A friend of a friend might be looking for a service like yours, you never know.

With online reviews and ratings being used all over the world to determine the quality of a business, maintaining an online presence is more important than ever. Going dormant for months at a time is bad for business, and people might take a lack of activity on these accounts as a sign that your services are no longer available. Make sure you are posting with some sort of regularity across all of your accounts, neglecting a platform could cause you to miss out on an abundance of potential customers who may favor that specific site.

Another handy tool for businesses is Facebook’s advertising options. Using Facebook, including a Facebook business page, to spread the word about your company isn’t just a luxury anymore, it’s something every business can afford and benefit from. With options allowing you to hand pick your target audience, link your online store, and even add pictures and videos, choose your budget and begin advertising your company the way you feel is most effective. Remarketing is also a business favorite, allowing companies to essentially follow up with customers who’ve shown interest in their products or services. Facebook has opened the door towards expanding this type of advertising, allowing ad’s from recently visited websites to appear in users’ timelines.

Finally, the best way to get more people involved with your social media accounts starts with your employees. Social media is a team effort, and if many of your employees aren’t following or interacting with company posts, perhaps ask for some feedback and see where they believe this area can be improved. Every employee has their own group of friends and followers and, as I mentioned earlier, you never know when a friend of a friend might benefit from your company’s services.

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