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Getting business funding is instant, easy and won’t impact your credit score.

Instant business financing: Your Way Forward

Taking your business to the next level requires a few things: hard work, ingenuity, determination and the cash flow to make your vision a reality. Perhaps the greatest hurdle to reaching the next level is having enough cash on hand. Freeing up the right amount of money to propel your company forward is crucial to making your wildest dreams come true. That’s why our funding options are aimed to be as business friendly as possible.

You guide the funding, we provide it. Our process is quick, simple and transparent.

In the rapidly-changing world of commerce, businesses need solutions that move just as fast as they do. Typically, business loan products from the banks, like cash flow loans for example, result in business owners waiting months for a yes or no answer. Clearly, trying to find a traditional loan through the banks isn’t an easy process. We believe owners and operators should be able to have access financial products and solutions as quickly and simply as they can.

Over the last decade, bank loans have been reserved for those with excellent credit, plenty of collateral and the luxury of being able to wait months for approval. Traditional lenders make their process time-consuming and complex, with multiple identity checks and proofs of ownership. This approach has put small businesses in a bind.

Traditional small business loans require waiting periods spanning multiple months and dozens of pages of paperwork. Even with the transition to online business loans, their decisions are far from instant. Our business financing method is different; we’ve focused on making the process easy to maneuver so you can make the right investment for your business as soon as you need to.

Fast Capital 360 gives you the alternative financing that functions like an online business loan in days, not weeks or months. We’ve built our business funding company around the idea that you shouldn’t have to wait for the banks to decide your monetary future. You’re in charge and you should be able to receive your cash flow quickly.

Since 2009, our instant small business funding services have enabled thousands of companies to realize their fullest potential. We believe in the power of the local economy, and we want to influence it to do great things; that’s why we work with small business owners across the country.  Our online, instant business financing helps fuel innovation from coast to coast.

Small business loans are used for a variety of reasons from payroll funding to equipment financing. Businesses looking to expand and grow often seek the assistance of fast capital loans. Whether you’re searching for SBA loans or unsecured funding, we’re here to provide you with the funds you need. This is online business funding made easy.

  • How fast is fast?

    Just a few minutes stand between you and knowing how much funding your business qualifies for. Your small business funds can arrive in your bank account in as little as one business day.

    No physical collateral required.

    The average online application process takes just a couple minutes and includes less than 30 questions. Once your financing program is approved, your working capital funding can arrive by the end of the next business day.

  • We keep things quick & easy.

    There are no long clauses to wade through, no complicated terms and conditions. All of our agreements are written with plain language, clearly defines what you’re getting in a fast approval business funding.

    Fast Capital 360 is a member of the Responsible Business Lending Coalition; we were founded on the principles of lending fairness and transparency. We aren’t a financial company here to put you in debt; we’re here to fund the American dream. Easy, right?

  • Qualifications?

    To qualify for instant funding, your small business needs to have been in operation for more than six months, have a revenue of at least $120,000 annually, and you need to have a personal credit score of 520 or more.

    Our quick business lending is unsecured, unlike traditional banking funders who require you to pledge personal assets or collateral just to receive a loan.

Get your business funded today

We designed our process around getting small businesses the money they need quickly. Our application takes next to no time so you can get back to doing what you do best — running your business. We can approve your instant application in less than an hour and get you the cash you need through our alternative solutions to traditional loans. Fast is in our name for a reason.

The process of receiving the cash you need to start your expansion project, repairs, staffing or executing your vision shouldn’t make running your business more complicated. This is instant business funding without the hassle. We want you to have your money quick; you probably have better things to do than wait around for an approval letter.

There are an abundance of financing options available to small businesses, from microloans to revolving credit lines. Our alternative solutions to business loans shouldn’t be confused with a traditional bank loan; however our product does function similarly. We offer a wide variety of financing options for businesses who are having trouble qualifying for a working capital loan, including business loans for bad credit. When all is said and done, your company might find our merchant cash advances makes it easy to find the business cash you needed all along.

Whether you have questions about receiving instant restaurant funding or your current working capital funding, our small business advisors are always here to help.

One of the ways our alternative solutions to business loans differ from the loans offered by community and national banks is through our factor rates. Business factoring services allow you to know the exact amount you’ll pay and make our funding work even faster. Through our proprietary business analysis, we determine a precise factor rate that is included in our financing program. This business factor rate isn’t usually included in fast approval loans, but it is with our funding. Where banks charge interest rates with their loans, our business factoring services clearly outline how much is to be included in each payment from the start to the finish of the term.

Rather than taking out another credit card, our alternatives to online business loans allows you a safer avenue to the business cash you need. Our instant application and approval process means you’re less likely to accrue debt. Our commercial financing programs are better than the banks and get business owners the money they need faster than anyone else.

Online business loans

Unlike traditional loans from local and national banks, our online funding programs do not require you to pledge personal assets to receive flexible financing alternatives to small business loans. As an online funding source, we look at the financial picture for your company a bit differently. We are able to look at more types of data, which allows us to lower the bar in a category or two if the applicant ranks highly in another area.

As a business funding company, Fast Capital 360 has provided business cash to thousands of small businesses across the country, providing online funding to more than 300 companies per month looking for better funding alternatives to small business loans. When we were founded in 2009, we saw how the big banks treated small and medium-size businesses, saddling them with long application processes and unnecessarily long waits for approval.

We knew we could create a financial product that would do better than the major banking institutions. As one of the first alternative business funding companies, we’ve never lost sight of that goal. We know there are plenty of small businesses who take their fiscal responsibilities seriously and have earned the right to find the business cash they need.

Today, Fast Capital 360 has been rated the number one resource for online small business funding and has been the subject of hundreds of positive testimonials across numerous platforms.

At Fast Capital 360 you can expect:

  • An online application for small business funding that is quick, easy, safe, and secure. It will only take you a few minutes to complete.
  • A one-page application. Unlike traditional bank financing and SBA loans, we don’t require endless paperwork.
  • Terms and conditions that are clear and easy to understand. As a member of the Responsible Business Lending Coalition, we’ve committed ourselves to transparent financing practices.
  • A quick response regarding our funding decision. Many applicants receive their decision in just 60 minutes, a far cry from the lengthy process of banks loans.
  • In comparison to traditional loans, our wire-transfer process gives us the ability provide access to SBA loans and supply funds following approval.
  • Monetary amounts from $5,000 to $2 million. No matter what size investment you’re looking to make in your business, we can provide the funds to make it a reality.

A quick business funding solution that encompasses every need? That’s Fast Capital 360.

Talk to a real person

For more information on why Fast Capital 360 is the best choice for improving the look of your fiscal picture into what you know it can be, or for any other online business loan questions, call us today at 800-735-6107 or contact us online.

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