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Towing Company Business Loans & Financing

Towing companies are an important business that we underappreciate until we’re sitting on the side of a busy highway with a flat tire as the wind off of passing cars and trucks shakes the foundation of our vehicle.

The appreciation starts to set in right about then.

Running a towing business is expensive and requires crazy hours, but these owners are devoted workers and managers who strive diligently towards helping to remove people (and their cars) from unfortunate situations.

There’s a lot that goes into doing what these businesses are able to do, and it’s not cheap.

Tow trucks alone are very expensive and when one needs to be repaired – or worse, replaced – your business may not have the capital on hand to immediately take care of either situation.

Fortunately, with funding options like towing business loans, you’ll never be without the cash your business needs.

Towing Business Loans

Getting started is fast, easy, and won’t impact your credit score.

Towing Business Loans: A Lift for Your Towing Company

When your business needs funds fast, most owners know what traditional lenders have to offer.

Whether you need business equipment funding for a new tow truck or extra funds to open a second garage, owners know what to expect from traditional lenders:

  • About a 30 to 90 day waiting period
  • Two or more years of paying off debt
  • Paperwork  – lots of it

Banks offer businesses a great opportunity to get the funding they need but at the bank’s pace. This can leave many towing truck business owners hanging high and dry while they wait for the process to play out.

Alternative lenders like Fast Capital 360 are focused on getting you the towing business funding you need when you need it, not the other way around.

With Fast Capital 360’s flexible small business funding, you can expect:

A lightning fast decision

  • Know what you qualify for in hours

A flexible repayment schedule

  • Pay daily or weekly and pay early without being penalized

Business advisors who care about the growth of your business

  • If you are looking for a funding partner to build a relationship with for years to come, we take pride in being exactly that

Limited paperwork

A second chance for your business

  • If your business has had a rough go financially, we look past that by judging your company as a whole

How Do You Qualify for Towing Business Funding With Fast Capital 360?

Taking funds with Fast Capital 360 is quick and simple. You could have the funding your business needs to grow in these three easy steps:

Step 1: Apply in Minutes

Our online application is designed to be as convenient as possible for business owners who need towing funding in a pinch.

Step 2: Qualify in Hours

After submitting your application, one of our passionate business advisors will reach out to you to inform you which of our programs you qualify for.

Step 3: Choose Your Funding

Once you know your options you’ll pick from our various funding types and have your funds readily available in your business bank account by as soon as the following business day.

From towing company funding to barbershop financing, Fast Capital 360 knows how to work with small business owners. Your time is your money, and we don’t plan on wasting any of it.

Give us a call at (800)-735-6107 to learn more about our towing business funding options, or start your online application today and you could know what you qualify for in under an hour.

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