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Restaurant Loans, Financing, & Funding

    If you run a business in the hospitality sector, you know that it can sometimes be a challenge to keep up with the perpetual demands of the industry and still have enough money put away for a rainy day. When you are running a restaurant, you are not just planning menus; you also have to plan to survive in any economy.  What good is having the best small plates in town, if you can’t pay for new equipment or hire that exciting chef?

    Few restaurants ever obtain private investors and the challenges in running a food business are many. Profit margins are often slim and restaurant food that isn’t sold spoils, rendering its investment useless. Of course, restaurant owners have to know their business inside and out to make the proper orders and know when to staff for busy times and when to run a bare-bones shift. Restaurant owners are always facing challenges such as new competition, needing appliance repairs, and without enough capital to change their establishment, they can be edged out of the market by others in the area.

    Whether it is your first time out or you have been in the business for years, it is always a good idea to keep and maintain a business plan that includes a financial plan.  A business plan gives a general description and purpose of the restaurant financing. It also provides research and insight to support your concept. Not only is it important to gain financial support from lenders, but it also helps educate and prepare the owners and operators as to the plans for the business. A financial plan, which should be part of the business plan, allows you to plan for growth and map out how you would use the restaurant loan. It allows you to see what assets you will need to maintain the business in year one, five, and beyond. For that reason, it should be updated every year.

    Once you have a handle on the restaurant’s costs, you can evaluate what you will need to borrow to help fund improvements. It will also come in handy when those sudden emergencies come up.  Sometimes, you need to look into short-term funding and having a business plan on hand will help you best determine the type of financing you need.

    Whether you’re looking into growing your bar or nightclub, opening a restaurant in a second location, renovating your existing restaurant space, purchasing new kitchen equipment for your food truck, or hiring more housekeepers for your hotel financing or motel, Fast Capital 360 can find the right agreement for your restaurant, foodservice or hospitality business. Your restaurant and food deserves to be the best it can be.

    As a member of the Responsible Business Lending Coalition, we uphold the practice of transparent terms and fair agreements. Our funding practices are built around the belief that fast business loans shouldn’t come with hidden fees or surprise terms. Fast Capital 360 is raising the bar for what restaurant businesses can expect when seeking a commercial restaurant loan.

    For more information on why Fast Capital 360 is the best choice for your restaurant business loan alternative, contact us today at (800) 735-6107.