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Party Rental Business Loans & Financing

When it comes to businesses who offer services, there are two major categories: those we consider needs and those we consider wants. Few businesses walk the line between want and need, but those who do find themselves in a unique situation.

One such industry is the party rental businesses. Everyone loves a good party, and to throw one, you’ll need that right equipment. Whether it be tables and chairs, plates and cups, or tablecloths and tents, party rental businesses can be the difference between a great party and a forgettable one.

While party rental businesses may be high in demand, there are several obstacles that these small businesses face. The most prominent challenge for party renters is getting their equipment back in the condition they lent it in.

The chances of something being broken seems to be magnified greatly during a party, which doesn’t bode well for the party rental company’s equipment. Although the renter will most likely be responsible for any damages, it doesn’t make replacing and purchasing new business equipment any less of a hassle.

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Quick & Easy Party Rental Business Loans

When a party tent business comes across the need for a party business rental loan or an unsecured line of credit, they usually turn to traditional lenders like banks. Bank loans have been a staple in the world of business for decades and still are one of the best tools available to small companies.

Party rental business funding is hard to qualify for with banks, but even more so if you’re looking for a fast bad credit loan. Banks have become increasingly wary of doing business with smaller companies because they carry a larger risk than bigger businesses. This has led banks to make it harder for small businesses to meet their standards, even requiring some of the more successful small businesses to pledge personal assets to get the party rental business loan they’re looking for.

Most small businesses aren’t in the position to provide collateral in their loan agreements, leading them to look elsewhere for a quick unsecured business loan for their party tent business.

Party Rental Business Funding for Small Businesses

While party rental business loans are becoming harder to acquire through banks, there are other options for small businesses seeking merchant capital advances to get the working capital they need to make improvements to their business.

Banks are often considered to be the best option for party rental business financing, but they occasionally created more issues rather than solve them. Banks have been known to keep small businesses waiting for 90 days or more just to find out if they have been approved or denied. This is a waiting period that party rental and party tent businesses can ill afford, especially during their busy seasons.

Fortunately, there are other ways to get the party rental business funding you need to continue being the life of the party industry.

Fast Capital 360 is an online funding company specializing in unsecured business financing that works like a business line of credit. We offer a handful of funding options to companies looking for party rental business financing and taxi business loans fast, and we don’t require you to pledge personal belongings like your house our car either.

Our party rental business financing application is designed to take minutes to complete, and most of our applicants receive a decision on their business in as little as 60 minutes; a far cry from the exhausting wait commonly associated with big banks.

To learn more about our party rental business financing and the different funding options we offer at Fast Capital 360, contact us today at 800-735-6107 and one of our passionate business advisors will walk you through our quick funding process step-by-step.

You can also contact us online. Apply in minutes and find out what you qualify for in under an hour. If you need party rental business funding, Fast Capital 360 may be the solution you’re looking for.

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