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Moving Company Business Loans & Financing

Whether you’re an enthusiast of change or your stomach turns at the thought of it, moving is a significant part of our lives. From moving down the street to across the country, taking everything you own and putting it somewhere else is an experience unlike any other.

Because moving can be such a pivotal time in someone’s life, companies that provide this type of service bear great responsibility. Potential customers choosing a company to move their stuff are looking for someone who they can trust to take good care of their personal belongings.

One way to attract these customers is to make sure you have everything you need to make their move as easy as possible. One way to do this is with a moving company business loan.

Moving company business loans are crucial for owners of smaller companies trying to compete with more popular moving company chains, but even the big fish will look to franchise business loans to help make ends mean when it’s needed.

Finding the Moving Company Business Loan That’s Right for You

There are several pieces of equipment that can help moving companies make their jobs a bit easier. The obvious ones are packing boxes and a box truck to transport those boxes with. Other items like hand trucks and bungee cords also play a key part in pulling off a seamless move, but perhaps the most important, and most expensive, is the box truck.

If you need a box truck to help your business operate more smoothly, the use of a moving company business loan can help you fund your purchase, but the perfect small business funding doesn’t just come in boxes

Finding the moving company business funding or self-storage business loan that best suits your business is a matter of understanding both what you are looking for and what options are available to your business. Even still, many moving companies look to traditional lenders to get the box truck and packing boxes they need.

Move on to Alternative Business Funding With Fast Capital 360

While moving company business loans with banks are frequently considered the best option available, this isn’t true for everyone. For some business owners, alternative funding with companies like Fast Capital 360 can actually better fit their needs.

To help you better decide which type of funding fits your business’s needs best, we’ve created a table comparing some of the pros of both traditional funding with banks and online alternative funding with Fast Capital 360:

Banks Fast Capital 360
Banks have the ability to offer lower interest rates than alternative funders but are not always willing to. Next-day business funding offers companies the fast-acting solution to their working capital needs.
Traditional bank loans are repaid over long, structured terms. Fast Capital 360’s terms are generally from 3-15 months and offer a flexible repayment schedule.
Meet face to face with a professional banker. Alternative funders are much more willing to accept applicants with poor credit than banks are.

These are just a few examples of the benefits of each type of funding, but to decide which is better really depends on your business.

If your business needs a box truck by the end of the week for a big move, moving company business loans may not be the solution to your problem. Banks can take up to three months to provide your business with a decision. Think about how many boxes you could have moved in that time frame.

If your business needs a quick merchant capital advance, give us a call at 800-735-6107, and you could have the funding your business needs by the end of the following business day.

Fast Capital 360’s online application only takes a few minutes to fill out and you’ll know in as little as 60 minutes what you qualify for.