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Business Funding in Santa Ana, CA

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Business Loans & Small Business Funding in Santa Ana, CA

Santa Ana, CA is the second largest city in Orange County, California with a population of 330,000. While it’s part of the Greater Los Angeles area (it’s closer to Anaheim) Santa Ana is considered to be the fourth safest city in the country.

Santa Ana is known for its hot, semi-arid climate, making for a very temperate, mild year-round environment. Even though the weather is mostly enjoyable, the infamous Santa Ana winds that come rushing from the Santa Ana mountains. The vicious winds have fueled many of the devastating wildfires that have wreaked havoc over Southern California for decades.

Aside from the weather, Santa Ana is a very attractive business setting. With its proximity to Los Angeles, San Diego and even Las Vegas, Santa Ana has become a suburban destination for companies looking to find a home. Companies like Behr Paints, Western Digital, Broadcom, and Ingram Micro have all established their headquarters here.

If you have a small business in Santa Ana, you certainly have both plenty of competition and plenty of potential customers. Whether you’re looking to renovate your salon or opening a second location for your restaurant, having enough small business funding to support and drive your company forward is important.

These desires to grow your business have lead us to create the working capital funding company that truly supports small business growth.

Commercial Business Loans & Financing In Santa Ana, CA

Many people don’t realize that to qualify for a traditional loan with a big bank, there is a long list of requirements that business owners have to meet. These strict qualifications can often leave business owners in Santa Ana frustrated with the lending process.

With a large number of applicants being rejected for business loans, this leaves small business owners in the dark without the funding they need to help their business grow.

And, if you are approved for a traditional loan, you can most likely find yourself waiting 90 days to receive your small business funding, which isn’t very beneficial if you need the working capital for your business fast.

To make matters worse, bank loan applicants can be stuck waiting as long as six months until they even see their funds. We didn’t like the waiting game that big banks play with their consumers, so we decided to do something about it.

At Fast Capital 360, we provide our consumers with fast decisions, and many applicants only have to wait about 60 minutes to be approved for business funding.

Approved applicants can sometimes find our funding alternatives to short-term small business loans deposited into their account as fast as by the end of the next business day. Helping small business owners get the funding they need to improve their company is what our mission is focused on.

We have built our reputation on our fair and transparent business practices, which is how we have become well-known in small business lending in Santa Ana, CA. Thanks to our wonderful customers and genuine testimonials, Fast Capital 360 has climbed to the #1 spot on for funding alternatives to small business loans.

No matter if you need equipment financing for your manufacturing business or small business funding for your retail store, we can help you find the solution that’s right for you.

If you would like to learn more about our alternatives to small business loans in Santa Ana, call Fast Capital 360 today at (800) 735-6107.

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