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Business Loans in North Carolina

North Carolina became its own state on November 21st, 1789, and has since then grown larger than anyone could have ever imagined. Now home to over 10 million people, North Carolina is the 9th highest populated state in the United States. Charlotte, NC, the largest city in North Carolina, consistently experiences rapid growth in its economy year after year and is home to six Fortune 500 companies. And, of course, there’s the state capital, Raleigh, NC – which was ranked by Forbes as #2 on their list of Best Places For Business And Careers.

North Carolina is an excellent state to be in if you’re looking to grow a business – particularly in the manufacturing, retail, and healthcare sectors, which is where capital thrives the most. North Carolina also boasts a diverse agriculture industry, leading in the production of many commodities including strawberries, sweet potatoes, and Christmas trees, among others. In fact, there are about 49,500 farms that spread across the land of North Carolina, which bring in about $76 billion each year.

But, while North Carolina is undoubtedly a place where businesses thrive, there’s still the matter of capital that new business owners have to overcome. Larger financial institutions or the SBA are usually the first places entrepreneurs turn to for funding due to attractive financing options and low-interest rates, but qualifying for one of these loans can be extremely challenging – even if you have great personal credit. This is why more and more small business owners are turning to other lenders for the funding that they need.

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Loans with the SBA are appealing because their long terms and low-rates specifically target small business owners, but their requirements and application process can be rather strict. The SBA will want to go through your personal background, see your business plan, run your credit report, and examine both your personal and business income tax returns – just to name quite a few of the conditions that you will be expected to meet during the process.

Yes, SBA loans can be the ideal source of funding for some small business owners, but for those who aren’t prepared for such an invasive application process, there are other loans out there to help get you the capital that your small business needs to grow. Not to mention, since there are so many documents and components involved in the SBA application, the approval process tends to be more on the longer side. And, when you need capital fast, a long wait for your funding just isn’t an option.

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Small Business Funding Offered in North Carolina

Fast Capital 360 offers alternatives to loans in North Carolina among other competitive markets in the United States. Business funding can be used to grow your business in a variety of ways – including opening another location in the NC area, upgrading equipment or furniture, or even just to help overcome a slow season. This capital can make an enormous difference in the future of your small business, and it’s your decision how to use it.

The best part about our small business funding? The process is so fast that you could have access to your capital as soon as the next business day. And, we don’t make you jump through hoops to get approved like you have to for bank loans or SBA loans. All we ask is that you have been in business for six months or longer, bring in $120,000 revenue annually and have a credit score of at least 520. And, if for whatever reason we aren’t able to approve you for one of our small business funding options, we will help you find a type of financing that you do qualify for – even if it isn’t with us.

No matter what you plan on using your capital for, we can help you get the small business funding in NC that you need in no time. If you are ready to explore options aside from big bank loans and SBA loans, our dedicated team of Business Advisors is here on standby to help you get approved for funding so that you can get back to doing what matters most – running your business.

Ready to explore the funding solutions offered by Fast Capital 360? Call us today at (800) 735-6107 to speak with a knowledgeable Business Advisor, or fill out our online application to get started with the business financing process right away. After working with us, you’ll realize why more small business owners are choosing our flexible financing options over traditional loans through banks and the SBA.


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