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Business Funding in Lexington, KY

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Quick & Easy Business Funding in Lexington, KY

When business owners are choosing a location to set up shop there are a handful of variables to take into consideration; cost of living, population, major industries, economy, just to name a few. These factors can help weigh a business owners decision when choosing between various promising location to run their business. Lexington, KY, probably outweighs most other cities in this scenario.

With a cost of living that falls 8% below the national average, a vast array of industries that contribute to the economy and a population that ranks in the top 60 of the country, the “Horse Capital of the World,” is place where small businesses not only have the ability to succeed, but to flourish.

While Lexington has been ranked a top 20 place for business by Forbes, even small businesses in a successful business environment like Fayette County come across the need for additional working capital at one point or another. When the need for a working capital advance does arise, most companies turn to small business loans to help them right the ship. Over the years however, bank loans have become a less realistic option for small businesses.

Small Business Loans in Lexington, KY

Traditional lenders like banks have become weary of doing business with smaller companies because they see them as more of a risk than larger businesses. This has led them to require that most applicants pledge personal assets in their contracts just to receive the loan they need.

Most small businesses are not in a position to provide collateral in their loan agreements, forcing them to look elsewhere for the funding they need continue growing. Fortunately, there are other options for small businesses in Lexington looking for loans that don’t require collateral.

Working Capital Funding With Fast Capital 360

Fast Capital 360 is an online funding company that works through third-party funders to facilitate SBA loans and other funding options faster than most banks are able to. We provide simple and transparent funding for businesses having trouble qualifying for bank loans.

Our application takes the average user less than 10 minutes to complete and is comprised of the basic information we need, nothing intrusive or overbearing.

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a decision in as little as 60 minutes. One of our experienced business advisors will then walk you through the steps to receiving your unsecured business funding, all while explaining and educate you on the world of small business loans and which options might work best for you; even if it isn’t something we offer.

We know, as a business owner, your time is valuable. That is why we have designed a process that isn’t just fast, but user-friendly and easy to understand.

If your a business in Lexington, KY, looking for the best new business equipment funding or a merchant cash advance, Fast Capital 360 has a variety of options for businesses just like yours in need of fast cash advances.

Give us a call today at (800) 735-6107 and one of our passionate business advisors will get you the help you need to get your business back on track and ready to take its next step.

If you’re looking for the best alternative to small business loans in Lexington, KY, contact Fast Capital 360 today.

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