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Food Truck Business Loans & Financing

    As a food truck owner, you deal with customers everyday, some might even rely on you for meals. Maybe you bring a new culinary item to your area that your patrons can’t get anywhere else. Maybe you just do an area staple better than anyone else or at a price point that others can’t compete with. Regardless of what kind of food you serve, your customers appreciate what you do.

    Running a food truck is hard work – waking up early, working late and, while the smiles of your customers mean a lot, you need working capital to continue operating. Whether you’re considering expanding, upgrading or simply need a little help staying afloat, small business funding can help you reach your business goals if you’re  having trouble getting a business loan.

    Most food truck operators aren’t aware of the different options available to them outside of working capital loans. The standard bank loan is sometimes difficult for small business owners to qualify for; Fast Capital 360 serves up a wider menu of funding for small businesses.

    Funding Options Other Than Food Truck Loans

    If you’re looking to add a little spice to your lunch truck, you’ll need the cash flow to do so. That’s where we come in.

    Big banks are notoriously unfriendly to food truck owners and other small businesses. Most small business credit loan applications at big banks take hours to complete and include numerous identity checks. Once that application is completed, it can take 90 days or even longer for the bank to notify you of your approval or rejection. If that 90-day wait seems like a long time, keep in mind that on top of that, banks only approve a small number of small business loans.

    We do things differently at Fast Capital 360. Our application process takes the average user just 10 minutes, requires minimal security checks and includes less than 30 questions. Instead of making you wait months for your approval, in most cases our applicants are approved in just a few hours. Once your food truck financing has been approved, we can wire your funds in just one business day, unlike the previously mentioned waiting times associated with loans.

    Bad credit or not, food truck financing has never been this easy or this fast. Fast Capital 360 is a member of the Responsible Business Lending Coalition; we only engage in lending practices that are fair and transparent. All of our contracts are written to be explicit in their requirements and never hold any hidden terms or fees.

    Your food truck deserves the right to become an enterprise. If you’ve been searching for unsecured commercial loans for your small business, you’ve come to the right place.

    Running your business requires making hundreds of decisions, some easier than others. Fast Capital 360’s goal is to make business owners looking for other unsecured business loans still get the funding they need.

    We understand that no funding option is one-size-fits-all, that’s why our business advisors are on-hand six days a week to discuss every option available to you for financing your mobile food business, even if it isn’t through us.

    For more information on why Fast Capital 360 is the best choice for merchant cash advances, contact us today at (800) 735-6107!