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Contractor & Construction Loans & Financing

    Fast Capital 360 has a history of helping both commercial and residential contractors in every facet of their businesses. Those that hire you rely on your expertise and professionalism to make their businesses and homes better and more beautiful. In order for you to provide the type of service that clients demand, there’s a lot of work on the backend that you must do. That’s where we come in.

    Acquire a Loan for your Contracting Business

    You’ll need cash at your disposal while you’re completing jobs and waiting to be paid on them. We provide funds to help you purchase supplies and to pay your employees. Perhaps you need new or updated equipment or hardware for a specific contract. Other expenses may be necessary, like finding the funding for a bookkeeper to keep everything in check while you’re out handling relations with your clients and the job at hand. Getting a loan for contractors or wholesalers can be difficult when dealing with the big banks, but we’re here to help.

    Small business capital funding can be a headache. Major financial institutions make getting a residential or commercial contracting loan a hardship. At Fast Capital 360, we do things differently.

    If you applied for business funding today at a major bank, you’d fill out dozens of pages of paperwork that would take you hours to complete. In contrast to traditional loans, our funding applications are less than 30 questions and take the average applicant 10 minutes to complete.

    The point of merchant cash advance funding is to give your contracting business money when you need it. Major lending institutions make small business owners wait months during an approval period; we don’t think that is right. The majority of applications for funding through our service take hours to be approved, not days or months.

    When your contracting capital is approved, you won’t have to wait around for the funds to be transferred. In most cases, we can wire the money to your bank account in just one business day.

    As a member of the Responsible Business Lending Coalition, we’ve committed our company to fairness and transparency. Our funding agreements are written to be understood by the business owner, with no confusing jargon or hidden terms and fees. that are often associated with loans

    Running a contracting business requires you to make dozens of decisions a day. We do our best to help make a small business cash advance or any other form of financing as easy a decision as possible. We understand that not every loan type works for every business owner, that’s why our business advisors are standing by six days a week to help you understand which lending agreements work best for your contracting business.

    Whatever the need is that you have, our company and business advisors are here to help you every step of the way.

    For more information on our funding or whether or not a construction business loan is the best choice for your small business, contact us today at 800-735-6107.

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