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Owning a burger restaurant in the competitive food industry isn’t always easy. Afterall, you have employees to manage and customers to serve – in addition to juggling many other miscellaneous responsibilities in the establishment on a day-to-day basis. Adding financial worries into this mix only causes more stress for the average small business owner.

With all the costs that come along with running a successful burger business, it can seem almost impossible to maintain the capital needed to keep your establishment afloat. Between food supplies, restaurant equipment, and marketing expenses – small business owners can find their establishment struggling to thrive.

Or, maybe, on the other hand, your restaurant is growing a little too quickly for you to handle. Growing pains are quite common in the food industry, and in order to keep up with the trends and expand your business, you will need to get ahold of some sort of burger restaurant business financing to fund it all.

In order to succeed, small business owners cannot be discouraged by surprise financial struggles. Instead, they need to remember their business goals and brainstorm solutions to improve their situation. Of course, actually implementing these ideas most likely won’t be fast or cheap, and will require a source of burger restaurant business funding to help bring their visions to life.

Whether it be for upgrading the kitchen appliances or expanding on the location, burger restaurant business financing can go a long way in helping your establishment grow. Or, maybe you just need the liquid cash to cover payroll for your employees during a slow quarter – how you spend your burger restaurant business funding should be for you to decide, not your lender.

Now, with all of the burger restaurant business loan options available, how do you determine which lender and program is right for you?

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Getting started is fast, easy, and won’t impact your credit score.

Why Choose Fast Capital 360 For Burger Restaurant Business Funding?

As one of the top small business finance companies in the United States, we’ve provided thousands of small and medium-sized business owners with the working capital that they needed.

From burger restaurant business financing programs to burger restaurant business loan alternatives, we are dedicated to connecting small business owners with the right source of funding for their needs. This is why we’ve earned the number one spot for small business funding on

So, what makes Fast Capital 360 stand apart from those traditional burger restaurant business loan lenders? To start, we’re a member of the Responsible Business Lending Coalition, which means that all of our contracts and agreements with our consumers are written in a clear manner that’s easy to understand. That means that you’ll never find yourself surprised by your payment amount due or any hidden fees, which sadly, happens quite often with other standard burger restaurant business funding programs.

Typically, in order to qualify for a burger restaurant business loan or butcher shop funding with traditional banking institutions, you are required to have a good credit score and sit through a long, in-depth application process. Not to mention, the wait for a decision is exhausting and can take 90 days or more just for an applicant to find out whether or not they have been approved. Just like a hungry customer looking a good meal, waiting that long for a decision on a burger restaurant business loan is just too much.

Fast Capital 360 is determined to make the burger restaurant business funding process for our applicants as simple as possible. You shouldn’t have to waste months of your valuable time just to receive an answer. This is why we’ve made our application easy to complete, and offer a decision within just hours. In fact, some business owners have received an approval in as quick as 60 minutes.

You also don’t have to worry about waiting an extended period to receive your burger restaurant business funding when dealing with Fast Capital 360. In most cases, you can expect access to your cash advance as early as the end of the next business day.

And, we don’t discriminate against applicants with bad credit. We determine your eligibility by evaluating personal credit history, how long the business has operated for, and whether the operating revenue equates to $120,000 a year or greater. As long as you have a credit score of 520 or more, we can get you started with the burger restaurant business financing that you deserve.

The best part about our burger restaurant business financing application process? It has no impact on your credit score. That’s right – you don’t have to worry about taking the initiative only to find out later down the road that it caused your credit score to take a plunge, which is often the case when applying for a traditional burger restaurant business loan.

You have nothing to lose by applying for burger restaurant business funding with Fast Capital 360. We don’t require any collateral on the applicant’s part, and you are not obligated to even touch the available funds upon approval. You only withdraw the funds that you need.

Applying for burger restaurant business financing or pizza shop financing doesn’t have to be scary. Our application process is not only quick but transparent, as well. Our experienced business advisors are here on standby to help guide you through the burger restaurant business funding programs available and determine which option is best for you.

To learn more about burger restaurant business loan alternatives available through Fast Capital 360, give us a call at 1-800-735-6107 or contact us online today.

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